Electrical Tape is an SE/TE's BFF!

I ran across a thread here recently that I can no longer find where a player was having difficulty with their MadCatz stick.

They thought that they might need a new PCB.

Anyway, I have a couple of these myself where they have been just sitting in a closet awaiting the completion of the new PS360+.

So I cracked them open and checked a couple of things out.

A user here named Osiriskid had mentioned sometime ago that he had tapped into one of the “ground” points on his PCB (there are a few between the JLF ground and the turbo board, and the main ) and then affixed this new ground wire to both the top and bottom plates.

He said this gave him good results.

So that’s one idea.

Another is electrical tape. I think that the top plate of the SE, and the TE is probably grounded through the JLF? I mean I honestly don’t know for sure but it would seem to me that any current that might pass through the metal screws from the top plate to the PCB would be caught by the JLF ground?

I am NO expert just a casual observer. The bottom plate of the SE and the TE though seem like an excellent potential conductor. So before adding an additional wire to a PCB ground point and then my bottom plate I decided to just try and diminish the conductive potential of the bottom plate by coating it with strips of electrical tape.

I have since been UNABLE to replicate ANY of the issues that I had with my SE earlier. I would previously get the “please reconnect your controller” message, and or the LT button would just stop working. If it does start to freak out again I am going to create a bottom plate ground point.

In the meantime though I thought I would throw this bit of info out there for some others to try and see if that helps at all. Anyway…

I would also like to note that I just used the tape on the inside of the bottom plate covering everything completely and pushing the metal screws through to refasten it . So from the outside it looks like it always did.

No the JLF is not grounded though the metal top panel. The only ground the JLF has is though the PCB and the 5 pin harness. The main PLASTIC body of the JLF is in between the PCB with the Microswitches and the mount plate/ Top Panel. Any ways the PCB’s solder mask (the green stuff on the PCB) also insulate the PCB’s traces/ tracks from outside shorts.
The only exception to being grounded via the 5 pin wire harness is the JLF-TP-8Y, that JLF lacks a PCB, insted have 4 seprate Omron switches, each switch is grounded with its own COM (common) tab

I also do not see the electrical advantage of connecting additional grounds to each board and to the top and bottom panels**

Well, I would say that coating the area under the PCB does seem like a good idea, electrostatic discharge is very cruel and unforgiving.

Why, the PCB is already coated. And in the TE and SE the main and guide PCB’s are mounted onto plastic.
Anyways electrostatic discharge will not ruin the JLF, it ruin the main pcb, and coating under the metal panels or the PCB will not help.
What helps is not rubbing your feet onto carpet on a cold winter’s night where the air is already dry.

I know it seems odd. I can not argue however with the results.

It’s crazy but all the issues that were once present are now gone. I can only attribute it to the insulation of the electric tape.

Whatever the reason or rational it actually works.