ELAC April 5th Tournament Results; 3s, KoFXI

Thanks to the people who came out, I guess I’ll give this thing one more go and promote before I just totally give up.


  1. gootecks
  2. Sanchez
  3. r-chie
  4. Scott
  5. Lenin
  6. Carlitos aka shoo-sta
  7. Jules
  8. Jonathan


  1. Granyagami.com (Sergio)
  2. Yashiroloco (Guanatos)
  3. K4ever
  4. Ibarra
  5. Gerald
  6. Marco
  7. David
  8. Scott

The important thing is no one got shot.

Sanchez dressing for the occasion FTW

sanchez did dress to impress lol.

got pics?

of Sanchez or of the tournament? Either way, not really.