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This is really random, etc but I thought this was worth posting and since it’s inspired by PC-Fuerte, I figured this was worth posting in a new thread.

Firstly, is it possible for El Fuerte to ex-run as you, while you’re mashing cr. lp (using Ken as an example since I was using him at the time), and have ElF cancel one EX run and start up another one in between 2 cr. lp’s?

So, I don’t know if this was ever witnessed before or if I’m just mad trippin’ but I’m at work and during my break we actually have MAME machines and one of them has Vanilla SF4 installed. So, on my break I was just working on hit-confirms with Ken when I was up against Fuerte (AI controlled). While I was thoroughly mashing his face in the ground (since AI is so dumb in this game), I was actually really surprised by something the PC did that I thought was impossible. Hell, it probably is but I think it’s worth sharing.

I had Fuerte in the corner. He got up, tried a splash cross-up which whiffed. He then tried another splash cross-up which missed. I then proceed to just mash cr. lp at his punk ass when he started running. Now, this is where he blew my mind. He armored through the first cr. lp, while running backwards. Since he was in the corner, he immediately turned around after hitting the corner. After that, he proceeded to run at me. I kept mashing dat cr. lp expecting 2 more armored hits when suddenly, he armored through 3 extra hits and died on the 4th cr. lp (which actually was also armored)

Now, from what I saw, it looked as if he actually cancelled his run and started running again (he had the meter to do so and it was all burned by the time he died). Now, I’m assuming that either the following happened:

a) I’m trippin balls and something else happened
b) He armored through 2 hits going to the wall and 2 going back
c) What I saw and deduced was accurate and he armored through all the hits until he died (which counts up to 4 hits total of armor except that he died on the 4th so idkwtf would have happened had he more health/meter

To further break C) down, either:
A) he FADC’d his run on the 4th but s’far as I’ve seen, read, and tried, you can’t FADC a run especially if you don’t actually press any of the 6 possible buttons prior to attempting the FADC
B) He cancelled his ex-run into another ex run
C) He cancelled his run into a FADC

But here’s the thing, I’m 99.99% sure that he armored through the 1st hit while going TOWARDS the wall, and then he got 3 more armor “flashes” while running AWAY from the wall and towards me. I was crouched the whole time just pressing cr. lp PC-ElF had just over 3 bars. So he could have done 2 ex-runs or 1 ex and 1 FADC. Both potentially fit the number of armored hits Fuerte took while dying.

So that’s all that I’m wondering. I’m pretty much a new Fuerte player but I’ve read through the majority of the threads here and I’ve spent a bit of time in the lab with him already so I’m not retarded to Fuerte’s mechanics but what happened today really caught me off guard. I don’t see any practicality in doing this in a real match since 1 armor breaker ruins the point of having 4+ hits of armor but still…


upon re-reading, i realized that sounds really weird :confused: sorry
ex dash does get 2 on each direction but I’m really sure that I saw him absorb 3+ hits on the way back, and that’s what I’m most curious about.


In the corner he can absorb 4 balrog jabs

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