Elena Match Videos?

Are there any notable Elena players in Japan?
She’s like Sean, I never see anyone play her.

I saw a few Elena players in the lineup for the last big 5 on 5. I have never seen any Japanese Elena videos though. Or any other country for that matter:lol:

Aside from KYSG 6 of course.

For someone who’s actually a solid lower mid-tier character, she has almost nobody playing her, lol.
I know she’s awkward to use, but I swear, nobody.

I dont get it either man. She is solid, good normals, good supers, 4 overheads:lol:, confusing as all hell, a regular tick throw, awesome kara throw, etc etc…and no one plays her:lol:

I dont get it.

Maybe they’re afriad of beeing called ‘pervs’…I mean COME ON Urien only wears a diaper and he’s played a lot!
Why not try…dare I say it? [color=navy]Google search?[/google]
BTW C. Assassian, you fogot:
Throw, SA III

I know she’s freakin’ good, but no one plays her. When playing as Twelve I fear her much more than Ken!

You’re right:lol: Quite possibly the funniest and most annoying combo in the game:lol: Or even better, high parry>kara throw>>SA3 hahaha
Just another reason why Elena is sick.

Btw if anyone knows where to find some Elena match vids, please help me out, I have none:lol:

Google, here I come…

I’ve seen this one vid with Elena vs. Oro, it was so ridiculous.

Elena picked SA III, and would spam roundhouse to hit oro, then zone, play keep away, and use healing to keep health up.

It was turtle to the extreme.

If I picked SA III I’d give them hell & recover when they’re glad they dished out a lot of damage on me >).

http://carol.sakura.ne.jp/streetfaighter3_movie.html s6-3-1.wmv has a elean vs thanatos(oro)

Yeah, I’ve seen that, but the Elena player isn’t very good.

at least its something


Hey I’m wondering about something. Any time I d/l any of those carol Sakura videos, it always cuts off the d/l at about 75%. I have a crappy connection, but normally I have no problems like that, and am able to d/l much larger files. This happen to anyone else or is it just my afformentioned connection?:lol:

i dont have problems with those vids

There’s a compilation vid (approximately 55 mb) on ComboVideos called “FFA Ranking Battle #3 - Best Bouts”; it’s in the 3s match video archives, listed with all the other Ranking Battle vids (you need to be a registered member). There are two matches with Elena, the second and the last, both against Ken, and they’re pretty good (from my viewpoint atleast). The two Elena players are known as “Dogface” and “Combofiend”. Worth checking out, I’d say.

^^^Ah, Hokie country, Good find

Combofiend is known to have one of the best Elenas around

Im not to sure who Dogface is, but his Elena is pretty nasty. especially being that he beat ken played by edma, a solid FFA house player.

this is old but its Ken vs Elena match.


These som vids of my mate SrWilson uses Elena, pretty sick…

  1. http://s49.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1P2H7D2UB2PRE0BAP4YLOCSO1R

  2. http://s49.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=07BV8HOM1TD0N3I0WARYOORI7F

I saw some vids a while back of this guy doing really well with Elena. He did a lot of “parry jumpins > b+HK > kara-throw” I can’t rememeber where I saw it thoough.

Could u plz re-upload those vids? They were expired 7 I want to see some Elena action!