ELENA combos

Does anyone has some combos with her?


B&B = "Bread and Butter"
j. = while you’re jumping
cr. = while you’re crouching
HP = heavy punch
MP = medium punch
LP = light punch
HK = heavy kick
MK = medium kick
LK = light kick
EX = ex version of move
/ = or
, = then or next

  • = do together or at same time
    SS = spin scythe
    LT = lynx tail
    SW = scratch wheel
    RH = rhino horn
    MS = mallet smash
    T = toward
    A = away
    D = down (crouch)
    U = up (jump up)
    UT = up toward (jump toward)
    UA = up away (jump away)
    DT = down toward (crouch toward)
    DA = down away (crouch away)

B&B Combo:

j. HP/HK, cr. MP, EXSS, MKSS, EXRH, SW (excluding jump in, it’s 12 hits and does 75 damage against Ryu)
j. HP/HK, cr. MP, EXSS, EXRH, SW

Stun Damage Combo:

(when opponent is in air only) EXMS, EXMS, EXMS, SW (does 50% stun damage)

Short Combos:

j. HP/HK, LK, SW
j. HP/HK, cr. MP, SW
j. HP/HK, cr. MP, LT (you’ll have to test to see which LTs, LK or MK or HK or EX, will combo/hit)
j. HP/HK, cr. MP, EXSS (launcher)
(when opponent is in air only) RH, SW


j. LP, j. MK (resets? one or both of these resets)
j. MP, j. HP (resets? one or both of these resets)
MK, cr. HP (launcher: juggle or heal with SA III)
MK, cr. HP, SA III (using the launcher chain to heal)
HP, only upon contant, then HK (good stun damage)

Kara Throw:


my favorite:

cr. mp, ex ss, ex rh, hk sw

you can do it w/ a j.hk (must hit deep) but i find a lot more opportunities to start off the cr. mp

does 10 hits, great damage, i think a bit more than cr. mp, sa2. even if it doesn’t though, the psychological effect of juggling your opponent for ~5 seconds straight is worth it.

c lk/mk, elenayuken, any super.
Ex Elena upperfoot will work for supers that give you meter for it in this combo.

A REALLY nice buff for her would be a cancel-able c mk.

Any advice for hit-confirming with c.mp? My reaction time is ass. :frowning:

Yay someone breaks the silence. This section has been quiet for how long now…well it is Elena.

What is the timing with forward spin sycthe (styche?) after an ex spin.s? Sometimes I connect it, but not consistently. So annoying lol

I trhink you have to do it the instant she recovers from the first one. I’m sometimes able to get it at the apex of their fall.

*I’m not too great with the timing myself but I usually buffer the spin scythe during the 4th rotation of EX spin and then hit kick as soon as the move ends.

As far as hitconfirming goes where it’s giving you problems could be in a few different areas. How exactly are you trying to hitconfirm? Are you buffering when throw out a strong? Are you not confirming a hit? Are you not discerning enough of a difference between hit/block animations?*

I keep buffering spin scythe when I throw it out. Bad habits, man. :frowning:

I only have like a split second to check if it hits, right? My reaction time is ass.

*Yeah I used to feel the same way as you did when I was trying to hitconfirm. “How am I supposed to confirm a HIT within a few frames?” but to be honest it’s not too difficult to do with time. I don’t really know what your mindset is when you’re throwing out a low strong but I used to just “throw it out there” and pray it works. I started to change that by only throwing out a cr. strong when I think it would hit and then buffer in super. The next step I had to take was just becoming familiar with the time I had to cancel into super.

You can go into training mode and practice cr strong xx super until you’re blue in the face but you already know the strong is going to hit. So you should put the dummy on random block and just look at the animation differences between hit and block while throwing out low strong. Some tell tell areas for me was the facial expression, shoulder position and leg animations differences between hit and block. When you notice the dummy going into a reel animation you can say outloud to yourself “hit” or* vice versa if the dummy blocks. This is just to get your brain used to responding to “hit” and “block” which leads to you becoming comfortable with the difference and increasing your reaction time.

If this doesn’t work (like it didn’t for me at first) you can do the same thing with the dummy but instead close your eyes and listen for difference in sound between a hit and a block. After this I started to buffer in the super motion while listening/looking for the difference between the dummy blocking and the dummy being hit and then just confirming weather I hit the kick button or not. This is how I learned to hitconfirm EL’s low strong into super. Just keep practicing and it’ll eventually start to click for you because it will come in handy when facing the twins/chun/ibuki who can’t be juggled with Elena’s EX combos.

actually they can all he juggled in some form or fashion. The only thing is that twins can be troublesome mid-screen and the hardest part about juggling chun is getting her off the ground.

Also I hope ppl are aware of the damaging, triple spin-scythe corner combos that work on certain characters. And do be sure to check out jp top players for strats.

*You’re referring to EX spin connecting on twins/chun/Ibuki which is correct but I was referring to the EX rhino followup which will whiff midscreen against those characters (including Elena). Which is why it’s best to just go into SA2 after you connect cr Strong on them if you have the meter.

What triple spin scythe combo are you talking about? We were just talking about the regular corner combo which includes 2 spin scythes and works on all the cast but I never heard or seen anything involving 3 spins in the corner. *

sorry bout the vagueness but I’m not fond of typing out notations and what-have-you.

in the corner: stuff x ex spin scythe, lk spin scythe, mk spin scythe, dp

this works on, in order of difficulty

chun, remy, alex - do lk and mk spin scythes at the first possible moment.
necro, oro, q - the lk spin scythe needs to be delayed so that the first two hits will connect. On q you need to delay both
twins - the lk spin scythe must connect at the last possible moment and the mk spin scythe must also be delayed slightly. a lk dp will not consistently connect so I stick to mk. This combo (I haven’t tested this yet as I only just recently learned that it works) SHOULD be able to drain [almost] an entire genei jin/seiei enbu meter. Good thing to do after red-parrying 123 or something.

NOTE: Also be aware that against Q and Hugo, after an ex spin scythe, a lk rhino horn will connect fully/perfectly to allow you to finish the juggle with a rh dp. But beware that if doing this combo in the corner against hugo, elena will cross under him briefly (unseeably, but still) and to do a dp you need to do a HCF+K. This is all a lot to take in but just trust me.

wow never seen that combo. The 2nd hit of lk.spin scythe mostly whiffs after an ex.ss whenever I try it, so I’ve always used mk. ss. I’ll try this combo out sometime.

Another combo I’ve been tryna get down: in the corner (j.hp,j.hk - optional), c.mp x ex.spin scythe, mk. spin scythe, ex. rhino horn, ex. scratch wheel or regular SW = around 70 dmg.

Also to follow up @HegemonKhan’s post, only lk. lynx tail and ex. lynx tail will combo off a cr. or st. mp.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

When I get some time, I’ll try and get this done.

*This isn’t too much to take in as I’ll probably just start practicing it against the first two categories of people it works on and save the twin and hugo stuff for another time. Oh yeah how tight is the timing to red parry the shoulder in 123? I was practicing it the other day and I could only red parry a delayed shoulder.

well when I say parry 123, I mean just the target combo. In this day and age if there’s a Yun willing to do 123 x shoulder on block he doesn’t deserve his genei jin damage because that is a fairly common red-parry situation.

As for the timing? I would make sure to go to neutral. It’s kinda tight but if you can red parry Necro jab tornado punch thing you should be able to make it out ok. Just keep at it and it gets easier.

*Whoops I didn’t mean the shoulder but rather was referring to the elbow after the short in 123. If the elbow isn’t delayed it seems really tight to red parry but if the elbow is delayed even a little bit it seems much easier to do for me. I’ve been practicing red parrying things like Ken’s target combo, cr fwd x srk and cr short x2 etc and getting small to moderate success so far. *

The triple spin scythe combo wasn’t as difficult as it looked lol it feels pretty sick to pull off.
also please note that you have to slightly delay the mk.spin scythe -after lk.spin scythe- so that you don’t accidentally get the 2-hit SS extension (although that combos as well).

On Chun: c.mp x ex.SS, lk.SS, lk.SS, lk.SS, lk.SW