Elena General Discussion

The usual, you know what to do.

Whats her bnbs known so far?

tagging for the future

some stuff, not 100% it will work on console release

c.lk c.lk s.lk xx HK Scratch
EX Mallet, c.lp c.lp c.lp xx HK Scratch
EX Lynx, U1
(corner) s.MK>c.HP, U1
(corner) EX Spin, U1
(corner) EX Rhino, U1

Midscreen standing punish was like c.MP xx EX Rhino Horn, EX Scratch/U1 (if corner)
I also feel like you can link a c.lp off her f+MP overhead

Looking forward to trying her out.

Downloading the update on my PS3 as I type. Got my tablet all charged and enough Dr. Pepper to last me throughout the night and morning until lunchtime. I’m just geared to find damn near every practical combo I can think of. Hope she’s got plenty of resets to work with, I love offense.

Mixing up with her is gonna be fun as hell.

Can’t wait to play Elena!

leaving yang to give elena a spin. She looks like a lot of fun.

The wait is finally over, Elena!

Some things I’ve noticed with my ~30 or so minutes with her in training mode:

Is this the first game where she could cancel her standing fierce? I don’t remember if you could in cross tekken or in third strike but it seems to open up some interesting damage options like stand fierce xx roundhouse lynx tail xx red focus ultra.

Her jumping strong knocks people out of the air, which seems to make her jumping strong -> jumping fierce target combo completely useless as the second hit doesn’t seem to register vs. airborne opponents.

You can FADC her ex lynx tail and combo after words, that seems to be the only real juggle option outside of the corner I could find at the moment.

The only real downside I feel with this version is that her jumping roundhouse only seems to hit once and not twice, like the knee part seems to whiff on some characters which makes her nj roundhouse timing feel weird compared to most of the cast. like you have to hit it a lot earlier, has decent hit stun though.

Other than that she still feels like the elena we all know and love.

Special/Super Cancel-able Normals:

st.HP(Slow but can connect from neutral spacing)
st.MP(<First hit only, sadface.jpeg. Makes for an awesome Anti-Air.)
st.LP(Great Anti-Air, was able to stuff a few cross-ups here and there. Needs more exploration)
st.MK(Short range, might have potential. It’s awkward however.)
st.LK(Great range, maybe good for annoying pokes, but honestly with it’s thin frames it seems like a crapshoot imo)
cr.MP(Longest cancel-able normal. Can combo from cr.LP and HP Mallet)
cr.LP(Nice range, can be linked into itself about 3 or 4 times. Linking it will require some effort)
cr.MK(Shorter range than cr.MP, however your opp has to block it low. Might have mix up potential?)
cr.LK(Why even bother with this one other than to catch your opp with a low normal?)

I’m super disappointed they didn’t keep St.HK’s special cancel-able properties, but I guess I can see their reasoning. It’s her best Footsie/Counter-Hit tool.

I’m too damn tired to post my combo findings.

Coming from SFxT she’s ass. Why the fuck is her HK lynx so bad? People fall out in between the fucking hits in fact why are all of moves ass? You can fall out of 90% of them. Why even have HP >HK if it’s -1 on hit? It doesn’t even hit crouchers outside of maybe big characters and you get nothing from it since you can’t special cancel. I mean just fix that shit and I could ignore the fact that she has nothing to combat jumps outside of ex and normals (pretty meh normals). Jesus christ it’s annoying getting ultra’d when you land a hit.

Played around for a little bit. I’m just gonna assume that cr. LP is a 3-frame normal while her cr. LK and st. LK are 4.

St. HK is just positive enough to link into cr. LP. It works from some pretty ridiculous distances. It’s a nice tool to catch button presses, especially in the corner.

You can definitely connect a cr. LP after her f+MP overhead.

As I was hoping (no idea if this is even news, as I haven’t watched many Elena videos), EX Spin Scythe, EX Rhino Horn, EX Scratch Wheel works in the corner. I guess it’s not really worth the meter, though.

After about 10 minutes I was never missing cr. LP -> cr. MP, and I see little reason other than possibly range to use st. LK in place of cr. MP in combos.

Looping cr. LP, cr. MP, EX Mallet Smash a couple of times is cool. I like to end the combo with cr. LP, cr. MP xx HK Scratch Wheel usually, but on some characters you can do cr. LP, cr. MP xx LK Rhino Horn, HK/EX Scratch Wheel (and even U1 if the knockup is high enough).

To add on to that previous combo, a few characters (it seems to be the bigger characters. I’ve only tested it on Abel and T. Hawk) can be hit by U1 after Rhino Horn in a grounded combo (usually LK). J. HP, st. HP, MK Rhino Horn into U1 (full) does 577 damage on Abel. Being able to combo cr. LP into LK Rhino Horn it pretty cool for this setup because of f+MP and st. HK.

Getting only the first hit of her nj HK is pretty awesome because it creates a juggle state. You can do a lot of things out of this, but LK Rhino Horn, U1 seems to be the best option to me.

If you somehow manage to anti-air with her LK DP, you can follow up with U1 if they were right on top of you. The kick sort of arches backwards, so sometimes it’ll hit them even if they’ve crossed over you a little bit, creating less distance in between you and your opponent.

MP -> cr. HP TC into U1 worked anywhere on screen for the characters I played against. Most air-to-air Rhino Horns gave way for U1 as well (also outside the corner), particularly the LK version.

Also likely not new, but Scratch Wheel FADC gives enough time for a cr. LP/cr. LK/st. LK to connect.

I felt like cr. HP worked pretty well as an AA, but it’s tough to say. It only traded a few times when I used it at decent ranges.

^ Yeah, her most damaging combos come from picking your targets outta the sky with a Rhino Horn and eventually into U1 or Super. I managed to snag 536 dmg off of MK or HK Rhino on a jumping target and into U1. It’s pretty easy to react to imo.

can you post the combo?

HK Lynx -> FADC -> Brave Dance whiffs on the following when crouching: Ibuki, Makoto, Rolento, Chun-li, Cammy, Decapre, Vega.

HK lynx when FADC’d on the second hit is like… at least +15.

Seems to work on everyone in the corner though.

Scratch Wheel FADC forward is not punishable. It’s 0 on block.

EX Scratch Wheel FADC forward is around +1 or +2. Not sure on that one.

You can land a level 2 focus from the 2nd and 3rd hit of HK lynx tail.

what normal do you guys find is the best to punish with?

I wish, I got nothing to record my screen with. It’s easy to replicate in Training mode after setting your dummy to jump. I got that damage off of Ryu. seems like her Mallet Mash should be used for combo purposes seeing as it can’t catch jump-ins like in Third Strike, that shit could lead to a really nice combo.

I can clearly see why Japanese players complained about her not being very Elena-ish. She’s got damn near no reset potential besides crumpling your target, resetting with a cr.LK then dashing under to the other side. Nothing you can do against someone in the corner if you landed an EX Spin Scythe. Back in Third Strike 60% of the time I’d reset my target with St.HK or Cr.MP. This just pisses me off even further.

So anyone got some frame data to share?