Electroluminescent Backlit Stick


Thanks to a friend who is talented in woodworking, sculpture, and god knows how many other crafts, I am finally creating a custom stick.

I thought instead of the traditional printed artwork, I would cut an electroluminescent plate to size and overlay a couple of printed transparencies on top of it underneath lexan to create a unique glowing design. It would naturally look best in low-light conditions, however it should still look cool even in daylight.

I’m using 3DS Max to design the stick and create the templates, and have so far come up with this design:


That image should be fairly accurate to the overall actual design and look, although I may change it to a pure rectangular case. (The ball top was bubbled, however those took way too long to render. :sweat: Not sure what happened to the buttons, too lazy to re-render tonight.)

Gif to illustrate EL sheets:

Any comments? Suggestions?
I’ll post any updates to the design/progress as I go along.


Great Stick

Looks real good, nice 3DS skills, wish I had them, :looney:, I can make maybe up to N64 graphics lol, if not less.

But looks good, looks almost like a real stick, except the buttons. I like the design.

So this is just reflective materials, or will you have lighting under it? And if your going to have lightning under it, how will you do it, I am having the same dillema, figuring out how to independently power my stick.


Since I’m working on bubble ball tops myself, you caught my interest…what ball top is that?

Second, that sheet…any idea what it would cost me to get a sheet of that roughly 48" x 15.5"?

Just curious more than anything.


The material used will generate it’s own light and should be fairly bright if the EL material I currently have is any indication. It will be powered by an EL driver that takes 2 of 4 batteries depending on the size

The ball top is just a 3D rendering with a physical glass material, though I will be using a Seimitsu blue bubble top or a custom-made bubble-top if it is feasible.

As for the the cost of the sheet, a A4(8.27" x 11.7") sheet costs about $40 without a power source, so I imagine a sheet of that size would be significantly expensive, near $200. I’ll get a better idea for you when I place the order for my own EL material.


can you cut the EL sheets to fit your design or does it need to be whole to work?


Sexy idea.


Oh damn you, you took my idea for my secret stick.

Now I have to initiate back up plan.


Wow, I’m dense. Didn’t even realize that was only a rendering. Computers are getting good. :slight_smile:

Did you say custom bubble top? Don’t know who could help you with that. Sorry. :wink:

Also, $200 might be feasible depending on one thing, which is how thick it is. If it’s thick/sturdy enough to use sanwa snap-ins and just put plexi over the top of it, then I might just go that route when I do the second revision of my control panel. I made several silly errors in it, and was planning to re-do it anyway. If I could avoid doing it on plywood, then making metal plates, setting those in, etc etc etc, the higher price might be worth it.


hey wait… Aw damn…

EL sheets are cool. Goodluck powering the sucker though.

(sorry mizuki, I accidentally edited your post instead of replying hehe, it’s fixed now)


What a fucking beautiful render. I have a question though. Does the glowing sheet come in any other colors and would you think doing something like using a red sheet to illuminate blood would work?

Can’t wait to see this done or even being worked on.


EL sheets are available in quite a few different colors, though the teal/cyan colors are usually the brightest (and some of my favorite color shades, lucky me.) Red is certainly among them, however it’s usually actually a pink-ish shade rather than a red. You would be best off using either a neutral or orange color EL wire. Wire would allow you to focus on specific parts of the panel rather than the whole area.

As for being cut, the sheet can be made into just about whatever form you need it to be as long as it’s making proper contact with the power supply (and you are using sheet that is designed to be cut.) After considering the options, I have personally decided to make the stick pure rectangular so that the panel is easier to make. That and I think it will look better without the curvature.


that is straight up hot. makes me think of a few things I can EL around here. BTW, here’s a website for those wanting to find a place to buy the goods. http://www.beingseen.com/flatlite.html



omg! that stick is awesome.
how exactly did you make the ball top shiny like that? i hope i can make something like this.


It looks like it’s going to be incredible. I demand pictures upon completion.


hell yeah that pics looks real…if i hadnt read the posts i ld thought so myself

great idea to do such a stick…