El Fuerte WON Grand Finals of a major and no thread?

Pepeday is amazing. A GOD

yeah fuerte forums have been kinda dead. But that match was mad hype how does no one know of this guy?

That match was SOooooo hype! Was quite amazing to see

I expect the bandwagon of fraudulent fuertes for a week before people realize he’s a hard character and jump ship to go be bad with somebody else.

He apparently isn’t from Tokyo from what Zhi said. He’s like an even rarer version Santaroman. Great player, rarely gets to go and play. He’ll be at evo though! :sunglasses:

He’s really not that hard. I just spent 10 minutes in the lab with him and I’m doing everything that Pepeday did. You’re right about fraudulent Fuerte’s but if you’re bad with anyone else it doesn’t matter who you play. Kind of a negative comment. You should be embracing new Fuerte players but this is the FGC where they were hipsters before hipsters were hipsters.

You got to remember that a majority of people hate Fuerte, so I know people will not embrace new Fuerte players cause that means facing more Fuertes in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the character, but it’s annoying facing one.

Yeah, okay.

On topic though, Pepeday is amazing. Probably the most clean execution I’ve seen on a fuerte with some of the best spacing, I don’t know why I haven’t heard of this guy before. I’m used to just seeing dumb Fuerte play but those matches were really smart - hopefully he gets big and starts making it out to American majors, would love to see more matches of him.

People are gonna have to start adapting to the new q-bomb shenanigans.

I don’t know about cleanest, since he totally messed up rsf right after stunning sagat and doing a red focus and one fierce (and ate ultra for messing it up like that) But, I agree on the spacing completely. He also had a lot of good set ups vs sagat and wow @ those qbombs. Best use of qbomb I’ve ever seen. I wish I was that good at charging it and being surprising about it. Here’s hoping they don’t nerf fuerte from people not adapting to qbomb.

That’s not a majority, it’s only vocal minority of SRK posters that will diss anything different to SF2 as “not feeling like street fighter”, including the graphic resolution and the frame rate.

He’s quite fun, I tried him a while ago but gave up because:
-Button charge inputs are the hardest inputs for me, so I can’t perform Qbomb shenanigans.
-RSF is damn hard.
-It is utterly demoralizing to keep making the right reads the whole round only for the opponent to take like half of your life with a Rufus juggle into U1.

I’ve been trying to look for a video of this. Have they made it available yet?

I hate Fuerte, but I wouldn’t mind facing more. Bandwagon players = easy to make an example out of.

I’m familiar with Pepeday. Funny how people complain about “random Fuerte”. Same idiots who called Juso random. You not knowing the player =/= Random.

Or maybe because players hate how stupid you can play with him? Remember this hate Fuerte gets is from active SFIV players, so, not sure why you do think your comment has some credit here. If anything, if he played like Ramon from KoF, I’m sure people would hardly complain about him.

Why does pepeday use double Ultra in every matchup? Is there any benefit at all?

We are recognized with our character yet we are still dead about it?

Pepeday made us all proud in TGS, aka the very first fuerte to win a major.

AND, HE will be at EVO 2015! Wouldn’t be surprised to see him up there.

I’d assume because his ultas are fairly situational. Fuerte needs every opportunity he can get.

El Future. Been saying it since before Ultra.

Hell yes another tournament taken by El Fuerte in a mad hype final and with Quesadilla bomb for extra salt! Nice to see it, Pepeday (and Fuerte) always give a good show.