"El rey jaguar con armadura" - The Armor King Thread


Just a disclaimer: All the following information was taken from and can still be found from tekkenzaibatsu.com in the Tekken 6 and TTT2 forums for Armor King. All credit goes to those who posted those threads.



I’m only going to post some of the basic stuff to get your feet wet and get you going with AK. For more in depth information, PLEASE visit the links above.


[]10frames: 2,1 (dmg:26 [12,14])
]12frames: b+1,2 (dmg:32 [14,18])
[]14frames: Dark Upper (f,n,d,d/f+2) (dmg:25) or f+1+4 (dmg:33)
]15frames: u/f+4 (dmg:15) or f+2,1 (dmg:38 [14,24])
[]16frames: b+3 (dmg:27)
]17frames: 1+2,2 (dmg:39 [14,25])
[]10frames: d+1 (dmg:6)
]11frames: ws+4 (dmg:24)
[]13frames: cc b+1,2 (dmg:32 [14,18])
]15frames: u/f+4 (dmg:15)
[]16frames: ws+1(dmg:19) or ff+4 (dmg:30)
]23frames: u/f+N,4 (dmg:30)
[*]27frames: fc d/f+2 (dmg:27)

Bound (B!) moves (slam opponent down to continue combo/use Tag Assault)
[]second hit from ss+2,1
Tag Launchers


uf+4; 1+2,2; d+2 B! d/f+1; f+2,1_GS

So far the best way I’ve found to use him in the middle of a combo (during Tag Assault) is his 3+4, 2.

Some notable moves/pokes might be d/f+1 and d/f+4. Also throw in a d/b+3 to keep your opponent honest (keep them from just blocking high all day) BUT if blocked it’s punishable.






Looking good! I’m hoping to see this thread develop with more info!


Been testing b+4:1+2s safety, despite it being -11, it is impossible to punish at max range (and only a few characters like Bob can punish at point blank). This move is amazing so do what you need to master the timing (isn’t that hard anyway)

Noticed DU got a hitbox buff. It now tracks decently both sides and seems to have better range. Also leads to insane damage. I’m now seeing why the Koreans and Japanese rate him quite highly


As somebody that didn’t play T6 very well, can somebody explain to me (or point me in the right direction to figure out myself) what the Shining Wizard is, how it’s done, and how it’s done instant? I keep seeing references to it all over the place.


It’s his running grab but more specifically, iSW is the name given to all running grabs when the inputs (f,f,f+2+4) are done fast enough to the point where the throw comes out instantly and over a short distance. The distance you should be landing iSW is around equal to the default starting position for both players


Speaking of iSW, here’s an Instant While Running Tutorial from Avoiding the Puddle:



Thanks for that tutorial, clears things up but it still seems hard as hell.

I’m confused about the bnb listed here, how is Giant Swing connected after 2,1?

Edit; I see now it’s **OR, **not and


Not to sound like a smartass that knows his wrestling moves, but I really dislike how the Tekken community refers to ANY buffered running air throw as an “instant Shining Wizard.”

The “Shining Wizard” is A.King and King’s running kick to the face (f,f, 2+4). I believe in their command lists, Namco calls this the "Tomahawk."
History lesson: the move was made popular and innovated in Japan by a wrestler named Keiji Mutoh (WcW fans might remember him as “The Great Muta”).

I have no problem with calling the actual running kick move the Shining Wizard, since that’s what the move was originally called, but when you start referring running powerbombs, a Burning Hammer (Jaycee’s f,f, 2+4 air throw) and Lar’s airthrow as iSWs…i personally think it sounds stupid. But hey, that’s just me.


I think this done merely as a matter of convenience. Mainly to prevent confusion about several moves all using the same notation and effective use, but with different in-game names.

In SF, Akuma’s QCB + K is officially named Tatsumaki ZankuuKyaku, Ryu’s is Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku. Gouken’s is Tatsumaki Gourasen.

Akuma’s QCF + P is called the Gohadouken, Ryu’s is the Hadouken. Dan’s is the Gadouken.

Yet we all call these moves tatsus, hurricane kicks, hados, or fireballs. This is a scenario in which using the “real name” of a move actually adds confusion rather than clarifies. The execution and overall use and effect is similar or the same, so we use the same names to describe the move.

The catch-all term is immediately familiar, and immediately understood in most cases where it is used. Therefore when used in a non-story or lore specific way, it’s clearer and easier to just say iSW. Even though it’s a running powerbomb, or burning hammer, or dash up headbutt/leg throw with some sort of gun related name. Etc.


Thread seems a bit slow, so here are a few CH combos to liven up your day. All are old or previously known, but due to TA the damage of these combos has been improved.

In all situations you can substitute one of the standard solo enders like GS or f2,1 for the TA/enders below.

Depending on your TA, you can use some/all of the below enders:
uf+3, GS / iSW
uf+3, f2,1
uf+3, shoulder(?) range dependent.

db+3, WS4, d+2B! TA, ender

b+1, backdash*, 3+4, 1, d+2B! or df+2B! TA, ender

df+3, df+1, df+2B! / d+2B! TA, ender

All these combos net around 70 with a TA, and 40-60 solo depending on ender. It’s not 80+ damage that you get from real bnbs, but this is nice solid damage from some useful moves, db+3 high crushes, b+1 is i12, etc.


This thread is formatted way better than the Tekken Zaibatsu ones.

all of the pertinent info readily avaiilable and on a better forum server. :ahh:


Ill post some of the combos i have. the dashes or blank spaces mean do whats in the original combo. ill post the damage for each in a bit.

AK Solo (not including sample combos. ill post more when i actually turn on my ps3. these are all my bnbs that i remember off the top of my head):

  1. Dark Upper (f,n,d,d/f+2), d/f+3, d/f+1, d/f+2 (B!), (dash forward) d/f+1, GS (giant swing). <- (75 Damage)
    1a. ----------------------------------------------- d+2 (B!)---------------------------------------<- (73 Damage)
    1c. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------f+1, 2 <- (73 Damage)
    1d. ----------------------------------------------- d+2 (B!)------------------------------f+1, 2 <-(71 Damage)
    1e. Hop Kick-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <- (64 Damage)
    1f. Hop Kick------------------------------------ d+2 (B!)-------------------------------------- <- (62 Damage)
    1g. Hop Kick-----------------------------------------------------------------------------f+1, 2 <- (62 Damage)
    1h. Hop Kick----------------------------------- d+2 (B!)-------------------------------f+1, 2 <- (60 Damage)

  2. (counter hit) D/f+3, d/f+3, d/f+1, d+2 (B!), (dash) d/f+1, f+1, 2 <- (71 Damage)
    2a. -------------------------------------------------------------GS
    2b. --------------------------------------- d/f+2 (B!)--------------GS <-(75 Damage) NOT RECOMMENDED.
    2c.---------------------------------------d/f+2 (B!)-------------------- NOT RECOMMENDED.

  3. Dark Upper (f,n,d,d/f+2), d/f+1, 1+2~2, d+2 (B!),(dash) d/f+1, f+1, 2 <- (76 Damage)
    3a. -----------------------------------------------------------------------iSW <- (78 Damage)
    3b. Hop Kick-------------------------------------------------------------------------- <- (65 Damage)
    3c. Hop Kick------------------------------------------------------------iSW <- (68 Damage)

  4. u/f+1+2, d/f+1, d/f+1, d+2 (B!), (dash) d/f+1, f+1, 2 <-(73 Damage)
    4a. ----------------------------------------GS <- (75 Damage)
    4b.----------------------------d/f+2 (B!)-------------------------- <- (75 Damage)
    4c.----------------------------d/f+2 (B!)------------------GS <- (77 Damage)

  5. (counter hit) d/b+3, WR 4, d+2 (B!), d/f+1, f+1, 2 <- (72 Damage)
    5b. -----------------------------------------------------GS <- (74 Damage)

1a. the timing can be a bit tricky, GS must be buffered into the d/f+1.

1b. A lot easier but does less damage if you have trouble catching the d/f+1 after the d/f+2 bound, use d+2 instead, you will only lose 2-3 damage. the hop kick, dark upper, and d+2 are interchangeable. so is the f+1, 2 and GS

  1. another decent combo really good if you get a counter his with d/f+3 but dont base your play around it.

2c-d. Its not recommended because the d/f+2 connects when it feels like doing so and doing d+2 is a lot more consistent and easier.

  1. very similar to the sample combo… but the timing is a lot more strict for 5-6 more damage. the trick is to delay the first d/f+1 just a bit after the launcher. (you have to delay it more if you do dark upper)

  2. i really like this combo, the timing isnt too hard and the damage is pretty good. but be careful when throwing out the u/f+1+2, not much tracking on it and very punishable on whiff.

4a. again GS must be buffered into the d/f+1

  1. This combo i highly advice you get down. really useful and really easy to see the counter hit.

TA Fillers:

  1. 3+4, 2
  2. 3+4, 1 (sometimes it works better depending on who your partner is)
  3. 1+4 (for the lols)
  4. Fire Breath (Ki Charge, qcf+1+2) <- ill explain. (but mostly for the lols)


  1. You can use his fire breath to set up a tech trap for your opponent. If you dont play king you just have to find a low that puts them in a juggle state. like bryans qcb+4, and depending on how they get up, both the fire breath and the low will hit, just the low, or just the fire breath, but i believe if they quick get up to the left they can get out of it (you can see waht happenes when you tech roll the other way). so use it at your discretion, you would be better off just finishing the combo lol

TA Enders (that i use)

  1. iSW
  2. u/f+3, GS (Look at notes)
  3. u/f+3, iSW
  4. d/f+3
  5. f,f,f+3
  6. f,f+3
  7. 1+4


  1. this will only work if your combo has only a couple hits. this will work with the begining halfs of combo 5 and 4 (ONLY IF YOU DO ONE d/f+1 at the begining) in the AK Solo section if you TA and your partner does a short filler. an example is the second TA Combo Example.

  2. this one is pretty hard if you dont know how to buffer correctly. but works after if you use the beginning half (before the bound) of 1,2, and 3 in the AK Solo section with almost any good partner filler.

  3. I like to use this to keep the pressure on my opponent. because iSW and GS puts both players at an almost neutral situation. but doing this causes them to pop back up for a bit giving you advantage because you recover when they are still in are allowing you to wave dash in for more pressure or just run in.

TA Combo Examples (will add more if requested)

AK and King:

  1. Dark Upper (f,n,d,d/f+2), d/f+3, d/f+1, d/f+2 (B!), (King) b+1-2, (AK) iSW <- (88 Damage)
    1a.-----------------------------------------------f+1+2-------(King) 1+2~3, (AK) iSW <- (95 Damage)

  2. (counter hit) d/b+3, WR 3, d+2 (B!), (King) 1+2~3, (AK) u/f+3, GS <- (96 Damage)

  3. Dark Upper (f,n,d,d/f+2), 1+2~2, d+2 (B!), (King) 1+2~3, (AK) u/f+3, iSW <- (100 Damage)

  4. (King) u/f+4, f+2~2, f+1, b+2~1+2 (B!), (AK) Fire Breath, (King) WC (while crouching) d/f+1 <- (48 damage at bound, 66 potential damage after)

  5. (King) d+1+2 (tag cancel), (AK) u/f+3, u/f+3, d/f+1, f+1+2 (B!), (King) b+1~2, (AK) iSW <- (98)

  6. an example of that tech trap i mentioned earlier.

  7. what AK can do off a high enough launcher .

AK and Heihachi:

  1. Dark Upper (f,n,d,d/f+2), d/f+3, d/f+1, f+1+2 (B!), (Hei) (left sidestep) f,n,d,d/f+3,3,3,1, (AK) iSW <- (97 Damage)


  1. in other words if your on player 1 side. sidestep up with Heihachi, if your on player two side, sidestep down. needs to bee a full sidestep dont cancel it too early with the forward input.

Ill answer any questions to the best of my ability. lol


I love using him with Jaycee