Elaborate on Fei rebalance

Could someone explain in alittle more detail how these nerds hurt him. I don’t know frame data but buy reading the stuff nothing at all to me looks good or even fun playing him after rebalance

You must never do 2nd Rekka on block anymore or you will get punished by every opponent.
He does less damage meaning he has to do a couple more hits to K.O. the opponent.
The link in his BnB is now back to being 3 instead of 4 frames, meaning its timing will be 25% stricter.
Jab > sweep combo is gone (glad I never bothered to utilize it).

The changes arent that drastic, typical of people are here they are embellishing.

Second rekka is no longer safe on block against anyone. This is the byproduct of idiots who tried to punish when their character lacked that ability. Rather than LEARN the matchup they cried until it was uniform across the board. Just means you have to be sure and hit confirm. the first. However you can still launch the second rekka and not get punished via the EX version but it will simply cost you a little bit of meter. So you can either practice your hit confirming or sacrafice meter.

Some nerfs on the cw an fk, as stated, means a couple more hits for the KO

The removal of that sweep combo upsets me. I was just starting to use it. Bastards.

Fei is still a very good character, you want to talk tiers I would guess still an A tier, maybe A+. You just need to be tighter on your execution.

It’s not just you have to hit confirm, but the risk of using delay rekka is much much higher.

I heard that sweep combo was removed, sheesh and I rarely get to use it but live it when I can

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You can still hit confirm a sweep from s.mp so it’s not a total loss.

Well thats the point, you gotta be on point with your confirming now.Now if you connect on the first one just finish it off, why risk with the delay.

you can’t BnB into sweep anymore which is the biggest thing. Sure you can do cl.mp>sweep, sure it can be used in frame trap setups but other than that its uselss due to the fact you can’t combo into it other than a VERY close st.lp, that is also a one frame link again due to the +1 being taken away. In AE2012 you can’t chose to sweep for an untechable knockdown during your BnB which in certain situations is better than taking the opponent to the corner. Making sweep (which is terible b/c of it’s range) pretty much useless.

I used it almost religiously for the Balrog match up. I find myself wanting that bastard on his back as much as possible, and it allowed me to do just that on a consistent basis. Now it’s back to basics. l’sigh. Also Dhalsim.

Losing that tool is going to make those two in particular a bit more upsetting for me all over again.