ELAC's "Funny things on the Chalkboard" tourney results; 4/19; MvC2


  1. Reset
  2. taiji
  3. Mr. Pasadena
  4. Smooth Assassin
  5. Orko (aka pppoopoocaca)
  6. Iron Maiden
  7. Lalo
  8. Plates
  9. lovepig78
  10. sp33drac3r (good luck getting to cal poly)
  11. JFresh
  12. Tingboy
  13. Spawn
  14. Juan
  15. thekidfromLBC
  16. Jaraal

CvS2 sucks. And thanks to everyone for coming out. Next Marvel tournament in a month along with 3s.

Reset vs 0RKO
Tingboy vs Lalo
Iron Maiden vs Sp33dRac3rSmooth Assassin vs 0RKO
Winner’s Finals: Reset vs Mr. Pasadena

I didn’t put up the ones that haven’t been identified, I’ll do that as we identify more, I guess. Thanks to LBC for the vids!


ps: try and run cvs2 too!

Awsome games ppl, i will try to post the random vids i took later on

gg’s to everyone!

props to dvd for setting this up!~

good shit mr.pasadena u damn homo :lovin: haha jk

yea gg’s everyone…by Juan aka servbot =]]

nicky+taiji = H M C

way to many MSPers at the tourny but eh lol
good games to all.
and taiji’s magneto is on another level lol
good shit

a lot of tv’s/consoles to accomodate the # of participants who showed to the tournament. cool marvel sessions. orko would like to have a floor setup for the next one to play and roll around in his own filth

good shit ace

good shit orko

Good shit Ace.

1st the worst, 2nd the best, :clap :clap :clap



So where the vids at?

yea where the vids at??

:rofl::rofl: Im experiencing some technical difficulties :sad::shake: was i the only person who took some vids of random matches? :confused:

u pretty much took everything… another fellow recorded grand finals

put that shit up son! =] (pls dont tell me they got deleted or corrupted =X)

well i didnt take ALL the matches :shake:, but looks megavideo seems to be workin…idk youtube wasnt :confused::wonder:…will try to have them up by today, at least most of them…

edit: bad thing idk who was who :rofl:…so title might look like “?? vs ?? or taiji vs ??” :rofl:

thats why preppy says the names as the round starts



yes i do :sad:, and i apologize to everyone here for my ignorance :sad:…hope ya’ll can forgive a man :wgrin:

You live and you learn, I think I can fugure out who’s who. Just get them vids up.