El Paso Texas Blood Sweat Cheers!

if anyone wants to play AE or UMvC3 add me XBL: Rageinn

I know it’s a grind to go to school and show up for casuals ge00. As long as someone is hosting casuals. I’m glad you got your stick. If the square gate is too hard for you, I think l still have some octogonal gates. Other people might have some too.

Unfortunately guys I work again this week. I know. That’s a drag. And I feel the same way. I’ll try again next week.


i pretty sure my stick is square gate, i got the qanba from eightarc. its just gonna take a while to learn i know, i was the same way when i learning how to play on pad. its all kinda rough too cause im left-handed lol, so it makes it feel even more awkward. but ill get it eventually. anyway my xbox gt is georoy00, ill prolly be on a lot grinding both AE and marvel once i feel a little more comfortable on the stick.

I was recently informed about dual-modded pads and told they cost around thirty bucks. Does anyone have a link to one of these or know about them?

if you’re gonna use a pad, i’d recommend the hori commander 3, i always hear good things about it. it ps3 only though. dont get the mad catz fight pad, that thing is ass, its what i used before i got my stick and i hated it and went through 3 before i got one that actually worked.

the pad i think your talking about it is the new mad catz MLG controller. that pad is made for CoD players who play on ps3, cause the xbox controller is more comfortable to use for fps than the ps3. dunno how it runs for fighting games, but the dpad looks like its better than the original xbox controller dpad.

Is this what you’re referring to?

George, I’ll add you on Live!

So… is El Paso coming up for the tournament? :slight_smile: My birthday, too!!

Hey guys Im down to host thursday or friday you guys tell me whats better. Its gunna be in my garage so bring a jacket lol and I only have one TV and one xbox so we can do that or if some one wants to bring another set up let me know. 626 290 6249 text me for the address and such Im out on the west side.

yep, im ready to take your money :slight_smile:


Hey guys, just reminding anyone that’s interested there will be an Ultimate MvC3 tournament in Las Cruces this Saturday the 21st at the Las Cruces Anime Days con as well as a Halo Reach if interested. Prizes will be awarded for top 3 contestants for both games in Best Buy giftcards. 30 for 1st, 20 for 2nd, and 10 for 3rd. You will need a badge if you want to compete however which will be 15 for Saturday, or 25 for both days. There will be also free play for UMvC3, AE, and other games as well. But we’ll definitely have those two at least.

where do u get your tourney info around the area, just the tournament section on the forums?

Well I’m staffing the LCAD tournament so that’s how I know, but depending on what tournament is being thrown, you can find info either on the southwest threads, Facebook, or this thread.

Good luck with the tournament Mike. So there is no tournaments announced yet?

I don’t condone or look down on pad players. It would be impressive if there was more legit Marvel pad players but they’ve proven they can place high in other games.

If you wanna take a chance on the dual mod, gumowned is legit and has always done good work. I was just surprised he’s doing pads too. Pads are serious lol

I was insulted recently by someone telling me that I wasn’t a “serious player” because I happen to use a pad. It’s like I’m expected to have all the money in the world and be able to afford a stick, which infuriates me along with a number of other things that have angered me lately. It’s getting to the point where I feel like competing in Marvel is pointless because I probably can’t improve and I’ll just be ridiculed for not being able to adapt to all of this bullshit.

I’ve come to a decision that I will only travel to tournaments if they’re held on PS3, until the time comes that I can afford a stick and get in an acceptable level of practice with it, and even then, I’ll still only participate in a tournament if the people hosting it have sticks available should it be on 360 and I haven’t managed to dual mod mine.

Maybe you shouldn’t come to our sessions. there’s plenty of shit talking going around in them and it doesn’t seem like you can hold your liquor. Masta CJ uses a pad and he does really well; Fanatiq uses a pad and he is ok. ShadowVII uses a stick and he is free as all fuck.

So…just relax and stop taking online seriously.

Fixed :slight_smile:

That’s true too.:rofl:

Maybe I shouldn’t go. I alienate everyone I try talking to anyway, so why should I expect this to be any different? All I do is waste my time with every attempt.

Woah wait a minute Sanjo9. You haven’t even come once and gave it a shot.

Don’t let these guys or myself scare you off. I’m sure Chris can vouche for what goes on here and whether or not he has fun. Chris has been coming for years. Maybe not every time we host but talk to him and he’ll tell you.

Fighting game get together’s can get salty ofcourse but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about competeing, learning, and having a good time.

In a nutshell if you’re not sure if you should come (whenever the heck I ever host again). Ask yourself this: Would I go to an arcade full of strangers and see what happens?