El Gordo Penguino AKA How to Fat Bird AKA The King Dedede Thread


I copy and pasted my mini guide from the other thread below. I have actually learned to chain throw and am slowly getting better. I will post more stuff in a little while. ( I have to watch Denzel sling blue magic )

King Dedede Mini Guide! ( aka my experiences with him two days in! )

Take this with a huge grain of salt, remember I just started.

As you all know I want to be the best King Dedede in the world. This will be a long journey and I will probably quit in a week.

Here is what I’ve learned in two days of playing with him.

1. People are sleeping on Inhale. It’s his all around utility move. It’s an instant 10 damage ( 18 on other fatties ) and it is very helpful. You can eat all sorts of things. If snake is spamming grenades at you, just eat them. If someone throws a pokeball at you, just eat while it’s in the air, and etc. ( I am still trying to figure out what I can and can’t eat, case in point, don’t try to eat Nikita missiles )

Getting Inhale suicides is very easy and can fuck with your opponents head. Plus since Dedede is so heavy you will fall quickly and your opponents chance to mash out will be very small.

Inhale is also nice when your opponent is all up in your grill. Just inhale them, spit um out and give yourself some space.

**2. **Waddle Dee Toss is a good move. We all know this. There’s not much to go into with it. Be careful when spamming them because you will grab them instead of doing normals which can be annoying and if they are too close and you try to inhale you will swallow them and leave yourself open for a second or two. Don’t be afraid to throw these constantly.

**3. **His aaa combo can rack up damage. If you get all the hits is will net you about 30 something damage easily. Use it when fast assholes are all up in your face ( like Yoshi )

Here is a short list of his best normals…

Down A - Comes out fast, gets them off of you, can KO at higher percentages

Forward Tilt - Great for spacing, has a very long range and allows you to poke like crazy.

Up Tilt - This is one of your main killing moves. Very Strong and very quick. It’s hit box is really close to D3’s face so you have to be close to hit it. You can up tilt twice and then do up air for HUGE damage.

Up and down airs - Both spin the hammer for large damage, if you can get a meaty hit, you are going to do like 20 damage. If you knock someone in the air always try to follow up with this. Down air isn’t do good on the way down, it doesn’t have all that great priority. ( I got killed by Yoshi trying to d air like 10 times or something, be careful )

Down Smash - This is his best smash, the others are just too slow and are only useful for punishing laggy stuff or mistakes. ( if someones is coming at you slowly, give them a fsmash and peace them out ) This smash is still slow and doesn’t have the range you’d think it would have so don’t go all crazy with it.

( if you have a chance to throw out a Fsmash, do it, you will kill them or do like 25 some damage, it’s slow horrible THUMP )

fair and bair - These are both very good. Bair is his best move in the air. It’s like his down a, just ya know, in the air. Very very very fast and it will KO easily. You can also do multiple bairs for each jump.

I just have to learn how to do them probably, I am a nub.

Fair is good for chasing people off the stage and guarding the air. If you see someone recovering get out there with his 5 jumps and give them a fair to the face. They will die and you can puff back to the stage and dance.

**3. **Recovering is a little tricky. You just jump back five times and then do the super jump and cancel it to grab the side.

It’s not exactly hard, but if you fuck around and be stupid you WILL fall. I know, I fuck up and do stupid stuff like twice a match.

Since he’s so heavy you also have to be aware whenever you are near the edge when falling. If you down air after getting slightly knocked off you will fall to your death. He is a giant fat penguin, so you fall fast. It is very frustraiting and I will probably stop fat falling once I get more time with him.

You can spike people ( aka sit on people’s faces ) but there is a lot of recovery when you hit the ground and you can’t really aim it.

Lots of times people will try to edge guard you so you can surprise them with an inhale suicide. If you are a manly man like me you can do it when the score is tied 2 -2 and even do it to force a sudden death. ( in time, it’s not really your best option, you usually get a minus for inhale suicides )

There are times when you should cancel and times when you shouldn’t. That’s up to you and your playing style. Most of the time I like to just hit the stage if my opponent isn’t right there waiting for me. Getting random super jump KO’s when your opponent isn’t paying attention is satisfying. Remember stars come out like in the game that can hit your opponent too from a little distance.

That’s all I can think of right now. I still have a lot to learn seeing how I’ve only played for two days. This is just a mini guide to my experience so far like I said, so blah blah blah etc.

I haven’t learned how to chain throw yet, and I really don’t throw at all really. Which is like the opposite of what D3 is supposed to be. All of his throws are good and can KO at higher percentages so I guess I need to training mode it up.

That is for another post though!

Best thread in the whole forum. I’ve been toying with DDD myself lately. His A Smash’s are top tier. If you connect, you can knock fuckers off at 30%.

I didn’t know you could cancel the super jump. How do you do that?

:u:I dunno twirl the stick around :wonder:

Vslash: Stop Dededeciding like a bitch! :mad:

You hit down on the stick. If you don’t hit down you will not grab the edge and you will die.

Hell no, if you are in the air, I will swallow you and fast fall. No homo.

Suicidedede is top tier.

Thanks for the write up. I’ve been looking around for some basic strats for a little while, and D3 is definitely my favorite character right now.

EDIT: You should probably add to that list the fact that he can randomly throw Smash Balls and capsules if the items in question are enabled.

Uair and Dair are pretty darn good, I’ve been fucking around with De-triple quite a bit and I like to throw that shit in after I chain grab someone across a stage. once you chain grab them off the edge you can kinda cross up with a Dair for just a little more damage.

Uair doesn’t seem like it would be a good killing move but it’s worked out pretty well for me, Dededes air game is rather powerful. Fair doesn’t always hit, it’s pretty hard to figure out sometimes but yeah, good stuff for edge guarding.

Waddle-dee spam is pretty good, I don’t really see anyone using the rocket hammer too much, I like to charge it while I’m falling and try to catch people off guard.

I need to work on my suicide shit I hadn’t even added that to my game.

Fsmash has all sorts of range and weird stuff going on for it. I’ve hit someone standing on a platform above me and they fly like the dickens.

This dude thinks his skills warrant a video, what do ya’ll think?

Seems like “Casuals highlights reel” to me, I could do everything he did, sometimes smarter.

I do ok with dedede. I REALLY suck when its against multiple opponents though. tips?

New infinite?


Damn…any idea how to do this? I know how to do the variation where you dash after the downthrow. Is this one just strict timing?

Yeah, and apparently it only works on the Mario brothers, Samus, and Bowser (probably one more I’m forgetting).

This vid is weak, dude doesn’t even use the inhale at all.

Something I learned, you can inhale Snakes 'nades, but Dedede will make a funny face after it explodes in his belly and you will take a little damage.

I can do everything he can do and I ain’t making no vid or trying to brag. I am still shitty as hell.

Yeah that works well, you have to watch out though because lots of characters can hit you out of Dair easily. It’s not a high priority move.

At higher percents Uair will kill people, like at 150 or so you can kill people and they will be like “WTF” then you hit them with the sexy dance. Fair is great for edgeguarding, but Bair is even better, I think it’s manditory for every D3 player to know how to Bair constantly. As of right now, I can’t, still learning and shit naw mean?

You have to watch out though, sometimes you will throw nothing. And they will get in the way of your normals if you try to do something else. Rocket Hammer is okay, if you have it fully charged and manage to hit someone with it you are going to almost certainly get a kill.

It’s not as great as it could be because you can get knocked out of it easily.

When people know you will suicide them and don’t give a shit it changes the way they play when you get up a stock. Once I get up a stock I am looking for them suicides. Watch out when trying it with people who have good recoveries like Snake and Pit. I tried it one Snake a couple of times and he just flew away laughing at me.

If your crazy like me you can suicide when it’s tied 3 to 3 just to scare your opponent/get them off their game.

No one likes to lose by being swallowed.

Fsmash is the most satifying move to hit in the game that isn’t a Rocket Punch. Use that shit for punishing mistakes, but other then that it’s molasses slow. I’ve hit the hammer right near people and still done damage to them. You don’t need them to get hit with the top part of the mallet to KO them.

FFA is harder with DDD because of how fat he is. He is a giant target and when 3 other people are on the screen you are going to get covered with Pikmin while being shot with pewzers and getting shiek kicked to death.

Your best bet is to keep away from the scrum, spam waddles ( hope for random gordo throws into the crowd ) and try to steal kills with Rocket Hammer and FSmash. DSmash is your best move for clearing out a crowd but it’s still slow and you will get beat on before it can come out most of the time.

Remember to use Ftilt and Inhale to keep bitches away from your face. In 1v1 it’s the opposite, you’d want to get in and grapple like a man, but FFA is different breed of monster.

So far my max rep is like 6 or 7 on Samus. The timing is very very very strict. You just have to throw them down and immediately when they pop up throw again.

I am trying my best to learn the timing so I can share it’s secret with my SRK brothers.

Time to play some matches and then I can begin heavily editing the first post.

thanks for all your info vicious…I mess around with dedede slightly but he’s nothing to talk about so it’s interesting to hear your strats and what not.

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned already, but I was messing around with Dedede and I noticed that his f-smash is a tipper. Basically, if you want to kill your opponent dead, make sure the mallet’s head strikes him cleanly. If the opponent is too close and you connect with the f-smash, he won’t fly far. Same deal if the opponent is too far.

EDIT: looks like this info was posted already.

If anyone is having issues with recovery, remember that D3’s up+b doesn’t auto-grab the ledge like every other freakin’ move in the game. You have to cancel it by pressing down on the control stick before you get to the ledge. Yes, you are in free-fall after that, but if you get hit you can attempt to recover again.

Everyone needs to learn shield cancels and forward back airs. They help Dedede immensely.

You can do jab jab, shield cancel, do a down smash, and then at lower percents follow up with a bair because down smash when the knockback is low pops them right behind you for a quick bair.

That isn’t a combo, it doesn’t all link perfectly, but it is useful.

You can’t chain throw some characters too. And Up Tilt is so useful. Soon I will heavily edit that first post by taking stuff from the Smash Boards Dedede thread. ( giving credit where credit is due of course )

Ok so I’m sure you’re all aware of how dedede can throw items sometimes when doing waddle dee tosses. Well today when me and my friend were playing in a no items match…I threw…

…you’re all going to go WTF?!..

…***A smash ball. ***

Yes. In a no items game, I threw a smash ball. Dedede is the only character in the game that can use his super in a competitive match. How awesome is that?

if you have items set to none you’ll still throw items if you don’t use the ALL switch and turn everything off as well

Yeah you have to set the items to off, not none.

If they are on none you WILL throw out items. I threw out a whole dragoon and got KO’d with it lol.