El Paso Texas Blood Sweat Cheers!

Alright Thanks

games at tortuga tonight

Hi guys !
question at what time does the september 2 tourney starts? and also if you know who´s hosting cause we could help them out with a livestream :smiley: thanks!

im not sure what time itll start but ill find out and sweet ya im sure any help would be appreciated i think the host is furyx on the srk forums ill try n find out more info and post it up n let u know

Sorry guys. Change of plans. So no games this week :frowning:

Shotouts to Tortuga.

Fuck Yous to shaking hands.:rofl:

Whats up guys.

Just wanted to let guys know that I started threads for El Paso/Las Cruces on Tekkenzaibatsu and 8wayrun.


Check them out if you’re interested in Namco fighters at all. I hope this can help expand the scene or at least increase awareness before Tekken Tag 2 comes out.

Just registered to Zaibatsu :slight_smile:

dont worry frank im sure well get in on that game gary the manager at tortuga is already hyped for it and so am i and a few others …im sure well have weekly tourneys for tekken tag …game looks fun so come sept 11 its on! steve fox and ancient ogre!

alrighty! thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey guys here´s the poster for the next event made by (as I believe some of you know it) Kaco3000 hope some of you can make it :smiley:

Shit just got real with this rain lol…

K so sorry I haven’t replied but tourney on sep 2 will start registering on Friday the 31st and sat the 1st tourney will start at 2pm on the dot and if ur bringing a game or system I will waive the venue fee… streaming it would greatly appreciate it

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is the first tourney AE or marvel?

Is there a tournament tomorrow at one more level? or was it cancelled?

Under Night In-Birth looks damn sweet now that is what u call a good game lol

i think there is still a tourney im pretty sure …u going alex?

how much is it to register for each game and how much is the venue fee

5 venue and 10 per tourney unless u bring console and games both… tvs we got and @luis both games will start at same time but would be a lot better if u register on fri and sat so that on Sunday I don’t have to make brackets…

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Still thinking about it u sergio? What time does it start?