El Paso Texas Blood Sweat Cheers!


games tomorrow 7pm


games tuesday 6pm


Games tomorrow Tuesday 7pm


I’m back finally.
Games tomorrow Tuesday 6:30pm


Nice, good to have you back man.


Games tomorrow Tuesday 6:30pm


R.I.P SRK you’ll be missed :s


The end of an era. RIP SRK forums.

Games tomorrow Tuesday 6:30pm


Its a nonsense way to go TBH.

The amount of mismanagement is high but w/e. I salute all of you fuckers I met because of this thread. Its been great.


Games tomorrow Tuesday 6pm
AE launch!


Uh, games tomorrow Tuesday 6:30pm


Hey guys, I was thinking of getting back into street fighter again with AE, where are you guys going to be located once the site is down?


Hey guys, I’m moving to El passo next week. I wanted to reach out to the local community and participate in local events. Where are some good places to play?


Sup! Glitch Gaming Center on fridays we meet up for casuals and tuesdays we meet up at our homie chuy’s place in the evening. We mostly play SFV and T7 but with DBFZ out anime games are getting a little more love as of late, much to my pleasure lol.


Ok cool. I’ll definitely hit up glitch gaming. Probably next Friday. Hopefully I’ll jump right in the mix with everyone.


Hi nice to meet you. Join our Facebook group

Or join our discord to meet us


games thursday 6:30pm


games tomorrow tuesday 6:30pm


I can make it. I just need directions.


Sent you directions