Electric Wind God Fist _ Updt: 03.08.12

There are questions/post in each thread about this. Its getting a little rout of control and clouding everything. So let’s discuss it here. Even though there isn’t much to discuss now.

EWGFCredits to Justus and Half-Ro for mentioning it, Credits to Dukefleed and Huber for finding damage out put properties prior to the official release.

This move is not listed in the SFXT Brady games guide. But, its absolutely in the game.

This move is difficult to do. Your going to spend a lot of time mastering it, if you haven’t already.

The input is f,n,d, df + mp/hp.

You need to hit the punch button at exactly the same time you hit df.

After a ton of testing we see the EX WGF* shares many of the same properties as the EWGF, with following three exceptions:

EWGF compared to the EX WGF:

(+) Has a Higher Damage Output (100 damage points, see credits)

(+) Costs no meter

(-) Can not be done mid Mist-Step.

You’ll know if you’ve executed the EWGF properly with the following (5) ques:

  1. The red damage spark created when the enemy is hit is the same as the EX attack.

  2. There are extended electricity sparks that come out of his fist the width of his body as compared to the normal WGF.

  3. The enemy’s air has a different arc when air born.

  4. Electricity surrounding his body has more of a purple hue.

  5. Move sounds louder and augmented.

The EWGF can lead to some very damaging combos. Given the fact that the EWGF is so difficult to do. I don’t think it will be incorporated into BNB strategies for ‘most’ beginner to semi advanced players.

Until you can do the EWGF at will. You’re much better off going for simpler combos. Kazuya’s Non-EWGF BNBs still do a TON of life, and you will hit opponents more consistently.

**Misc note: EWGF has much higher juggle potential: 6 compared to 3 on the WGF.
**Credit Bucktooth

Post your EWGF COMBOS below! Please add damage if possible.

I’d say EWGF is basically EX WGF, give or take. (such as EWGF being something you do on the spot, while you can do a longer Mist Step before you EX the WGF. The EX may have additional properties such as body invulnerability that may not apply to EWGF)

I wouldn’t say it’s basically EX WGF with additional properties of: since that’s misleading.

So, my question is, why are we sticking with the Tekken terminology? When I was browsing around, I had no idea what EWGF stood for and I couldn’t match it up with any of his specials, and then I figured out it was Mist Step -> Rising Uppercut. Why don’t we abbreviate it as MSRU or just RU instead of EWGF? I feel it would avoid confusion for those who aren’t familiar with the Tekken terminology.

3/9/12 Edit: After reading more about it, I’ve realized that the EWGF is not just Mist Step -> Rising Uppercut, so I take back my opinion. It makes much more sense now to keep the normal terminology.

^ no

So as stated in the first post this can be difficult.
In Tekken if you do an EWGF on wiff the electricity will spark on his hand, if you do not perform this correctly no electricity will appear. This makes it very easy to practice this in Tekken. In my experience so far with Kazuya in SFxT the sparks will happen on wiff regardless if its a true EWGF. So the best way to practice this is to go into training, turn inputs on and just trying to do EWGF’s. Look at your inputs each time and see where you need to correct or adapt your movements to get the correct motion and timing.
This is self explanatory for most returning veterans but if you are having trouble remember practice makes perfect.

UPDATE: Placing the dummy on block when doing a EWGF will cause you to get pushed back more on block. Example: move dummy to corner of choice, do a non EWGF then do an EWGF. You will notice the push back on block just like in Tekken. This is another way to see if you are doing it properly.

I had the same issue and I agree with this. Unless I missed it being referred to in his move list somewhere, but I don’t think it is.

^^ The EWGF/ instant rising uppercut is not named anywhere, in any command list for SFxT. But, it is in the game. Hence the refrence to the Tekken terminology.

That’s what I thought. I understand why people are referring to it as EWGF based on that since it’s not named in SFxT, but is named in Tekken.

Since SFxT doesn’t list or name it explicitly though, it seems that we should refer to it with Street Fighter terminology.

Respectfully, I disagree. [Not trying to be difficult…]

I feel if TxSF is ever made by NAMCO, and if they called Ryu’s DRAGON PUNCH a “jumping uppercut.” Three things would happen:

(1) SF players would just dismiss it.

(2) They (and the Tekken fan base) would still call it a Dragon Punch.

(3) The colloquial term would remain a “Dragon Punch.”

The EWGF is just as iconic in the Tekken scene as the DP is in the SF scene. Just b/c the Capcom missed the nuance of the Tekken lexicon, doesn’t mean the colloquial terms are now obsolete.

I agree with fatboy the terminology should remain EWGF (but I am bias because I <3 Tekken :3). Also big probs to fatboy for creating this thread and again big props to Justus, Half-Ro, Dukefleed and Hube. This makes me so hype that its in this game. I will be working on combos/frame traps with it today. If I find anything useful I will post about it.

awesome job fatboy

i agree that blue uppercut = WGF, purple upper cut = EWGF

this is to normalize everything and not cause confusion

EWGF has never been called the Electric Wind God Fist in any Tekken game localized in English, it has always been Rising Uppercut. The term came from Japan. So Capcom actually used the official translated (and lame) name of the move. That said, favorite names for moves aren’t anything new. Not everyone calls Hadouken a fireball and not everyone calls fireballs Hadoukens. There’s a million discrepancies between technique names in general especially in Tekken. Jin’s b, f+212 is called Laser Scraper officially, but I still remember it being translated as Needle Shrine on TZ. Nowadays it’s known better as the Laser Scraper but there was definitely a big divide on the use of names long ago.

EWGF settled as an institution among Tekken players and is pretty much the first “curse word” you’re supposed to learn as an outsider. It’s a huge part of the series and a signature move/tactic of the Mishimas just like a fireball and DP are for shotos.

I was a bit dumb-founded to see Kazuya’s WGF being electrified and was afraid they butchered the idea entirely. Fortunately that wasn’t the case. Still wish the WGF was actually just a windy punch and EWGF as the exclusively thunderous uppercut.

Well said, I wasn’t aware that it was such a well known move on the Tekken side of things.

Wow call me slow but I never knew EWGF was actually in this game. Thought it was just WGF but people called it EWGF.

In that case, I guess practicing the move in Tekken is gonna pay off since I actually plan on using Kazuya in this game.

its not tekken terminology, its the name of the move…

also… can I get some visual examples by someone who can capture game footage directly from the game? I’ve seen the EWGF and I’ve somehow managed to get a purple rising upper that did 100 damage…

but what i’m confused by is this fake ewgf that’s purple but does 70 damage… it’s ruining my fun.

also… is EWGF x 3 comboable midscreen?

is the “shortcuts” for Jin’s special step applicable to Kazuya’s ewgf?

For example

d, dfx2
qcf x2
will all give a special step for Jin

Personally I did a f, d/f or the full motion in Tekken for the step, but I don’t know if f, d/f works in this game.

Also Kazuya needs to yell “dorryaa” like he does in Tekken for EWGF imo.

@PKSkyler - If you’re doing any “uppercut” using the short cut you will get the regular WGF, not the EWGF.

Mid screen you can do ewgf, ewgf, c.mk, ewgf

Or for 1 meter… Ewgf, ewgf, ex slaughter house, c.fp, ewgf

Maybe you can substitute c.mk with c.fp but u gotta be really close