El Paso Texas Blood Sweat Cheers!

Sweet ! thanks bro! and you betcha!! :smiley:

horrry shet sleep is hell of a drug =/

Hey guys here is our FB please check it out will be updating with all the info from future tourneys! :smiley:

Hey eric my bad in not returning your text. I was all set to go until I got home from some errands. Felt beyond super shitty. Got the doctor and got some blood tests done so hopefully I know wtf is going on.

Just got back into KOF, so sweeeet :). I saw that there is going to be a tourney at hope n anchor on September lol…good shit

kof is sweet im gonna have to hit the training room on that again havent played it in a while … ur going down alex!!! ha

Hey guys what’s up this is Cristián.
Is there anything going on this weekend? I’ll be in El Paso for a couple of days and I would like to get together and play.
I’m leaving in a couple of hours so I should be there sometime around 4. I’ll try to find one of those cheap pre-paid phones as soon as I get there, once I do I’ll post my number here.

I don’t know most of the people who post here anymore but I think we can get along fine, I’m a pretty easygoing person.
See you guys later (hopefully)

Hey whats up Cristian its Albert Just wanted to say whats up. Dont kmow if anythings happening tonight. I know Nates in town also maybe Big Chew would be down to play I’ll try and find out. If you guys do play post up or call me. Thanks. The number is 351-9650.

Dude I’ve been trying to figure who the fuck you were since you started posting. :rofl:

Fucking Albert kill that fucking bold.

Ryu is da bes


Hey guys here´s a little taste of what went down in the first Salty Series please check it out :smiley:

Also any info on future tournaments guys? whats that about a hope and anchor tourney you´re saying?

On another note we just announce the Salty Series 2 that will go down on September 9th I´ll probably post the flyer early next week so I´ll keep you guys informed :smiley:

Well, it took forever to get through the bridge but I finally made it.
I still don’t have a phone but I’ll be checking the thread constantly so if anything is going on please let me know.
Albert, I´ll give you a call later man.
I haven’t seen SCK post in a long time, what’s up with that?

Hey my number is 915-253-7602. Nates over at my house atm, give me a call!!!

“…checking the thread constantly,” eh?


So the tourney at one more level will be going down on one more level on sept 2 (labor day weekend) 5$venue and 10per tourney with a 70 20 10 split and double elimi… ssf4ae2012 and umvc3 if enough ppl wanna play kof will do one as well for it

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cool! thanks for the info! I´ll spread the word here and make sure some of us go :smiley:

Sorry Frank but I’m keeping my bold. It’s what sets me apart from the peasants. LOL. J/k guys. Well Cristian that sux that it took all that long and shit. Especially with all this damn heat. Yeah Sck doesn’t get on much anymore. Damn Cesar you shoulda called me I woulda gone by and get some games in. Oh well hopefully there’s Tues. at Big Chews. Lates.

Looks like the truck died. :sad:

Can somebody hook up the ride tomorrow or for tuesday to chuy’s?

Hey whats up guys. Man no one really posts much huh. So are there gonna be casuals at Tortugas tonight. Also Big Chew you gonna host tomorrow. Well if anyone wants to get together and play or go out and beat up any Ethiopian kids let me know I’m down. Soooooo down. Anyways lates!

yea im sure there will be games at tortuga tonight

I’ll get back to you on that hope and anchor tourney that I saw on facebook. I think its on september, unfortunately I think it was a monday :frowning: lol so it might conflict with tortuga that day. I’ll see if I can install KOF in my laptop to play with the guys at tortuga.

Cheers ~~