ELAC Tournament confirmed March 22;East LA, California; GGXXAC, MvC2, CvS2

1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
the highlighted building is where G6-112 is in, and the circled area is the parking lot, although you may want to just park somewhere else as well to avoid paying for a pass.

1PM Signups and 2PM tournament starting times. Late entries should contact me in advance and should arrive before the winners or losers brackets start. (sounds about right?)

Games: GGAC, CvS2, and MvC2. $5 each + $1 donation to the club, pot split is 7/2/1. Games are all 2/3, except CvS2, which is singles in losers until losers finals. Grand finals are 3/5 for all games. Games are all console.

etc: if anyone can bring a TV or setups, please tell me and do so, we’re slightly shorthanded.

Map: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=East+Los+Angeles+College,+1301+Avenida+Cesar+Chavez,+Monterey+Park,+CA&sll=33.927382,-118.125424&sspn=0.012249,0.020084&ie=UTF8&z=16

I’m there.

I can take a TV and a DC with converters

might wanna hold off for mvc2 for now unless rfc doesn’t go through

I’ll be there if you run cvs2

I thought you played 3s too Ric :3

R | C: Well, what I have planned is another tournament two weeks later with both anniversary edition and cvs2. Wouldn’t that be more to your liking?

Whatever works best for you guys.

I suck in 3s.
But I suck slightly less in cvs2.

street fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighters…STOOL ON YOUR TOOL!

el Guapo will be on the building fo sho.

During the AI tournies a while back, I ran a late fee. I think it was $2-4 extra or something like that. Part of the added fee went to the pot, and the rest went to fundraising. I think I set the late entries to 1 hour max. After that, it was absolutely no entries. I also allowed people to sign up for a friend, but Only if they’re paid for in advance.

We were able to make a few extra bucks for the fundraiser while increasing the pot prize.

Just some ideas you might want to consider.

I heard hype will be making a guest appearance in the gg community… :confused:

so basically since all the good players are going to ffa

this is gonna be an amateur marvel tourney?

god marvel p[layers are going to regency. and yes, I will probably win this one.

Holy shit, that’s one hell of a time to be holding a tourney… :confused:

just wonderin if this is still goin down

Hopefully. There’s alot of crap I have to deal with the school, though. Worst case scenario is that I’ll postpone it.

cause you’re gay

So is this tournament still happening?

Why not run cvs2 since 3s and marvel have conflicting tournies at FFA & Regency?

because he doesn’t want to run a sole cvs2 tourney when he can wait a week or two and have a shit load more people come.

that and cause he touches himself at night.

Gonna go to this to lose 6 dollars, y-y-yeah.