Elena 3D model

I actually like better the 3D version. The face looks more genuine and memorable than the more generic round anime face. Of the 3D model could use a few touches, but I love it. I wish she was in SFxT, her teaming up with Christie would so cool, like Bob and Rufus.

It looks weird in certain angles, but other than that it’s pretty neat. I still prefer Ikeno’s illustration though.

Nice job on the 3D, but awesome 2D always beats awesome 3D in my book.

That’s amazing! How long did it take you to create that?

I disagree with your artistic choices though. I prefer the rounder face, the chiselled jaw makes her look to manly. And her expression isn’t cute like Ikenos illustration.

But otherwise, nice work!

I’d still hit it.

Elena has always been hot to me.

It wasn’t me, that guy, James, actually has many 3D models.
I think her profile on the model makes her look regal. In the 2D model she looks like some cute teenager. I’m talking about the direction of the character design, because in terms of finish and detail the 2D drawing is lot richer & more complete.

I’d love to see Elena in SFxT, and I think she would fit really well, but it would take some work to make her work in 3D; I have a bad feeling she would come off as too skinny…