El Fuerte Slide Glitch - Will Capcom EVER patch this? (yes, i know this is known)


Look, I’m SURE this glitch is known by a lot of people by now, but I’m just so tired of it. Why is this glitch so neglected? With all the patches and updates, it seems like Capcom just won’t fix this one.

This is especially frustrating against Ibuki because she’s always back dashing to get out of mixups! How am I supposed to bait out her Kazegiri (dp+k) if the slide is ineffective? It really makes it hard to apply much needed pressure.

Also, can anyone check to see if the glitch still happens in Arcade Edition?

<<<<Maybe if this makes the front page, Capcom will hear it.

Quite frankly, I’m more concerned about the dead zone glitch and how, for some reason, you can’t do anything after being hit by Lariat during EX Run.

And to counter Ibuki’s backdashing, just air grab her. She’s one of the easier characters to air grab out of a back dash.

Oh yeah! That “dead zone glitch” has been bugging me a LOT lately, especially as I try to do EX Run xx Ultra 2 in the corner. If I mess up, I bounce off the corner, and yeah. Can’t stop.

I wouldn’t consider the “dead zone” a glitch though. It is just the time during Elf’s change from back run > forward run. It really sucks…but I don’t think capcom would bother fixing it. Just imagine the slew of things that would happen if you executed a move while Elf was not effectively in a forward run, or back run, but switching between both.

I would like to jump in and feel special too…I really hate the EX run reversal glitch on wakeup…

I don’t think the deadzone effects ex run xx ultra2. Also i’ve ex run lariat enough to you know you can do things after as well.

There’s some information about EX run that I have to add to the fundamentals thread that was discovered we covered it in the General threa but I forgot to place it in the fundamnetals thread I WILL add it tonight after work.

The deadzone is not the transition time between Back run, wall, front run, it is that quite simply, sometimes you will back run, wall, front run and the game will IGNORE inputs no matter how much you wail on buttons, as you get dp herp derped for free.


from skisonic

This was something that bugged me for a while too, and when I went into training mode and tested it I got the same results as Dingerhoot. After discussing it (complaining about it) here and there to a few different people, Jinrai mentioned that it might not be negative-edgeable. He knew this right offhand because Seth’s teleport is the same way. I soon found that’s exactly the case.

El fuertes ex run can’t be negative edged. That coupled with the fact you can’t mash it make comparatively hard as a reversal imo. What you see on the input display doesn’t tell the whole story, but what it boils down to is when the reversal is a run, the move was input as a negative edge. An attempt negative edge EX Run (performed with 2 or 3 punches), unfortunately results in normal Hab Dash. To confirm, go into training mode and try to get the EX run without ever letting go of the punch button. This should eliminate the normal run, and you’ll wake up with either nothing or EX Dash. I’ll go post the same on the youtube vid.

im so damn pissed off today in ranked i played an ibuki and i went for my slide on her wake up and went right through her forcing me to lose the game

This happened to me at Final Round last match/last round against Fubarduck to send me to losers :< . He actually got an auto correct ultra 2 on wake up. :frowning:

Every time I play with El Fuerte the not being able to stop glitch will occur or I’ll slide through people even though it combos after RSF. El Fuerte is so god like Capcom has two glitches to stop him from being to powerful. (Sarcasm)

three with the guac trade. 4 if you consider the safe guard shotos have with their retard reeling animations

Don’t forget Densuo…shotos reel once, but Yun and Yang reel every hit…

It’s honestly just another nail in Elf’s coffin during that matchup.

they seem to get pushed back pretty far with each hit. But I think with the twins I’m not too worried since jabs hurt them plenty. 2 RSF + 2 crLP xxrun or reset with overhead

The glitch still happens in AE. It happens a LOT with Fei Long. My brother plays him and I can’t tell you how many times I did jumping HP, s.HP, slide…only to slide right through him.

Neither glitch has been too bothersome for me, though. I’ve only encountered the dead zone glitch once (and it was against Blanka, lol) and the slide glitch only happens to me when I play Fei Long.


Has anyone ever considered that there may be some sort of advantage to the glitch? I know it may be a long shot but maybe Capcom just wants us to crack the code :slight_smile: