Elena matchup thread

From most difficult to easier, here is my “Elena matchup” list. This isn’t meant to be some solid list, it is only here to generate discussion.

Hardest matchups:
Chun Li

A bit tough:


Easiest matchups:

Discuss. Personally I don’t think that shotos give Elena a very hard time. Akuma can be tricky with his speed and keep away games, but once you get in on him you are set.

Of all of the matchups, I think Hugo is the easiest. Between the great pokes, Round Arch and a great kara throw there is really no easy way for Hugo to land any of his grapples.

I actually find it harder for Makoto to fight Elena as most of her normals beat out Makoto’s.

why elena have advantage vs necro??

firts of all I would like to give my thoughts about the suppossed bad matchups for Elena.

Bad matchup

  1. Chun-li - definetly. many of her pokes surpass those of Elena

  2. Yun - Agreeable also. Yun has a great advantage over Elena. not to mention the fact that he can link Close LP -> LK -> MP (chain) after an UOH while Elena is Crouching, thats pretty fucked up if you ask me.

  3. Makoto - now this one I can not keep my mouth shut. I do not understand why you posted that Makoto is one of Elenas worst matchups. I would put Ken before Makoto, because Ken can land two shoryukens on Elena without even using the Kara. But Makoto has no advantage when faced with Elena. Elena’s Back, HK Stuffs Makotos rushdown game and even evades the Karakusa. " Now, TELL ME WHY THE HELL WOULD MAKOTO BE A BAD MATCHUP WHEN SHE CANT EVEN LAND HER “BREAD AND BUTTER (KARAKUSA)” ON ELENA.

*Also, the other matchups you placed are not accurate either. you might want to check them over.

But its good to know that there are few people that are posting info on Characters that are rarely seen.

*Twelve’s bad Matchup is Elena, not Ken by the way.

Hope this serves informative and useful to some of you and helps you and hpe to see more disscussions in this thread. I can tell it dosent have to many posts.

I’ll see if I can post some information about Elena’s matchups when I have the Chance to help out in the thread.

Honestly, I put very little thought into the list. I honestly had it typed up in under two minutes, haha. Like I said, I really didn’t intend for it to be some kind of definite list, and I was hoping there were some mistakes so that discussion like this would be generated.

The reason I put Makoto is simply because the only time I’ve played a skilled Makoto she beat my ass, hahah. Her c.mk stuffs a lot of Elena’s moves, it even stops an ex Rhino Horn without trading.

However, I think the shotos aren’t much of a threat to Elena.

I think that Elena vs Yun might favor Yun, but it’s probably the easiest top tier matchup for Elena (well, now that Makoto is considered top tier, maybe second easiest…) but I think Yun isn’t as difficult a matchup as people think.

necro vs elena match up??
i am a necro player i think this is 5-5 becuase elena have good mix up and beter pokes but necro can stun she very… very easy

Now that I’ve seen the Texas Showdown 6 qualifiers, I’ll say with a lot more confidence that Elena vs Yun is not a matchup that’s TERRIBLY in Yun’s favor, if at all. I waited because I didn’t really know what high level Elena vs Yun went like, but to my surprise, it really does go a lot like what I saw in the videos. If you guys wanna see what I’m talking about, go to combovideos and download the TX6 qualifiers for 3rd strike and watch Combofiend play that one Yun player.

Combofiend doesn’t do anything ground-breaking to fight this guy (I don’t mean that as a slant to either of their abilities, lemme make that clear :P). Basically, this match comes down to three things:

  1. Being very aggressive against Yun when he doesn’t have meter,

  2. Knowing you have the advantage against an offense mounted by Yun, and

  3. Not fearing Genei-Jin.

Watch as Combofiend displays ALL of these things.

On point 1: Yun doesn’t have a lot of good ways to keep Elena out. Combine that with the fact that her mixup is top notch, and you can see that playing offensively against Yun reaps great benefits. In one of the rounds, Elena deals so much damage to Yun, that even after eating a whole Genei-Jin combo, the match is still even. Yun deals low damage outside of Genei-Jin, and he takes a crapload, so dish it out when it’s the safest - when Yun can’t do Genei-Jin. :stuck_out_tongue: Lastly, don’t fear what will happen if Yun quells your rushdown game, because he won’t do a lot of damage, and also because of point 2…

On point 2: Genei-Jin aside, what does Yun really have to get in on Elena? So far, I’ve seen pretty much nothing. The ground game DEFINITELY goes to Elena, and Back Roundhouse beats Yun’s divekicks like no one’s business. Combofiend definitely showcases this by Back Roundhousing Yun’s dive kicks ALL DAY. These combined reasons show that Elena clearly has this match when Yun doesn’t have meter. Now…

On point 3: People are too scared of Genei-Jin. While I think you shouldn’t UNDERESTIMATE the power of Genei-Jin, being completely scared of it will get you in a lot of trouble. Personally, I think that Combofiend is too bold in the face of Genei-Jin, but it’s a risk reward thing - watch how one time his boldness has him eat another combo, and then another time, he catches Yun activating Genei-Jin with Brave Dance. That cracked me up, lol :stuck_out_tongue: But really…

  1. While this is debatable, I suppose…don’t sit close to Yun when he has his bar, cos you don’t want him to combo into Genei-Jin if at all possible; try and get him to activate it cold turkey. From there, he still has to get in, and you have the advantage keeping him out.

  2. Also, when Yun activates outside of comboing it in, you now have the chance to make him play chase by either finding an opportunity to throw him (blocked shoulder tackle or dive kick), or just backdashing and jumping backwards with random attacks. Even if you do get caught eventually, it’s a lot better than taking a whole combo, and a lot safer than blocking everything, hoping he doesn’t catch you with a high/low or his command throw.

Another random thing that I think Elena players know and Yun players generally don’t: Command Throw into those crazy Rising Kicks of Yun will WHIFF. This is usually the preferred way to start a combo after his command throw, and it doesn’t hit Elena. I don’t think a lot of Yun players have this commited to memory (especially if someone at a major tourney qualifier made this mistake!). I’m not saying this is incredibly crucial, but it’s nice to know.

So basically…Just get in his face until he has meter, and then stand your ground in the face of Genei-Jin, and you’ll see good results. I think the match gets a whole lot easier once you stop fearing him so much; Elena is one of the few people in the game who can get away with this so easily vs. Yun, so take advantage of it!

That match was incredible, I could have used that info a few months ago :x

Me loving Mallet Smash and all, I’m wondering how effective LP Mallet Smash is against those dive kicks? Combofiend never uses the move (which I guess says something about its practicality, but I remain diligent!).

Posting more later tonight.

Haha, yeah, it’s a really good fight. That match looks almost exactly the same as when me and my friend do Elena vs. Yun. I never came around toting “Oh god it’s not that hard!” cos I thought it might be an isolated case until I saw this one. I hope Elena players watch that video and realize that fighting against Yun and WINNING isn’t impossible.

Hey, what do you guys do about Ken? I see most people say that he isn’t one of Elena’s harder matchups, but he’s the ONLY character that just straight up pwns me (mind you, there are surprisingly no good Chun players where I live :O). I get worked all day by Ken’s crazy hi/low/throw game, and I’m not sure how to keep him out. What do you guys do? I trust you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

necro vs elena match up??
vs turtle elena for necro is very easy . i win the most of the time
vs mix up elena is more dificult
any tip for elena ??

well if the ken player is zoning, play the same game. if you time it well you will beat most of his attacks with her s.HK. the other option you have in this case is to kara-throw when he is near enough for a attack…so in that case i just walk a litle bit forward in the right moment and do her kara-throw. its a litle bit risky but works well for me at the moment.

once you have beat his footsies some times with that he will be more defensiv or at least jump more, wich is good for you

and yeah what i also like to do (or at least i try it) when the ken player try to come near to you with a dash or whiffs some c.mk’s do some random c.mp when you think/feel/see he will whiff something or dash to you, and be ready for a SAII link…but i dont know it dont work very well for me sometimes the mp hits but most of time its just a “draw” situation where both got hitted