ELAC's "We got 'dat MUGEN" tourney; East LA, CA; 5/17; 3s, MvC2

Goddamn. If you’re gonna cut AE, at least mention it earlier. Im sure there are people who have made plans for this and now dont have to attend. Im sure people wouldve showed up.

TheRealO.GKen: Well, I didn’t want to cut SFAE, but these past few days, club members have been flaking out on TVs and systems they were supposed to bring.

I may have to cut out on this one. My stick just died on me, and I doubt I can get a replacement in time.

I’ll be bringing my stick, and others would have theirs, too. Most people are cool with letting others use their stick, me included. Just ask, I guess.

edit: also, can some people bring memory cards with sub bosses unlocked for kofxi? My friend just told me he only has Adelheid unlocked. =\\

wooooo cvs2

Can I run the MvsC 2 tourny again like last time DVD…?

I am interested for Marvel, should be able to make it out to this one :slight_smile:

Sp33dRac3r: yeah, go nuts. Thanks for running it, too.

magnus: Awesome. Better put down CoD4 if you want to win.

I’m comin down

Its about time i get my self involved with tourneys…i’ll be there fo some Marvel :rock:

Its starting to look like theres going to be a bigger turn out for this one, Ima try and make it and take a few of my San Diego peeps with me give you guys a run for your money.

Do me a favor and Bring that foo -Lalo- i gots a few things to settle with him :badboy:

Do I smell a money match?

Ill be sure to tell him you called him out. Hope you practiced blocking resets cuz that foo has more than most can handle.:looney:


loser automatically dies :stuck_out_tongue:

shoo quarter money match.
make it happen.
free money!

DVD:madZ - Thanks for letting me run the MvsC 2 tourny again. I’m gonna try and take my cam so I can get some footage on tape hahaha…

Magnus - Good to know your alive. Miss the hangouts with you Keneth and Carlos on Fridays…

Smooth - Def. try and get some of your fellow san diego friends and lets make this tourny hype for MvsC 2…

Im try and get some guys from HP to come and play.

:rofl: i just wanna play couple of matches with him and tell that foo to get on AIM more often :mad::mad::rofl:

Hes computerless right now but ill let him know when I see him.

tourney ppl get some practice in this weekend
my house. saturday. all day and nite mahvel. and cvs2. or watevecr you wonna play… i got brawl woo… lol
pm me or contact plates for address or more info
no drama lol
go go go go go