Elena combos plz

Can someone gimme some good Elena combos? Thanks!

Go to the bottom of the forum and select the option to show threads since the beginning. There are 3 threads that I know of off the top of my head that ask this same question.

And FYI (reading your sig) you only neecd to push 2 kick buttons for EX moves (the Ryu combo you have listed).

To start you off as far as combos, cr.MP x EX spin Scythe x EX Rhyno Horn , juggle with a RH Scratch Wheel.

Midscreen, c.mp xx EX spin scythe, juggle with EX rhino horn (crosses over), juggle with c.mp xx mk scratch wheel (64 damage)

Corner, c.mp xx EX spin scythe, juggle with mk spin scythe, juggle with c.mp xx mk scratch wheel (69 damage, best combo in the corner by far on most characters)

If you have meter to burn and want to be fancy, you can cancel the mk scratch wheel that ends that last one into brave dance (whiffs), and juggle with c.mp xx mk scratch wheel again for 90 some odd total damage (I forget). Kind of a waste of meter, but worth it if it kills them.

Also corner, c.mp (hit confirm), brave dance, juggle with mk scratch wheel (68 I think?)…or against hugo, can connect with a variety of normals, like f+mk, and can juggle further if you stun them

Can link into brave dance off of c.mp, UOH, :hcb:+p move (strong/fierce/ex), meaty f+mk, and…probably other stuff (not a huge elena player). The c.mp xx mk scratch wheel juggles work on everyone but Ibuki, Oro, Yun, and Yang.

I’m kinda curious…c.fp looks like it moves her forward a semi-decent amount. It’s not nearly as good f+mk for karas, but I’m wondering if you can do kara scratch wheels with c.fp (:dp:, hold down-forward, hit fp~mk), and if this has any practical uses. Any kara scratch wheel juggles someone might actually hit in a match anyone knows about?

OK thanks! (Yeah I just noticed must’ve been a typo on my side) but thanks guys!

The Rhino Horn doesn’t have to be EX vs Q in corner.

In corner on Q
J.Stg xx J.Frc, Cr.Stg xx EX Spin Scythe, Sht.Rhino Horn, Sht.Scratch Wheel, EX Scratch Wheel xx Spinning Beat.


And finally Jedah, your title is miss spelled. Its Yataze, not Yateza

That’s pretty interesting. I’ve been messing around with this some more, and actually, the rhino horn just doesn’t have to be EX in the corner, period. On Ryu, cr.mp xx ex spin scythe, short rhino horn -> whatever works fine. The timing on getting the rhino horn to hit twice is really strict though, and if you only hit once with it you can’t do the juggles afterwards.

It’s the weirdest thing. The short rhino horn does more damage than the mk spin scythe (24 as compared to 17), but the double spin scythe combo still does more damage than the same combo using the rhino horn (69 as opposed to 63). Since the double spin scythe combo is also a bit easier, I guess I’ll stick to using that.

I tried to do cr.mp xx ex spin scythe, short rhino horn, short scratch wheel, ex scratch wheel, but couldn’t get it to connect on Ryu. I tried using brave dance instead, just so the screen would freeze, and it definitely looks like they’re still in a juggle state and on their way down after the short scratch wheel (meaning you land in time to theoretically do something else). I still couldn’t connect with anything, though - I think it’s a combination of really strict timing on the juggle and just plain being too far away for most of her options to connect…

Maybe someone else will have more luck with this. :slight_smile:

When doing the c.mp xx EX spin cythe cancel into short rhino horn…is there any trick on when to do the rhino horn because 4/5 of the time it doesn’t connect for me unless its an EX rhino horn

like he said, the time is rather strict. Just do the motion before the EX SPin Scythe ends and press SHT right outside of the Scythe. Its hard.

^ What he said. It’s not a cancel, for the record, just do the rhino horn ASAP after the ex spin scythe completes (yeah yeah, easier said than done ^_^).

So, I’ve been messing around with the :hcb:+p move (is it called mallet smash?)…

Here’s a spiffy 1-ex juggle if you stun them:

cr.mp xx ex spin scythe (stun), cr.mp xx hp mallet smash, cr.mp xx hp mallet smash, cr.mp xx mk scratch wheel (89 damage, woohoo!).

Also, if you take any of those juggles that end in cr.mp xx mk scratch wheel, and instead do cr.mp xx mp mallet smash, it resets them right into the mallet smash and gives you a chance to link into brave dance if they crouch block/parry low/try to quickstand(!). Well, also if they’re standing and get hit by it for some reason, but that probably won’t happen…

Combo on Q, doesn’t have to be stunned. In corner.

J.Stg, Chain to:
J.Frc, Link to:
C.Stg, 2-in-1 to:
EX.Spin Scythe, Link to:
Jab.Rhino Horn, Link to:
Sht.Scratch Wheel, Link to:
EX.Scratch Wheel, Cancel to:
Spinning Beat

Alot of Damage…

Can you supply a list of characters this combo works on?

cr.mp xx EX spin scythe, juggle with mk spin scythe, juggle with cr.mp xx mk scratch wheel [optional xx brave dance (whiffs), juggle with 2nd cr.mp xx mk scratch wheel] works on everyone but Yun, Yang, Oro, and Ibuki. Up to the second cr.mp works on everyone, but the crouching mp xx mk scratch wheel will whiff on those four. Also, some characters have harder timing than others; shotos are usually the easiest. Characters like Alex and Chun Li, you have to hit really deep with the cr.mp to get the mk scratch wheel to connect.

The second juggle (cr.mp xx brave dance, mk scratch wheel) works on everyone as far as I know, but is easiest on the wider characters.

Mines better. Q does’nt have to be stunned :lol:

It’s actually “yatta ze”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya know after reading some of the combos it turns out Elena’s got LOADS of combos!
If ya don’t mind I’d like to make a thread with all the combos stated for her here.

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anything to help the Elena movement would be greatly appreciated

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