El Fuerte ultra spark setup/explaination vid

this has prb already been discovered and what not…but im not too sure…
its more of an explanation…bcuz i only put one reallly good setup in there…all the other ones i tried b4 there r slight possible chances people could jump out of them…soo yea…

They are able to jump out of every example you gave besides the lvl3 focus. The damage counter even reset in the video.

The ultra spark is a grab. You can not combo into grabs in street fighter 4.

The ultra spark is intended to be used as a counter, example, Abel does marsielles roll, you ultra.

It’s only offensive use is with focus crumple, or if you suckered an opponent into doing something with lots of recovery, like an uppercut

u can kind of use this method. u have to train the opponent though. u have to over head into a grab a few times so he thinks that your goin to over head into the grab again. when he trys to tech, he gets caught in your ult. same thing with a c RH. most people tech after a blocked c RH. but u cant just throw it out. its all about making the opponent do wat u want him to do.

Sometimes whiff a corpse hop wake-up (predicting a back dash) then Ultra 2. Rose’s back dash is so damn annoying…I’ve done that with her a few times.

thank you for advice for who ever posted here.

I am sorry, but the Ultra spark is grabbing every moves with a recovery.


Dash, jump, punches, kicks, most special moves, focus attacks, missed grabs…

Everything… If Ryu or Akuma doing some frenzy combos that you block, a good Ultra spark well placed will break the pressure at 50% of the time.

I love to use it especially after a FADC from my opponent… sure hit and really frustrating.

If Fuerte got the U2, don’t pressure him, it’s a backfire.

The Ultra Spark is not easy to dodge and is actually an offensive move.

Hanabero dash cancel U2, Guacamole followed by U2 (opponents attack and got caught) and a lot more tricks… like Safe Tortilla followed by U2 (goods against recovering SRK)… get behind with the Tortilla and land your Ultra.