El Fuerte Matchups and Strategies v.2 ***Updated 02APR10***

wow that auto correct really screwed him over, then again flash kick on wake up is risky.

Forgive me if someone mentioned this already, but when I played Ryu, he did his tatsu, and since he spams fireballs alot I used a focus attack out of habit. Its like the focus made El Fuerte shorter, causing him to dodge the tatsu; however, you have to dash out of it, or else you will get hit from behind. I wish I could tape it. It was the coolest thing I ever seen. After this, you can follow up with a tostada press, or you can tortilla him when he lands. I found this kinda cool.

Again, forgive me if someone mentioned this already.

i think its been noted before, nothing wrong with repetition. its highly situational, but doing that vs tatsu can be a good way to demoralize an opponent.

@Cee Dizzy: Yes I had that happening to me as well, sometimes being short has its advantages :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

There was a Honda player that I used to have trouble with, but the last time I played him, I turtled him very well, with a few short bursts of strong offense and managed to win 2 matches in a row. I did very well to keep him away with dropkicks and j.fp to punish headbutts, and then as he gets close to me I would just run back with runaway jump into wall jump and he just can’t catch me. After those two matches, I got some awesome hate mail, I will post it soon!

Here is the hate mail I got from the Honda player I turtled:


Thought I’d post this here, as I feel its more relevant to the matchup and strategy thread.

Managed to win 2 championships last night, nothing special but I’ve began to play Fuerte extremely patiently now waiting for opportunities, properly mixing up okizeme, and waiting for jump ins to ultra (some players jump far to much) and my results have improved dramatically. Usually before I’d just be charging in trying to land off the wall stuff and RSF, looking back on it no wonder my matches where so short.

And to top my night off I got my own bit of Hatemail from a Guile player I beat in the finals ‘‘Lucky Bitch’’ I just had to respond
’'Dont get sour! VIVA!" (I punished his wakeup flash kick with ultra, I didnt wake up ultra or anything :lol:)

It’s funny how Ive been playing Fuerte on and off for awhile now, and this only dawned on me last night…

have Patience.

ha ha. that seems to be what we’re looking for

I have the complete opposite of that story. i was at the arcade just beasting on this balrog got him to maybe half life , i ran back and turtled for maybe 10 seconds, there was nothing he could do. Well i got impatient and went on the offense, which eventually led to me getting ex head butt into ultra and cost me the match. so yea, HAVE PATIENCE:mad:

Hey all, had a rather good session this evening managed to hit my highest RSF! (8 hits including focus) yay! :tup:
anyway after that happened the guy I was playing sent me this:

Scrub Ryu: I would say GG if you didn’t use turbo lol

Me: Why because I RSF’d you? stop trying to make yourself feel better about your loss.

Scrub Ryu: Exactly, never saw fuerte spamming that move, would you have fun if I spammed Hado? sorry but not.

Me: If you don’t know what RSF is then I can barely help you, but Its quite a complex combo involving FiercexRunxcancel runxFierce etc etc and the timing is very strict, if the Fuerte player misses an input it will end or it will continue to combo until stun or KO. Its not like i just hold a button… are you a scrub?

Haven’t got a response yet, personally I’d love it if he spammed Fireballs, free jump ins! I did want to tell him to go try the RSF then get back to me. A sad state of affairs he even had ‘SFIV 4 LIFE’ as his motto, lol made me chuckle :rofl:

Its sad when a lot of people look at RSF initially, they think its just spamming Fierce loool even a friend of mine who is great in SF, and is a very nice guy, didn’t know much about it and asked me: “how come you don’t keep doing it, why do you stop after 2nd or 3rd hit then slide instead of doing 8 or 9 all the time”, then I showed him the input in training and he was like “WTF, thats hard man, didn’t know you even need to run and stop at all, looked like a bunch of fierces to me”. I am doing my best now to be consistent with 3 hits into slide, since I think it is the minimum to make RSF really effective, Gotta train hard!

And congrats FutureLion for the 8 hit RSF :smiley:

Thanks man. Yeah I guess I was being a bit of an ass about it, I shouldve really expected it from someone in low G2.

Just a thought, We need a big SRK Fuerte Festival!

Quoted. And placed in the front page. Both of you.

I lol’d. PICS so we can put this up front. Hell… I think we might just have to make a hatemail thread… We need to come up with a name

Something like “Complaints to the Chef: Hatemail thread!

Managed to get the pictures, If any of you come across him on XBL, make sure you RSF him, hard. :rofl:




Sign me up for the hatemail thread :smiley: Awesome title

I slid through a Honda (kinda like you slide through Balrog after a guac) after I tostada’d him, dunno if it was lag or what.

@Densuo: Is it okay if I copy all the info from the first page on this thread regarding the matchups, and paste them on the El Fuerte page on Eventhubs? I need your permission since you compiled all the info and hence the official owner of it :smiley:

You can slide through Honda and Sagat after they’re knocked down, it’s a weird hitbox glitch for those characters.

I tried it on every character if I recall correctly the list was close to


I have a feeling I’m missing a couple.

slide glitch

yeah thoes are the only characters that you can slide through and mix up … once you have trained your opponent you can just keep switchin that up with over head->block strings ect. i think it becomes a harder matchup for them when you learn to use it effectively :slight_smile: hope it still works in ssf4