Elements house of request (READ FIRST POST)


Yo I’m not new to SRK but I am new to the image forums. Thought I would offer up my talents and give some relief to the other avatar makers here with the surge of new members from Streetfighter 4. When making you request please follow these guide lines.:rock:

TL;DR version

1: Please provide a link to the image. If a link is not provided your request will be looked over and determined if I want to find an image or not. :coffee:

2: Please be precise in the description of what you want. I’m not psychic so I don’t know what you want

3: If you want an animated gif in your avatar. Please be aware that because of the size limit on SRK not all gifs will remain the original length or size.

4: Be respectful to me and others here please.

5: I do custom art also with a wacom. So if your looking for custom art for your stick you can request it here also. The wait time on stick art is whenever I have free time to draw it up.

Here are some examples of my art.





Well thanks for reading and I hope to design some awesome av’s for you all.

If you could create an av with this zangief gif http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y214/527/zan-pocketsuperz.gif and “Footwerk1998” on it. thnaks in advance.

Sorry for being late Midterms are a pain.


I made him eating scruby kens since the file size was to big on your last gif.

can i get a stick art feautring this picture


with a red/yellow background and it say Zangief in like industrial lettering.

I dont need a tempelate i just need it to be the average rectangle stick art size, 300dpi.

EDIT: need it a little bit bigger than 8.5x11.75 inches (print size)

Thankyou very much!