Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) Results & Updates

The groups/pools just finished today and we’re down to the top 8. I’ll list the won-lost records from each group, with the qualifying players in bold.

Group 1:

1st. Laugh (Korea) [2-1]
2nd. Ryan Hart (United Kingdom) [2-1]

3rd. Yagami (Sweden) [1-2]
4th. Yamazaki (France) [1-2]

Notes: Laugh lost to Yamazaki, but beat Ryan head-to-head to earn the tiebreaker for 1st place. Laugh and Ryan are both sticking with their vanilla characters (Ryu & Sagat respectively).

Group 2:

1st. infiltration (Korea) [3-0]
2nd. Zak Bennett (United Kingdom) [2-1]

3rd. CNB.brun0 (Brazil) [1-2]
4th. HANDY (Indonesia) [0-3]

Notes: Definitely the easiest group. infiltration never lost a game with his Akuma, and Zak had no problem taking out the other two with Balrog.

Group 3:

1st. Marn (USA) [4-0]
2nd. Luffy (France) [3-1]

3rd. FOX (???) [2-2]
4th. GeoM PKK (Colombia) [1-3]
5th. chunkis (Ireland) [0-4]

Notes: Marn had at least somewhat close matches with Luffy and PKK. Also, since the tournament was suddenly changed to character-lock rules in the middle, Marn is stuck with Rufus; Luffy is of course using Rose.

Group 4:

1st. Justin Wong (USA) [3-0]
2nd. LordDvd (France) [2-1]

3rd. blackieEX (Poland) [1-2]
4th. Chasin (Netherlands) [0-3]

Notes: Not much to say here, Justin’s running Rufus obviously while LordDvd is apparently a good Honda.

Just like in the actual World Cup, the #1 seeds all play #2 seeds in the first round of semis. I’m not sure who plays who yet, though. Rooting for Luffy to draw one of the Koreans…

I wanna see…

Marn vs Lorddvd

Justin vs Luffy

infiltration vs Ryan Hart

Zak vs Laugh

chunkis cant ever catch a break

OK, so the top 8 is now down to top 4! I was a bit off in my last post - turns out they did 2 more round-robin groups of 4. So really, it didn’t matter whether you got 1st or 2nd in the first round, lol. Anyway, same format for the results, with top 4 qualifiers in bold:

Group 1:

1st. infiltration (3-0)
2nd. Luffy (2-1)

3rd. Laugh (1-2)
4th. LordDvd (0-3)

Notes: infiltration still hasn’t lost a single game this entire tournament, not even to Luffy. Better stop sleeping on Akuma, America…

Group 2:

1st. Justin Wong (3-0)
2nd. Marn (2-1)

3rd. Zak Bennett (1-2)
4th. Ryan Hart (0-3)

Notes: Much closer matches than in the other group. Justin-Marn was 2-1, as were both Justin & Marn’s sets vs. Zak.

Now we’ll have a normal single-elim bracket for the top 4, with Justin vs. Luffy and Marn vs. infiltration. I think the Akuma can take Marn…not so sure about Luffy vs. Justin.

EDIT: [media=youtube]IFw5aQ2lDpA[/media]

Now we’re down to grand finals…

Marn d. infiltration 3-1
Justin d. Luffy 3-1

Yep, all-USA, all-EG, whatever you want to call it, you can’t say it was too big of a surprise. I honestly thought the Akuma would do more at least, but what’s done is done.

Looks like justin won this

Electronic Sports World Cup / Super SFIV Final Results | Shadowloo

EG Jwong and EG Marn take 1st and 2nd! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the updates, surprised there was no stream (?)

good shit USA!

Yeah, lack of stream kind of sucked, but I’m sure we will see footage of the matches.
At least… I hope we will. =P


Some videos are being uploaded on Hitcombodotcom’s YT Channel. Here is one between Marn v Luffy. (Thanks to iPlaywinner for the heads up)

Good shit Justin and Marn… you guys repped the US hard and holy shit you guys got paid lol.

they didn’t get paid yet… and by how shady ESWC has been this year, i won’t be surprised if they won’t

  1. what self-proclaimed Electronic Sports World Cup doesn’t advertize and stream their event?
  2. they owe some prize money for a 2008 event

I hope Justin gets paid… looks questionable if it’s going to happen though… HLTV.org - News