El Fuerte - SSF4 AE Updates, Videos, and Discussion Thread

So we don’t get all clammed up in the General Discussion, post vids and info in this thread. ill update frequently. PM me your info, so itll be easier. If I need Room, I’ll put the page numbers up.

Overall Impression So Far

I like Fuerte still to be honest. It forces us to have better defense in the long run and forces us to be more innovative when it comes to offense.

Yeah its pretty noticeable, it feels like a half second off when you land. Just dont use it. Regular Guac could still be used to build meter. the recovery isnt too bad. but as an escape. dont do it.

Holy shit, damage got nerf’d to shit. I think it does about 300 Damage right when you get meter. At Full meter is does good damage. I have a vid of me doing it on Poem ( a Balrog player) you guys are gonna laugh haha. You can anti-air pretty low with it. I caught Rahsaans Yang at the near end of his divekick.

It was kind of hard to add it to my pressure game, because the hit stun is weird. It’s definitely something to get used to. I couldnt link cr.mk after chain jabs, maybe theres a weird delay. Honestly, its great for tick throwing, or to go into standing jab after. It has really good hit stun. It has AWESOME priority, you can feel it when you press it, the hit box on cr.jab is something fuerte needed, Gonna abuse it tomorrow and see what I can do. and it feels like a true block string. Just gonna experiment more tomorrow. Fuerte has really good walk speed so tick throws are a must now.
Didnt try to chain jabs after shower kick though.

Honestly, not that bad. if you space them out right it shouldn’t be that bad. For example if their jumping from mid screen to you. run back tortilla is an awesome option. if there closer and jumping, do run back splash.


  • Far Standing Roundhouse is fast

  • Far Fierce is Faster then before

  • Standing Strong has a little more priority and deals good against divekicks, also feels like it comes out faster.

  • F+mk is awesome and has more range and a slightly better hitbox and does a little more hitstun, I can feel it. I link my shorts pretty easily.

  • Fuerte’s stopping is faster than before. He can stop instantly, I think it got reduced from 3 frame stop to 1 Frame stop.

  • RSF is definitely easier to land now. because of the stop and the Fierce Range.

  • Run slide is faster, and safer now. if you space it right, you may be able to get + frames. because I tested it. I ran slide, the guy did cr.jab with vega, and I got hit o

  • Splash feels safer, he rolls out shorter but gets up quicker imo.

  • overall feeling: hes awesome, and FASTER. his normals got buffed, they dont trade as much

  • cr.jab chains aren’t that great, they just seem to have good priority, still gotta test it more.

  • If you EX Run then you tortilla, if someone jumps and hits you, you stay grounded.

  • Gouken - has to guess his parry high or low now from what I’m told, so he has to guess when you do run stop pressure. either low mk. or st.mp. He has a mid parry, so he has to guess. Didnt get to u2 any of his Palm’s though. Jab Palm looks safe as fuck though.

  • Balrog - Still feels the same. Headbutt has less block stun and more recovery. easier to block and RSF now, and easier to OS Run crossup fierce against his headbutt and get a free RSF.

  • Yang - my impressions so far. Not such a bad match from what I experienced. BUT he has a teleport (similar to Ibuki’s that can give us problems.) I’m pretty sure his EX upkicks are safe-jumpable, because I saw someone do it earlier. He cant deal with pressure though. You’ll see my match. Rekkas can get Focus’d free at max range. I think focus gives him a hard time but I’ll try it more. His Rekka pressure didnt seem too bad. BUT I can’t really comment because I barely got pressured. his FOCUS ATTACK IS FAST AS FUCK. I can honestly say, Fei’s speed. watch the vid below in the archive.
    Tools in this match:
    -S.RH keeps him the fuck out. his normals aren’t great, there just really safe.
    -Max Range s.rh is where you want to stand. Like I said, dive kick characters can’t divekick low to the ground. You can react to the jumping with s.mp since the divekick looks like it trades alot. It’s very easy to anti air u2 them. Since they’re so high in the air. I anti-air ultra’d and he was close to the ground, so its not too bad. the arc of the jump is very narrow.
    -He cant build meter, you can run slide free.
    -Standing jab seems to give him problems after safe rekkas. I’m guessing cr.jabs too because they seem to have good priority. His normals seem pretty “weak”, but time will tell.


  • Yun - Yun has very mobile stuff, his dash punch thing Breaks armor, this is a problem, it felt kinda of safe at max range though. He can get in easier than Yang in my opinion so far. his pressure is good, and tick throws can be a problem. Yun has a real problem against normals. His Super is really really good. my advice, just block low, eat a couple of overheads, their really hard to block, but possible. Eat a grab,he loses meter quick so its fine. I would kinda compare them to vipers overhead, just a bit faster. I had to play Issei’s Yun, so at least kinda knew what he was doing. He beat me, but because I was pressing buttons because I wanted to see how bad it was. Divekick pressure isn’t as scary, his normals though are fast, and the shoulder charge seems safe too. Again, gonna experiment more. He has a very fast cr.lk, that’ll hit you out of stuff.
    Ehhh Yun has 3 different angles of divekick according to the strength he presses him. and He can be very annoying. He can do cr.lk, cr.lk then he can wait till ur out of block stun and command grab. it has sooo much range.
    His dash punch is armor breaker, and his shoulder charge is punishable on block with u2. not sure about his dash punch. His EX dash punch is safe, I know that for a fact.

-Tools in this match:
-Treat him like Yang for now, but theres gotta be a difference, but here are my notes so far.
-S.RH keeps him the fuck out. his normals aren’t great, there just really safe.
-Max Range s.rh is where you want to stand. Like I said, dive kick characters can’t divekick low to the ground. You can react to the jumping with s.mp since the divekick looks like it trades alot. It’s very easy to anti air u2 them. Since they’re so high in the air. I anti-air ultra’d and he was close to the ground, so its not too bad. the arc of the jump is very narrow.
-He cant build meter, you can run slide free.
-Dont press buttons. thats why I lost against him.

  • Honestly, just play keep away. He seems to have trouble against normals.

  • whenever you seen him push the air, run slide.

  • **Dhalsim **- They nerf’d the shit out of his anti-airs. I have a video vs adnan where I jumped in for free against him. at the beginning of the round. dhalsim’s b+lk got nerf’d so the block strings arent as annoying. I lost the match but because I was rushing down recklessly, autopiloting.

  • Gief and T Hawk - They own fuerte on knockdown. T hawks u2 has to get respected sooo much more now. EX Guac leaves you to get OS’d out of the ass. true 50 50 characters on jump-ins really hurt fuerte. and T Hawk hurts soooo much now its ridiculous. and Yes EX Green Hand buff is a good buff. he can lariat backdashes free.

  • **Bison **- Bison cant pressure you so hard mid screen anymore. after a scissor kick mid screen, his cr.lk doesnt reach you anymore. His corner pressure is still good. His s.rh does less damage, and you can jump in once in a while for a good trade. also, f+mk in this matchup is good, if he tries to EX psycho, itll whiff completely now. the new range on the f+mk makes it good to whiff stuff.

  • Fei Long - Fei’s still the same, hes pretty good always been. His EX Rekka is safe now for two hits, and it does good chip. his Chicken wing got nerfd, so you can splash it on all versions. You can still hit him out of his command grabs. In this match, standing jab seems to have good priority and so does standing strong.


VIDEO ARCHIVE- Will update. PM me vids.


[media=youtube]2rELDXUG5ks[/media] - u2 landed. nothing really special, tried to use cr.jab chain.the vids will get better down the list.

[media=youtube]-G_SuUh4buE[/media] - u2 landed on Yang’s Divekick. you can still anti-air pretty clean. He was pretty low. And some nice pressure for you guys. =)

[media=youtube]kc5dAGQPS4U[/media] - u2 nerf exposed lol. Armor cancel super as anti air. At 3:07, splash didnt hit. wtf? a

[media=youtube]enJmEYeYwKU[/media] u2 landed, dont press buttons, I was experimenting first round. and look at the pressure from Yun’s moves.

  • [media=youtube]MAHlabDfAf4[/media] - Abel is still good, 50/50 and mobile is good. I think that cr.jab can stuff out his stepkick if he is at max range, ill test it when I get to play abel.

  • [media=youtube]M0LLz…ayer_embedded#[/media] - thx to mexiwont, starts at 25:10

  • [media=youtube]afCHp2dGxkY[/media] - Some fei vs fuerte footage. good playing

  • [media=youtube]xKvpmebMZ-k[/media] - Manny vs Chun player. check how fast splash recovers. EX Guac Recovery.

  • [media=youtube]kIO6OumXnJ8[/media] - me vs adnans Sim. you can jump on Sim for free. just not when he has ultra 2. His normals got nerfd to shit. I was just rushing down wrecklessly. he still got his air to air normals though

  • [media=youtube]T7rgSM27SSc[/media] - Heres the vega that let me run slide. look how quickly fuerte gets up. but Its still punishable, but if spaced out good it seems you get a minimal punish for a knockdown. its fair.

  • [media=youtube]kEXBCGJBc0w[/media] - T Hawk does damage. and u2 hitbox got bigger. Min told me earlier that he can hit ppl on the way up from the ground, so I didnt wanna risk it lol. EX Guac can get os’d pretty easily imo. it doesnt get him out of mixups anymore.

  • [media=youtube]dpXGqiAVYIA[/media] - Landed u2 at the end, you can still anti-air with it low to the ground. you can also see how far the close fierce punch range is.

  • [media=youtube]rdPpCs8zZgo[/media] - You can see how fast splash recovers in the 3rd round. its awesome. they have to like react alot quicker and anticipate it then just randomly block by accident and press a button.

  • [media=youtube]15Cx-nrRBvU[/media] - you can see f+mk range against psycho crusher on his wake up. In the last round, you can see that the Close FP range got increased. look how far he was and he was still getting hits.

NEW! - [media=youtube]a2f4IYlbowc[/media] - Me and Manny sharing rounds

NEW! - [media=youtube]dvSZBVGYpYM[/media] - Me vs an Adon player.

NEW! - [media=youtube]P_SIao1y3F8[/media] - Me vs a Yang player.

NEW! - [media=youtube]7ZeistPPags[/media] - Me vs another Yang

NEW! - [media=youtube]ltN8fDrGg-8[/media] - Me vs Yun

NEW! - [media=youtube]nXJQ69jSLCM[/media] - me and Manny vs a Yun

NEW! - [media=youtube]MJ6LVUvMNYE[/media] - Spore vs PR Rog and Dieminion

good shit spab

agreed… appreciate the info

I will never give up the mask…

U2 was my match ender…going to see what I can cook up with U1 then

I guess we’ll be fine.

On that overhead thing I mentioned in the video thread, could you look to see if the hitbox extends to his foot tomorrow?

Yeah Ill try it out. ill let you know bro

ALSO, I forgot to take up another post =, but ill update info to another page and stuff. soo if any questions, just ask.

I think U2 will still be the go-to ultra against the dive-kickers like the twins, Cammy, and Rufus. It will be very hard trying to land U1 against any of them.

Hi Spab,

Do you think it will be a possibility to train opponents to keep blocking the cr.jab chains so that later on you can just do cr.jab, cr.mk run stop / cr.jab, cr.lk, cr.ml run stop / cr.jab, f.mk / cr.jab, run special.

Or is the delay between cr.jab to cr.mk or f.mk too obvious?

Im pretty sure its possible. the thing is, the timing after the chain is really really weird. I think we are at alot of + frames after cr.jab. I couldnt combo into mk from cr.jab. ill try more tomorrow.


If I’m right, we got ourselves a new poke. If I’m wrong, I’m losing it.

I like where this thread is going.

I have a camera that can record 720P lol I should head up there sometime soon

Awesome awesome awesome.

Thanks for the info so far, I wanna plaaaayyyy…

Thanks for the info. Glad to hear about the recovery time improved on slide kick, good for noobs like me!

Good stuff Spab ! :smiley: i saw you use Q-Bomb , does it feel the same? (as in charge time or recovery) … also did you try to do cr.jabs -> cr.lk ? cause if that works then that would be interesting for RSP and tick setups

I tried using q bomb. still felt the same tbh, but the chain jabs are hard to link, they seem to have a lot of priority. imma head out again later to get some more matches in with spore.

Tell whoever records to turn the camera sideways! :lol:

and yeah mexiwont lol, my friend was filming, my itouch does that =\

Update 12/22:

  • RSF Feels better in this game. Forgot to mention I was RSFing on the CPU Juri, and I was pretty far away and it still connected, and it has more range.
  • and Balrog’s headbutt has less blockstun now. so you have more time to RSF against him.

I have a request:

crossup fierce. Changes?
Kata throw still intact?
Is fLP/crLP xx run possible?

But above all else: THE GUAC TRADE AND BACK RUN DEADZONE. Is it still there?

ill check it out later tonight. and I have another vid up from team spookys thing. Rico’s Abel vs Spores Fuerte


I’m disappointed that Spore’s not using the faster cr.jabs to pressure though I guess he’s wary of Rico using EX-TT.

spab i fucking love you

looks like we still rape gouken aha

lol thx chuck

and @Arde - the startup feels kinda sluggish, and the chain feels weird. its not like balrog. it feels like it has tons of hit stun though.