Elderly Gay Couple Forcibly Separated, Abused, Robbed By County Officials in CA


I thought this was pretty horrifying and that it would be good to share.



Thank you for this. I’m gonna go cry now while pissing on a bible. Fucking assholes.


In what way does this relate to the bible?

You are causing an idiotic cycle of stupid.

Mods, please ban this member for his prejudiced hate literature against Christianity and these antisemitic remarks.


good thing obamacare contains actual reform to stop crazy things like this from happening

oh wait… no it doesn’t

well at least obama spent his first year championing for gay rights like he promises so homos can have equal rights

oh wait… no he didn’t


Unfortunately most of the people who are against gay marriage are chrsitian, retarded, other religions, jamaican, just wastes of life. Really, if the right’s christian base didn’t have such huge sentiments against gay marriage, we would have it already.


I seriously need to take over the fucking world and stop shit like this from happening.

Disgusting. Fucking disgusting.

Only the thought of Dr. B’s Mad Sexiness calms me down.


what the fuck is going on in california? this is a tragedy


You just characterized Christians, Jamaicans, the mentally ill, and people who belong to “other religions” as “wastes of life” because they are prejudiced and prone to stereotyping and homophobia?

That is just fantastic right there.

Fucking ash cloud over Iceland…it’s gotta be the goddamn chinks again, up to their usual jihadery. LET’S GO KILL ALL THE NIGGERFAGGOTS IN LITTLE ITALY!!!

(EDIT: AWESOME you can sneak by the word filter by combining them into one word.)


Wow. This is not a religious discussion. This is a rights discussion.


I know this is SRK and shit but seriously Pertho, that comment was mad uncalled for.


who is actually gonna come out and say what they did was ok?



Jesus brainwashed all these court officials into ass fucking these faggoty queers (just the way they like it) out of their rights.



Hahahaha, what an ignorant cocksucker you are: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Jamaica

Really now son, Jamaica absolutely ABHORS Homosexuality of ANY kind. They will fucking kill you. Jamaica, in general, sucks as a country. But now, any group that goes around denying somebody their life just because they are different are gigantic pieces of shit. Who you love and what you do in your personal life has no bearing on my life. A person looking different than me is no reason to treat them different. This was one of the Jamaican Prime Minister’s election song: [media=youtube]_3OD3n4-Cvo&feature=related[/media].

"From dem a par inna chi chi man car
Blaze di fire mek we bun dem!!! (Bun dem!!!)
From dem a drink inna chi chi man bar
Blaze di fire mek we dun dem!!! (Dun dem!!!) "

Yup, a song about setting gay people on fire. Shit, Elephant Man has a couple of tracks hating on homosexuals and so does Buju Banton. Yo ass is ignant on that jamaican hate.

What happened to that couple is nothing short of bloody outrage. Sucks that a lot of Christians (and many other religions) use their belief system to demonize others. Sucks that Jamaica is a huge piece of shit country that hates anything close homosexual. Sucks that unfortunately it is a large christian base drumming the ears of many politicians and allowing chicanery like the above to continue happening because those politicians are catering to that demographic. Christians are not evil, neither are the teachings. But really, a lot of money from the right funds shit like this. That is just the politics of the country.


he means the rights of gay individuals. if the couple describe in the opening post was a elderly man and women, i doubt this would have ever happened.


I LOL @ this country and its inhabitants.



Those fucking Jamaicans, I hate all people of Jamaican descent or residence and their gay hating ways.

Let’s fucking kill all these guys for unfairly stereotyping an entire group of people!


I call Team White!


Stfu , punk ass bitch.


No actually dwd is right that there is no “discussion,” unless some really bigoted people here.


i can’t believe this crap is happening in cali of all places. first they shit all over gay marriage, and now they shit all over this elderly gay people. lol wow. fuck california. i had no clue it was such a fundamentalist bible thumping gay hating conservative christian piece of crap state. they should join the bible belt, the south would have been proud of such actions.

edit: still waiting for someone to defend california’s actions.



I guess some people really *don’t *ever graduate from high school.