ELAC's "We got 'dat MUGEN" tourney; East LA, CA; 5/17; 3s, MvC2

bring our own joysticks?

If so… I gotta get my shiet fixed quick.


Thank god. One or two moves aside KOFXI wasn’t broken enough to really need an arrange mode anyway.

i ll try to be there

sign me up, whats the head count so far?

but dont waste my time with scrubs. cuz i’m good.

Hopefully there’s more than 10 people at this tournament.

Well, it’s really about getting the word out and getting people to come. 3s and SSBM had about 18 and 16 people, respectively, the last time we had a tournament for them.

3s is going to have more this time around, I’m sure.

And I can only take my 26 and one of the smaller ones now, my uncle borrowed one of my other ones.

This better not be a ghetto ass tourney

you’re a ghetto ass tourney.

better have stricter rules for the late fuckers or I’m not even going.

that means no big tv for 3s

I am king of late fuckers.

I know so show up on time, or be DQed. It’s usually you, Pyro and Ken I actually.

Okay, the tourny is this upcoming Sat right? If it is i’ll try and show up for some Marvel hahaha…

My minions learn from the best.


I was in a hurry when I typed that, I meant he’d be banned in SFAE.

Edit: Disregard this, since SFAE got cut.

Good news: Since we cut one game, I can guarantee that the two games left over would have good TVs, so no small TVs for tournament. However, I’d probably still bring my small TVs, so we can use those for casuals if you guys get bored or something.

speedracer: No marvel this Saturday, wait til the 19th.

KoF XI. Hell yeah, I should be there.