Electrogenesis! Short Film Kickstarter to Revive Static!


I just found out about this project, and it doesn’t have much time left. But these people are trying to work on a short film of Static when he’s all grown up it seems.

Doesn’t seem lke it has much hope to get funded. But I’ll more than likely donate since Static is one of my all time fave superheroes.


If only there were some sort of link…to this kickstarter…


Static Shock sucks.


But Static was great…you know…the '90s Milestone comic that started it all, before being whitewashed into a goofy cartoon that added “Shock” to the title for some unknown reason. But yeah, the Static cartoon DID suck.


I’m only familiar with the cartoon and it was awful. I never understood why it had such a cult following.


fuck you razor, ill put a shock to your system

criminals get twisted, this superheros gifted bells rings im back in school nobody know what I do


Lmao my bad. I edited the post the link is in now


It’s like DBZ: People who started with the original jp audio and subs that were closer to the actual translation can’t stand what happened with the dub (lame synthesizer music, loss of epic vocal songs, awesome moments made “meh” because of the 2 previous faults, strange name changes, etc), whereas people who only knew the dub think it’s great. Think of Static (the Milestone comic, not that attempted continuation DC webcomic from 6 or so years ago) as jp DBZ and Static Shock as the US dubbed version. There you go.


The comic was pretty cool. The whole Milestone comics line was legit, but they got bought out by DC.


Clicked the link.

They fucked up.

It isn’t animated.

I want a Static show/movie more in line with the comics, but I don’t want it live action.


This will only work if he’s retconned as a transgender platypus.