Elena Footsies/simple punish?



Hello all, new elena player here and I could really use some help with elena’s footsies game. I’m really not sure what to poke/counterpokes i should be throwing out.

I’m also suffering with what will block punish with her? when I block constant pressure, usually multiple dp or dive kicks with simple string follow up sometimes (Im in low level play obviously) I cant seem to punish people for being so risky. The only button that seem to hit with some consistency for me is s.lk which I can’t seem to link to anything so its a really week punish.

Not asking for this much work from a high level player but this thread in the Blanka forums one of the most helpful I’ve seen. Not asking for that much effort but 1 or 2 moves with some insight as to why they are good for poke/counterpoke/whif/block punish would be great.

Blanka ex: Blanka Discussion #8: Footsies



Well, punishes depends on the moves you block. But you can punish a lot of stuff with cr.jab (3f startup) and confirm that into cr.strong xx special.

I personally also use a lot of s.short (really good range and I like the pushback on block it has) and s.roundhouse (partially airborne, can stuff stuff) and you can buffer the short into whatever you need. I also like cr.short as they have to block it low. If you’re new though, I would just stick with cr.jabs. That’s what I did when I started with her.

Otherwise, just experiment because she has a lot of moves and see what you like.


Thanks Tod! I’m trying a lot more cr.jabs but I’m still having trouble with special abuse I see at low levels. ie: gief green first at me over and over until he either hits or close enough to spd. Or Chunli’s little flip to split kick then jab repeat. I can seem to get a poke in or punish people when I block it all.

Also, when do you stream? I’d like to watch some matches.


Zangief green hand is at best - 6 on block. If he’s spamming green hand stay outside the range of it then punish the recovery.

Chun hazanshu is either -1 or even on block. You can focus it or dp it if the chun is getting predictable with it. You should get a frame data app so you can use it as a reference. There’s a free one floating around I suggest that one.

Also just a quick reference

3 frames

4 frames
ex and hk dp

5 frames
Mk dp

Keep in mind distance of the move you’re trying to punish just because cr.lp is her fastest move doesn’t mean it’s always the go to for punishes.


A quick punish you should learn while playing footsies would be

crLP - stLK - DP or Breakdance
stLK - Dp or Breakdance
crLP - crLP - stLK -DP or Breakdance

note: 2 crLP max if you are going to do 3 you mines well just dp afterwards)

I notice on big characters you have a better chance of starting your combos with stHP into whatever. Some smaller characters with wonky hitboxes can also hit with stHP but I can’t remember who.

When I was starting Elena my issues was what combo I should utilize after crumple since stHP whiffs on most. So I would just do crMP into a EX overhead and try to follow up with her extended combo.

I’m still learning Elena but I hope that helped…I feel Elena gets her rocks off with many many many pokes and being able to confuse your opponent with her high/low game…once you get a real read on your opponent …DO NOT DROP THOSE LINKS…if you do it’s back to square one…and that really sucks because it’s so freaking easy to stuff her #@$#@


Can I still play her kinda like how I play her in 3rd strike???