Elena Target Combos



In case you didn’t know her Target Combos are:

standing Forward, crouching Fierce
standing Fierce, standing Roundhouse
jumping Jab, jumping Forward
jumping Strong, jumping Fierce

Now my question is: What do you use the standing Fierce-Roundhouse TC for??? I’ve found some uses for the other Target Combos and looked at their properties (like the Forward of the jumping Jab-Forward TC will only connect on a grounded opponent), but I can’t find a use for the stand Fierce-Roundhouse TC.




The standing fierce-roundhouse can be used on someone’s wakeup, or it can be used as a sort of crude air-counter with a surprise second hit. Also, in some very rare cases, you may be able to link a brave dance after the roundhouse connects, if they’re in the corner, and if they’re large like hugo, and if you have timing of the gods.


after knock-down…

sitting short…, throw…

sitting short…, fiercexxroundhouse.

sitting short, down parry, sitting strongxxex spinning scythe then follow up…

in that order.


You have to be careful when using the standing fierce when they’re crouching, though, because it won’t hit some characters. Yun, yang, or chun li (the most notable characters off the top of my skull if these aren’t the only ones) are too short when crouching to get hit by the fierce, so be mindful of that.