Elena Hitbox Shenanigans



as i’m sure everyone has noticed by now, elena’s hitbox is totally broken.

here’s a list of weirdness i tested today for CROUCHING elena. please note that when elena attempts to crouch BLOCK, her hitbox actually shifts to be a little smaller, so some of these only work when she is crouch blocking. i highlighted the stuff that i think is particularly weird.

i think this is why;

-jump MK frontside does not hit
-far stand jab, fierce, rh, strong, all whiff

-any button into hands misses first hits
**-c.mp into hp hands is not a block string like it is on everyone else
-If Elena crouch blocks
–cs.hp whiffs
–fwd.hp whiffs
–lp mp TC whiffs 2nd hit
–cs.mp whiffs
–c.hp whiffs
–ageman (b+mp) whiffs

-2nd hit st.RH whiffs
-fs.hp whiffs

-cr block Elena cannot be hit by skull diver or devils reverse
-either hit of hell attack whiffs if crouching

-cs.hp whiffs
**-mp tk whiffs if cr blocking
****-all neutral jump normals except nj.lk whiff on cr. block
**-fs.mp whiffs (only on cr block)
**-close & far fierce whiff
-far stand jab whiffs

-fs. Jab, far MK, stand hk all whiff on cr block
**-if you try to chain 2 cr. jabs, the first is blocked and the second whiffs (?!)
-on cr block
**–lk danku whiffs
–MK danku only 2nd hit hits
–hk danku 1st and 3rd hits whiff
–all whiff hits crossover her body
-MK, hp, ex shunpu all miss first hits and cross over cr block elena
-stand jab, fs.mk whiff

**-cr blocking Elena cannot be hit by knee shot, neutral crouch can very rarely
T hawk
-hk spire crosses her up on cr block (is this normal?)
-fs. Rh, fierce, mp all whiff

E ryu
-all far buttons but far MK whiff or cr block Elena
-front side j MK and j hp whiff

**-cr Elena cannot by hit by stand hk at any range
**-cr hp whiffs on cr block Elena
**-cr block Elena cannot be hit by step kick fwd MK
-close MK only does 1 hit on blocking crouch Elena

-close range button cancelled into any dash straight whiffs, does not from range
-blocked c.mp xx head butt all versions whiff on Elena cr block

**-cannot hit cr block Elena w/ any neutral jump normals except jab
-point blank piece of mercury whiffs, crosses up on cr block
-point blank cosmic heel hits, crosses up on cr block


I testes a lot of individual moves and put them in my MU analysis you can place them here if you want it basically a list of all moves that whiff on a crouching Elena, anything i’ll find new i’ll be sure to post here thanks for the thread :slight_smile:


Guy’s elbow drop whiffs and so does Abel’s c.mk


I really hope Capcom leaves her hitbox as is. It’s one of the very few things keeping her viable.


it’s good for her but bad for the game. i really don’t like having to memorize a ton of character specific bullshit. importantly, vs her prospective bad matchups like rufus it doesn’t help at all.

on top of that, it actually hurts her vs some important characters; yun for instance hits his overhead so late vs. her that he gets a full combo afterwards.


You do have characters like Blanka though whos hitbox makes a ton of characters normals that normally hit other characters whiff on him. I hear you though. The Yun overhead thing makes that matchup completely free haha. If they fixed her hitbox they would have to give her a ton of buffs to compensate. Not that she didn’t need them even if they left it as is.


This isn’t really new. Many characters throughout many games for various reasons have moves/combos that whiff/break when the opponent is crouched. You should also take into account the nerfs and buffs in Ultra that may cause this, and which ones stand your opponent when comboing. Personally, I think you should go a bit deeper in experimenting with what doesn’t work against Elena and try to balance that out with what does work against Elena, especially if you plan on calling her out to Capcom and the community.


did you even read this list

it doesn’t matter how it balances elena, these do not feel like intended interactions and this is just about the jankiest way to ‘balance’ a game.

all the new characters share messed up hurtboxes which points to … something. inexperience w/ the new sf4 team? a rush job? who knows.

i can however say for certain that when a move hits 95% of the cast and just barely whiffs on elena, but only when she begins her prox. block animation, but also not when she’s neutral crouching, it’s obviously an oversight that should be addressed.

giving her a 9-1 matchup against deejay (you can’t kneeshot) and dan (you can’t danku, ever?!) also does nothing good for the overall game. give her a working hitbox and then fix her own issues independently.


Decapre EX slide hits but doesn’t do the flip animation sometimes, which means you take no damage and they get punished. Decapre can’t slide Elena out of her uncancelled U2 hop makes it whiff fully. Decapre can’t cr.HP Elena as well.

Evil Ryu cl.HP whiffs randomly at times. 100% of the time during the last part of her U2 celebratory hop thing.

I agree I’d rather have working moves with optimal hitboxes than shitty hurtboxes.


balrogs ultra 1 also completely whiffs on elena if you block the first hit. I’ve heard that it sometimes even whiffs on hit after the second or third hit.




yo can someone define optimal hitboxes for me? dumb baby elena playa here, flippin through my dumb baby ultra sf4 instruction manual plus google, and i’m not finding any examples of optimal hitboxes on ANY pages … online OR OFFLINE … help?


w/e it means I want my moves to match the animation

Example: Max range st.lk leads to nothing HK lynx tail passes right through them despite it looking like it should hit.


Ken’s Target Combo (mid attack) hits Elena crouching but not if she’s crouch blocking. Its called blocking not dodging.

Why should Elena’s crouching hurtbox get smaller when every other character in the game gets bigger? Fix that shit.