El Paso Texas Blood Sweat Cheers!

Game night Tuesday 8 p.m.

hey what’s up fellow sf’rs. oh yeah game night tonight! guess we’ll c u all there. lates!!!@@@@####$$$%%%^^&&

Can I get a ride?

ohh ok so there´s this tourney on the 25 and then the other one on september 2 right?

yes thats correct both at one more lever on george dieter if i find out any more info ill post

If you guys haven’t heard, I’m doing a tournament in Albuquerque! Hope to see some of you guys there. BTW come and pre-register in the New Mexico Thread: New Mexico: ABQ Ranbats, Las Cruces TNF, and Community Thread (NM-ISM,DKO,LC:TNF)


Pre-Reg List (as of 08/15/2012)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  1. Ver314 ABQ NM
  2. TPA|Dylan ABQ NM
  3. Nick Kage ABQ NM
  4. Rage El Paso TX
  5. TPA Patdick ABQ NM
  6. TPA Grinch ABQ NM
  7. Xtina ABQ NM
  8. Killakam Farmington NM
  9. h34r7l355 Farmington NM
  10. SLC Farmington NM
  11. Sythan Farmington NM
  12. Johnny Walker ABQ NM
  13. Mzy ABQ NM
  14. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  15. MikeJonesJaxson El Paso TX
  16. AM Anathema ABQ NM
  17. Dylan ABQ NM
  18. Ronin ABQ NM
  19. Saeng CO
  20. Pookie Gallup NM
  21. PotatokisS Gallup NM

Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012

  1. Ver314 ABQ NM
  2. zman ABQ NM
  3. Onimaru ABQ NM
  4. Rage El Paso TX
  5. TPA Patdick ABQ NM
  6. Knot Santa Fe NM
  7. Gustavo Santa Fe NM
  8. Se7en ABQ NM
  9. SLC Farmington NM
  10. Johnny Walker ABQ NM
  11. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  12. Luke ABQ NM
  13. PotatokisS Gallup NM

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

  1. E-Dawg ABQ NM
  2. zman ABQ NM
  3. Nick Kage ABQ NM
  4. TPA Rosen-G ABQ NM
  5. Onimaru ABQ NM
  6. Rage El Paso TX
  7. TPA Grinch ABQ NM
  8. Se7en ABQ NM
  9. IKEA 2 Sentinels 1 Cup ABQ NM
  10. Killakam Farmington NM
  11. SLC Farmington NM
  12. Zal ABQ NM
  13. Alex3Sixty ABQ NM
  14. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  15. MikeJonesJaxson El Paso TX
  16. Chavelo CO
  17. Saeng CO
  18. Mascot Ray Las Cruces NM
  19. Luke ABQ NM
  20. PJ Espanola NM
  21. DeaD_herO_15 Espanola NM
  22. Pookie Gallup NM

Soul Calibur V
01 Gustavo Santa Fe NM
02. Killakam Farmington NM
03. Ivylicious ABQ NM
04. Ronin ABQ NM
05. PotatokisS Gallup NM

King Of Fighters XIII

  1. GoldenGlove ABQ NM
  2. zman ABQ NM
  3. Onimaru ABQ NM
  4. Knot Santa Fe NM
  5. Gustavo Santa Fe NM
  6. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  7. Pedro CO
  8. Ryyudo CO
  9. E2 CO

Skull Girls

  1. TPA|Dylan ABQ NM
  2. TPA Patdick ABQ NM
  3. Johnny Walker ABQ NM
  4. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  5. Luke ABQ NM

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

  1. E-Dawg ABQ NM
  2. IKEA 2 Sentinels 1 Cup ABQ NM
  3. Mr Radon Las Cruces NM
  4. h34r7l355 Farmington NM
  5. Sythan Farmington NM
  6. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  7. PotatokisS Gallup NM

Persona 4 Arena

  1. GoldenGlove ABQ NM
  2. zman ABQ NM
  3. Knot Santa Fe NM
  4. Gustavo Santa Fe NM
  5. h34r7l355 Farmington NM
  7. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  8. AM Anathema ABQ NM
  9. Chavelo CO
  10. Ryyudo CO
  11. E2 CO
  12. IKEA 2 Sentinels 1 Cup ABQ NM
  13. Mascot Ray Las Cruces NM
  14. Luke ABQ NM

Complete Setups:
Pi - Asus monitor, ps3 with tag 2, ae 2012, umvc3, kof, Scv, and vf5
Dylan - Asus monitor, ps3, all games.
Knot – Asus monitor, ps3, with kof and ae
KillaKam – Asus Monitor, ps3, with umvc3, tag2, and scv
Luke - Asus monitor, Ps3, with UMVC3, AE2012, Skull Girls, Virtua Fighter, KOF

Partial set ups
Pi - Asus monitor
Rosen - Asus monitor
Mzy – Ps3 w/ games Tag 2, UMVC3, P4A

oh ok ok thanks

With no tournament to watch this weekend, it’s actually turned out pretty entertaining with the ReveLAtions drama and Wiz giving the shaft to Strekken aka. SFXT for Evo 2013 lol.


Eh Chuy let’s play on dat PC SF4!!

I hope Wong or F.Champ wins…and then doesn’t get paid!!

Come play Dat Madden this Tuesday!

Anyone know which system will be used for the tourney on the 25th

Probably PS3 since the last two tournaments ran them on that console.

Alright Thanks

games at tortuga tonight

Hi guys !
question at what time does the september 2 tourney starts? and also if you know who´s hosting cause we could help them out with a livestream :smiley: thanks!

im not sure what time itll start but ill find out and sweet ya im sure any help would be appreciated i think the host is furyx on the srk forums ill try n find out more info and post it up n let u know

Sorry guys. Change of plans. So no games this week :frowning:

Shotouts to Tortuga.

Fuck Yous to shaking hands.:rofl:

Whats up guys.

Just wanted to let guys know that I started threads for El Paso/Las Cruces on Tekkenzaibatsu and 8wayrun.


Check them out if you’re interested in Namco fighters at all. I hope this can help expand the scene or at least increase awareness before Tekken Tag 2 comes out.