Election Thread V2.2: Open Up Them Cheeks to the Economy

Coming in hot is that new hype.

Behave and also,

Rand Paul is hella libertarian so it doesnt surprise me.

To a large extent we have fucked all of college up something fierce.


The irony he doesn’t see is that in order to have money to put in your 401k, you must have already been able to afford your college loan payment.

The tax benefit might seem nice, but the bill also REMOVES THE CAP on student loan interest. Have fun making your tax-free payment on that 20% apr unsecured loan, kid.


Interest based on amount due are dumb. Its literally just making up money owed for lol math reasons.

It isnt actually money that was lent, just a number you sort of made up. Kind of fucking crazy how that works.


You basically described how the whole finance industry operates :nerd_face:


Probably salty I got hustled. Seriously, had I ignored most of the advice given to me I would’ve been way better off in life.

Thems the breaks though.





It doesn’t help that what was once a legit vehicle to get kids who couldn’t afford it into college was then privatized and turned into a predatory money making scheme by, yup, you guessed it, the banking & finance class. They legitimately TRY to get people to borrow more than what they need or can really afford to pay back so these folks, who are just trying to get an education, are on the hook for most of their lives unless they get some kind of windfall or get a really good job.


Leaked this footage at Harris’s campaign headquarters the other day:



Rand Paul needs to just die with his daddy in a murder-suicide pact.

Sheeeeeeit, the best thing to come out of that family has been the It’s Happening meme.

. . . . .

Why I see more crazy white guys pushing Black Lives Matters than actual Blacks?

White guilt.


Because they know they’ll be punished harder than Whites?

Fake outrage mob culture.

If you already dislike somebody you take whatever dumb stuff they say and crank your reaction x100. I think it’s another thing accelerated by Twitter and how it pushes people to dog pile for likes and retweets.


This will bolster him as looking tough, which means he gets more traction…ugh…

Or it will be a setup like the people working for Trump at the AOC town hall and at the Pelosi impeachment announcement this morning.

I’ve heard this sentiment a few times. Saving future presidents and whatnot.

I wonder if the gop realizes trump was wrong but they think he made an honest mistake or something in the process.

It seems like maybe they are defending the presidents ability to make honest fuck ups here.

Idk. Just trying to make sense of the staunch defense. The intellectually dishonest arguments. Being wilfully obtuse.

In all honesty i think what trump did probably does happen a lot. Maybe not in the help me win elections sense but the backroom deals sense. It’s like they’re defending the ability to try for these deals or they can’t believe dems are deciding to crack down on this kind of shit now.