El Fuerte vs Guile



Impossible. I’m up 75% life lead, then I get ultra’d… only to lose the entire round to a few mixups on wakeup. I know its a bad matchup, but I started this thread so that we at least know as much as we can to increase our horrendous disadvantage.

A few things:

  1. What’s the best way to avoid Ultra 2?

  2. I read somewhere that on wakeup, FA dash away and backdash are great, but its still a guessing game. Are there better options?

Does anyone have a proven effective strategy while fighting this character? I normal jump back and avoid knock down, and rush when i can, but I need to learn how to avoid his Ultras. Its the death of Guile.



I did some recon and copied the following from the Fuerte matchup thread. Damn them…

:china: Paper Recommends :china:

Not commiting to splashes if he has ultra and can use it.
Shower kick over him on wake up
Bait flash kick

Guile doesn’t have too many options, but his backdash coupled with his powerful anti-air strong projectile game make him a tough match.

Splash him on his wake up and he could back dash + ultra you, Tortilla him and you could get flash kicked, air thrown. If you jump at him he will Cr. fierce you.

Take this match slowly, most guile players will run out the timer if you allow them to.

Don’t try to air throw him, he’ll probably beat you to it (unless he committed to a move for some reason)

Once you shower kick over him on knockdown all you have to worry about is flash kick, jump and back dash.
[INDENT=1]Flash kick gets baited and punished with RSF
Jumps get Guacamoled
Backdashes get beaten by C. RH
*Now that you have the tools and a basic attack plan all you need to do is make the guile do what you want. Bait him, train him, control him and the match is yours.


Dude I know how you feel, I have huge trouble with this fight too, I get raped by a local Fuerte every time


I was on a roll w PP and when i came to a Fuerte, not even 2k PP, he beats me. I guess we’re pretty much elf’ed since no one has responded here. I need to learn how to stay away from his ultras. Avoiding the knockdown is paramount. Rushing down seems to work but once I get ultra’d its game over cause its also a knockdown.


yea this matchup is HAARDD! The few times i win is when im being hella random. Jumping around with jhk and jumping around mashing airthrow. Backdashes on wake up sometimes. Theres no real way to explain this lame ass matchup


some of my friends who match me play just say, do nothing. wait for him to do something. I’ll try it next time but who knows, wait for him to come to you


Thanks for the input guys. I will study this and post any useful information I find. Laming it out with jumps and rushdown seem to work, as long as you can avoid Ultras.


Oh and Safe Jumps are LOVELY in this matchup xD


I added you on PSN Don, not sure if you get on much but let me know.

Also, I think the best way to go about this is to use Fuerte and figure him out on a basic level. This character guide is very very useful as far as explaining what he’s capable of:


Both of this Ultras are command grabs however U1 can only catch a standing opponent - this can catch you when you land from jumping back during recovery. U2 has Fuerte crouch down and go for a sliding grab with his legs - range on U2 is limited so some may try to EX run through projectiles and then start U2.

I’m going into the lab to determine what would be the best options on wakeup - I think backdash covers most of his options, but not the slide obviously.

Holding downback will defend against run slide, and fajita buster (grab) but you will get punished by a tostada press that needs to be blocked high. :bluu:


I cant play against El Fuerte, get murdered every time. All I really do is jump with normals or airthrows. Staying on ground usually leads to eating an ultra or random crossup splash. One of the most rage quitting inducing character I ever met :frowning:


I Play mainly on xbox, but if youre tryin to play some matches, just shoot me a PM and let me kno


One of the ELITE Guiles in the world…


Now this is bad…


You can FADC > U2 all day long… this is still never going to be a winnable match for Guile. Granted, I think if ACE would have done some smart jumping around, he could have avoided a knock down, but then again what the hell do i know. So, is there hope for us? :lol:


dang, lots of just random FK to try to gain control there, not fun to watch.

dmg on FADC u2 is LAUGHABLE.

Nerfed Sonic Summer Breeze in full effect there.


Jump up the second you see it. It’s unblockable.


I hate this match-up. I’d rather fight Sim than fight Fuerte, and I hate fighting Sim. I usually do okay if I avoid knockdowns, but once I get knocked down, I just get splashed to oblivion.


Air Throw: Love it. Use it. Abuse it.


Knockdowns. Go for knockdowns and get Elf into the corner however possible. 9 out of 10 times, Elf’s will do an ex run back on wake up (which is your cue to grab him and floor him again). He’s free to wake up. Corner him and more than half of his game will be reduced to almost towards Guile’s favor. That is, if you effectively keep him in the corner.

His crossups, grabs and mixups. Learn to tell the difference between both. There’s an audio reference between both of his moves so you can tell which he’s going to apply and whether to evade/focus or just block.


This is good info. Thanks Nem. I plan to start using Fuerte and try out some of his tricks to learn him first using another acct.


Don’t play him for the sake of learning how to beat Guile or any other character. Learn Fuerte with the whole mindset of how Guile beats the character or where and build off of that.


Sim and Akuma are legitimate hard match ups but this is too much of a guessing game for me. It doesn’t help that much people don’t play him either, so when you meet one they are probably going to be full of annoying shenanigans. I do a lot of guessing and hope. Sad but true.