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It was just a minor Xbox update, nothing to do with SFIV.

Is there anything that can be done to a knocked down akuma/dhalsim that you KNOW is gonna teleport on wakeup?

EDIT: Specifically, when they are going to teleport away form you. EX runs stop too short and on normal runs and wall jumps I usually get jump kicked…

In that situation I have actually started the Run towards their body knowing they are going to teleport only to delay my splash to land on them. You could try to pass their teleport on wake up and stop … cl.FK into guacamole. Up to you on how to play the mix up game.

People NEED to understand this last point. I cringe every time i read something along the lines of “Im sure theyll fix character’s big weakness in a later patch”. Why would they change the console version so that aspects of a character differ from the arcade version? This just about needs its own topic in the general section.

Well, you have to be psychic-ish and at least guess which direction they’re going to teleport. I tend to use f.mk on their wakeup as it gains me a lot of distance and right after I input a run in the direction I think they’re going to teleport. If I guess right, I’ll splash or slide, unless it’s an xbl akuma scrub who is going to teleport, uppercut, teleport, uppercut, then I’ll just run and stop. If I happened to run the wrong way, I’ll typically wall jump. Whether I hold back or not depends on the character (if I think they’re gonna throw out a shoryu or something stupid in akuma’s case). Dhalsim’s ground teleport isn’t that fast so I haven’t had a problem with it. Akuma’s is annoying.

It’s a shame you can’t cross them up with f.mk and screw up their teleport input :confused:

So just a few questions that I hope some people may be able to answer:

-I’m still having a really hard time against Blankas, and unfortunately they are becoming more and more common online. I know how to punish the Blanka Balls, but I always grow hesitant of wakeup Blanka balls, and I let up on the pressure. Should I just keep the pressure on, and eat a Blanka ball every now and again, or should I try to play it safe? Also, what’s the best way to approach a Blanka? It feels like my only option is a wall jump, Blankas never seem to take the bait from an empty run.

-I seem to be able to stuff a wakeup Shoryuken with a Press, but sometimes I still get hit out of it. Usually I stuff it when I go for the cross up, but even then sometimes I get hit. Is my timing or spacing off? Or are they just not reacting fast enough, or what?

  1. Blanka is a tough match up, just gotta be more patient with him sine most of them just hold back and wait for you to make a move. habenero dash and cancel with a l.k to bait them and figure out what theyre going to do.

  2. shoryukens can be stuffed by either timing it correctly or baiting the shoryuken wake up so they whiff and just combo them or throw them.

Its to dangerous to try to Stuff DP’s. The trade is not worth it either which occurs more then anything

I find Blanka very easy actually. Most blankas that try to play aggressively against me tend to end the fight just turtling their hearts out. I can stuff blankas electricity with run grabs and splashes. So I think you could be your psyching your self out on blanka matches.

true. although, i think it should be noted that it can only be done from the back dash. El Fuerte will get hit attemting it from the forward dash. also, the Quesadilla Bomb seems to work well on blanka’s electricity.

I can’t get this on video yet, but I was doing the RSF and then sliding at the end in a Fuerte mirror in training mode, and the slide would completely go through. I’m new to Fuerte so, sorry if this has been discussed before.

How does this happen?

For shoryukens and koryukens, I’d suggest doing f+MK or early cr.HK to bait shoryukens.
Trading it isn’t worth it at all.

You can, however, beat tiger uppercuts pretty reliably as long as it’s not the EX version.

There’s all kinds of ways to bait uppercuts. Run to lk, run to stop, f+mk, do a tortilla propeller but pull it back away from them, slide into them really early so you’ll be blocking, focus attack cancel to backdash. Just do something different each time and make sure and punish the missed uppercuts hard, don’t just throw the dude. You should pretty much never do the same thing to a rising opponent more than twice in a fuerte match.

does anyone have video of a Fuerte doing what looks like a backwards slide? It still has him in a standing position, If anybody saw Bar fights on sunday (gootecks) I think it was kai playing early in the event and when he going backwards with Fuerte it looked almost like a wavedash if their are any Smash players. But just wondering if anybody has seen it too or has video of it. Might of just been his run cancelled but it looked strange but maybe i saw things, the quality of the live feed was pretty bad.

P.S-any tips against Cammy’s stupid canon spike, I cant seem to punish. Should i just eat the chip?

I play a lot of Cammy, and after blocking a cannon spike most characters just need to take a small step forward to be able to sweep her when she lands. Since Fuerte moves forward on his sweep you might not even have to take that step forward. I’d bet you could even do a H.Dash forward into something.

It just happens sometimes. It’s another one of those weird SF4 hitbox things.

I’ve noticed it tends to happen more vs Claw, Sak, Rog, and another El Fuerte, as well as any crouching character. I thought it would’ve had something to do with skinny hitboxes but looking at this list, maybe its the opposite.

I would make the assumption that it is the kick run cancel off of forward run… i could be very wrong however.

Sup, quick noob question. How do I do splashes and shit off the wall? I don’t have the game so I was trying that shit out but couldn’t figure it out. I looked it up in the command list but I’m guessing I overlooked it. I’m assuming that after QCB P + K you can do wall splashes and hurricarana’s correct?

Thanks and sorry for the nub question.

As SOON as you jump off the wall, press d/f and mp for splash, hp for throw. Or maybe it’s just forward, but I basically do a quick slide from u/f to d/f while simultaneously pressing a button. It’s a very quick move, otherwise you’ll get a useless early j.mp.

So last night I was fighting a boxer and he randomly threw his ultra hoping for chip damage. I got my ultra off right as his animation finished and grabed him out of his ultra. Now I did this also to Blanka who waited and charged his ultra on the ground along with a cammy who i splashed over her ultra and on wake up ultra’d with her behind me as tho I was chasing her. So my question is. Fuerte’s ultra seems to cancel out any ultra that is whiffed and or executed to early does this work on everyone other then Ken who just goes straight up if he whiffs and vega/guile/c.viper? Basicly anyones animation that does not move their character vertical. I still do not own the game so if anyone could test it out this would be a great help.

For Cammy, did you hold forward to grab her while she was cannon striking, or did you hold back and catch her in the startup animation? I always get heat seak Ultrad when I splash over her.