Hi guys! i have done a new draw of Blanka that i wanted to share with you. Its the colored version of a lineart i did some time ago. I like the result altough i rushed the pic a lot. Just did for fun, so i changed some minor things …

Hope u all like it and u know… have nice fights!!!

PaTXiNaKi on deviantART

I like the stringy electricity, I could never draw effects well. :tup:

Thanks for sharing that Blanka lol. I think the electricity charge should represent a little more, but thats just icing on the cake. well done

Fir : I normaly try some effects before i choose one, just try and delete thats how i do ^^

X_Sword : Thanks for the crit, yup you are right, its hard to explain but, at the begining the pic i liked was a “relaxed” Blanka , but when i got the color i tought i should add that effect. Its a bit rushed the pic also, i spend less than an hour with the color… :S

Im looking forward to make some kind of “poster” with some chars from the game, will add this blanka for sure, but with more work on the colors and lines

Thnks both for comment ^^