Elena user unite!

Elena users unite!!

Damn this section has been dead.
anyway as iv’e been getting better and i find myself dizzy’ing people more often. but im such a nice guy i can’t force myself to just nail them with a super or rhino horn. what is proper elena etiqette for dealing with a dizzy’ed opponent. should i show mercy or set them up for a giant combo.

um… if you dizzy them, then you deserve to unleash your sickest combo on them. or combo and reset into an overhead-super. that’s how i sees it.

Unless you’re about to kill them, “show mercy” if you have healing and are at really shitty life, because you can still do a chain or something against them and then have the advantage in life with healing.

The chain I was referring to was the standing mk to crouching hp.

I say let them have have it! Because if you are using SA2 your main goal is to land the super or cause as much damage as possible with the combo reset. I am a strong Elena player so I have lots more of personal fighting hints and how I use her to hang with the big boys. I will post my move list later on beacuse it has too much stuff to remeber and I dont have it with me! If anyone else has any good Elena tricks post them up, Elena is a strong character if used smart. Holla Back!

Elena is a friendly character. I think she would show mercy if that is how she was feeling.

When I play, I expect no mercy. That’s just the way I see it. It’s a competition. Unless you’re playing against a friend of yours that you keep beating over and over again, I say rip that sucker’s hole wide open at EVERY opportunity. If I get trampled by some guy in the arcade, I congratulate him and play his ass again. He obviously has something to teach me. If he lets me sit there dizzied, I’d think he was weird for letting that opporunity pass. You work your way to a dizzy for a reason. Dizzys are sometimes what equals out a few of the characters. If Elena didn’t dizzy so well, she’d probably be ranked lower. Necro, too. A big part of his game is earning that round-winning dizzy. So, the decision’s up to you, but if you ask me, the dizzy is there as a reward to highly aggressive play. =)

she has 4 overheads got to love her

To me, it’s a slap in the face if someone just stands there and lets me wake up from a dizzy on purpose. Instead of mercy, it feels like they’re really saying subconciously, “I don’t even need to try my hardest to beat this guy, so I’ll just let him wake up and then beat him to add insult to injury.”

Toying with your opponent is never good sportsmanship, but if you’re on the dizzying end and you want to really rub it in, then let him wake up. Otherwise just put him out of his misery.

Rick likes Elena and she seems fun so I think I will try her!

What’s a good “Super Art”? Baby H says Rick uses Healing.

They’re all good supers, though you may want to choose healing in certain situations as opposed to the damage supers and vice versa.

Spinning beat gives you an additional ex move with a fully-charged meter compared with brave dance. While it doesn’t deal as much damage, you will get a full super quicker, and can still punish moves within a certain range. Unfortunately, you can get thrown out of it (granted it has to be specifically timed), and is very punishable if blocked.

Brave dance is fast, unthrowable, and does tons of damage. Still gives you enough ex meter to screw around and still have a super. Flaws are that if you guess wrong when going straight into the super, you are punishable when blocked, and that sometimes it won’t connect if you cancel it off a max-range crouching strong punch.

Healing has some good setups which are almost completely safe. Elena’s a good enough character that you can feel alright using ex moves in certain situations instead of feeling forced to always save up a full bar for the super. Problems are that it doesn’t give you that much health, about 1/3, and the bar is long. Remember, though, you can bait with it to some extent when you’re at distance because you can cancel the animation with three punches, and the recovery is deceptively quick. It lessens the life gain, but the bait might be worth it.

She is a fun character to use; Not limited to only a few normals, has good specials (for the most part, sadly many of them need to be ex specials to be truly good), and great mixups. Air chains and plenty of high and low mixups make sure that you have a lot of variety in your matches. She was long ago classified by some to be low-tier, and although she’s not in the top, she can definitely compete with the better characters. Also a great character to return to after training with other characters to learn basics and specific tactics, so that you can create a synthesis from them all.

thx for all the great post. keep em coming
ClosetRemy you looked cool in the Team Control Vid, but you guys haven’t put any new vids up in like a week. let me know if you guys will actually go to the cal poly arcade. im there pretty much everyday. I would love to get owned by you guys.

Thanks, we haven’t gone to tournaments as a team very much recently so our footage is lacking. Not only that, but our 60GB per month bandwidth always goes dry very quickly when we post several new videos. However, we’ll have new vids up eventually, like the seiei combo vid.

Good to know that you play somewhat nearby, irvine is about 30 mins from cal poly… I’ll pm you when we plan on going.

To contribute to the elena thread, a full ex combo will always deal more damage than any super, including the brave dance. However, this takes a little more meter, about 10% of the bar. To rectify this, you can substitute the ex scratch wheel finish with a forward uppercut. This deals two less damage than the brave dance super (63 compared with 65) with less meter, and six damage less than the full ex juggle. So unless you’re close to killing him and want to make sure, the modified juggle should suit your needs for more efficient meter use. Note that when an opponent is crouching, even the modified juggle does more damage than the brave dance.

This also shows that generally, you shouldn’t use the brave dance super in combos or at all unless range is a concern or you plan on a wakeup surprise. In my experience, after a parry, you may be too far to connect an ex spinning scythe after a low strong, so the super is a better choice (unless they’re at max range, in which case you should go straight into the super or think of something else because there’s a good chance the opponent will recover from the strong and block if you cancel late and they’re far away). But, this means that with jump-ins, you have more damaging things to do other than a brave dance.

As a side note, you may want to use an ex uppercut on wakeup rather than a super because while you are still taking a risk, it will reduce the meter loss on your part, while still doing some good damage if you guessed right.

mercy for the dizzieds

If I dizzy someone with Elena in a dominating match, I’d use her two-hit taunt. Seriously, I think it’s the coolest taunt ever.

A little off topic here, but the I think the coolest taunt would be Makoto’s, after she activates SA3. A tai-chi palm to the groin followed by that really loud and flashy shit you get for finishing a round with an SA. woot

Matoko’s a girl, lol, didn’t notice, as for the dizzy mercy, I say you kick em, cuz that’s what that bitch does best, kick em in tha balls!

Dizzy em, then PUNISH PUNISH PUNISH! Elena’s capable of doing some good after stun damage even if you’re into that phase of the battle.

No wonder SA2’s capable of doing damage even after stun. I tried some combos w/ her last night and it was interesting how she can not only rack up the points but the number of hits with Brave Dance like nothing. Although the damage was lacking it was something I caught up with her. Now all I need to do is to practice and get that timing from ex scythe to her rhino horn perfectly…

I agree about the ex combo doing more damage than all of her supers, and that’s what I mostly use against the comp and some people because of the effectiveness during gameplay. I’ve seen how combofiend did the bravedance while the opp. is blocking then surprise them w/ ex scratch wheel out of the blue to win one of his matches. I never knew the recovery time was that instant from after the dance to another move. Then again it probably was his reflexes…

And i know you could juggle her taunt as well, just forgot how…hmm…

Once again- Dizzy then PUNISH tha SUCKAS! :evil: :smiley:

I think you’re referring to his match against a ken player, in which the guy tried to walk up and throw combo after the brave dance. If you can see them doing this, you’ll be able to scratch wheel them unless they have a hella good kara throw.

The recovery on brave dance is quick, but it’s not safe. If they time it well, they can combo into a super, or do a super just to be sure, but the opponent can always retaliate after a blocked brave dance, so beware of throwing it out when it’s not guaranteed.

OOOOOH elena users unite!!! OOOOH i though you said Urien users unite!! my bad :smiley:

ahh see that’s what I’ve been figuring out when I saw it.And yes, it was with a ken player

…Mostly I’m still tryin to get on my head whether I Should involve some SA3 healin strats just to set them off…So far I took some kens to the distance and made them feel bad just by healin them… pretty good IMO but in the long run…is it WORTH it?

Time to decide whether if I stay w/ sa2 or switch to sa1…Be back when I can figure out some good stuff w/ her…

Spinning beat (sa1) is good, but brave dance generally allows you to play more conservatively, as there are many ways that you can reverse or parry and retaliate into brave dance, so you have to be a bit closer for the same stuff to work with spinning beat.

You get an additional ex move on a full bar and you get a super charged faster with spinning beat. Another nuance is that after parrying a jump-in, you might hit c.short a little too early and hit them while still airborne. In this case, if you cancel into super, spinning beat will at least connect most hits and not leave you open like brave dance can.

Brave dance is straight up easier to use, though, and people seem to get pretty discouraged after you land one.

i strayed from my usual path and used healing today, i might i might make a permeanant(spelling is stupid) switch. with healing you can still dish out the big damage with the EX combos and you have some insurance incase you make a mistake and suffer heavy losses. but no doubt the best part of healing is the mind games. it forces you opp to stay close to for fear of losing thier hard earned damage. and someone who is focusing to much on preventing you from accomplishing the heal. or if your in the lead bust out the healing to bait them into attacking and then cancel it and do what ever . more to come. healing rules