Elena noob here

tryin to pick up this game competitively and after playing as ibuki and realizing i suck with her i moved on to elena. i seen upfront what shes capable of after watchin combofiend at frx but i just want to know what are some good tips for a beginner i can go search for combos and what not later.

step one: kara throw and b+round house

step two: apply to gameplay

step three:

step four: profit

poke throw dash ok elena learned

-Crouching MP is ur main connector and an overall good poke.

  • Standing MP is a nice one too

-Back + Roundhouse = ur best friend

  • Couching kicks are great benifit as well as learning those overheads

  • Did I mention throw and Dash? Ya do that all day. Learn that Kara!

Sounds like what J.Wong did at FRX.

and fear makoto’s c.foward

everyone already does that this is learning elena not how gay makoto is

slightly better advice:
elena has good pokes, learn the use of all of them (all of her crouching kicks are great, c.MP cancels into everything but doesnt combo into spin scythe on some crouchers), f.MK is her kara throw and best overhead, but you can use f.MP to throw off parries but it sucks. you can UOH link into brave dance. b.HK is basically the best move ever period end of story. beats throws, air attacks and ground pokes. her special moves arent very good except spin scythe and occasional scratch wheels/mallet smashes.

after watching players play her i assume SAII is her best super. spin scythe is that the qcb+P attack? secondly how probable is it to land her juggler combo with the rhino horn and dp moves etc.?


sa2 is her most widely used super but all of them are still pretty good all things considered.

spin scythe is qcb+k

on the last point: what are you talking about? how hard it is to juggle after an ex spin scythe? landing random juggles after those moves?

The only advice I’ve seen in this thread so far that I disagree with are concerning her F+Mp overhead and her SA’s:

  • F+Mp is very good; it’s a great poke to use outside of your opponent’s max range, because it has very little recovery time.

  • Henaki mentioned that all SA’s are good. I would personally argue that SA1 (Spinning Beat) is not good at all. Most Elena players in competitive play use SA2 (Brave Dance), but I’d reccomend learning to use Elena with SA2 and SA3 (Healing). Both of them are very good, and there are very few matches where one of the two is clearly better than the other (i.e, I’d say that SA2 is definitely the better choice for Chun-Li, whereas SA3 is the better choice vs. Yun, for example).

ok ok i see. what i was saying about the juggles was that i saw a few combo vids where she did c.mp into i think ex rhino horn then ex dp+k etc etc ill find the video to better explain.

ok so i was explaining it wrong but some of the juggles in here.


The first one (C.Mp XX Ex Spin Scythe, EX Rhino Horn, Hk Scratch Wheel) is important - it’s one of Elena’s B&B combos…check the link I posted for more combos.

The last one with the EX Mallet Smashes is good, but I doubt its practicality; the times you can use it are so specific that it’s not worth it, and I’ve never seen it used in a real match before.

If your using SA2 sometimes super after landing crouching MP is much more practical

Especially against characters that are too short like Chun and Oro.

Actually, Chun-Li is the only character that’s so short that she can’t be hit by EX Spin Scythe when crouching. For that reason, she’s definitely one of the characters where I think SA2 is better - it’s the only reliable way of dealing damage to Chun-Li. Even then, in an instance where you can land the EX Spin Scythe Combos, I’d use that instead - most of them do almost the exact same - or more - damage than SA2.

um oro is too short to get hit by it

and i never insinuated sa1 was better than sa2, just that it’s not outright terrible, it’s still a pretty solid super art compared to other people’s “third best” super. elena is probably one of the few characters with 3 actually not terrible super arts.

  1. I’m sorry to say, but you’re incorrect; I just double-checked, and Oro can be hit by the entire EX Spin Scythe when crouching. Chun-Li is the only character in the game that absolutely can not be hit by it.

  2. Alright, that’s cool. So, I misunderstood what you said. Don’t take it so personally, man. I’m just saying, I don’t think that there’s any reason to use SA1 in any matchup over SA2 or SA3.

i’ve experienced it missing on crouching oro, you’re probably doing it at the wrong range, i think it misses from far away only though (but not enough that it would miss normally on other characters).

It misses from far away on just about every character, though. I understand what you’re saying; it misses on Oro easier than it does on other characters. There’s a few characters like that, though I can’t remember which ones off the top of my head. Still, I wouldn’t say that it’s impractical by any means to use EX Spin Scythe combos on Oro.