Elena user unite!

Yes, it’s true… healing is a damn good super, but I still prefer her others.

And I noticed that too, the fact that people tend to rush you down once you have a bar. The cool thing here is that you don’t even need to do a full ex combo to dish out the pain: As someone outlined earlier, Kingraoh, I think, you can do the ex spinning scythe and finish with a normal roundhouse (less damage), jump after them and perform an air chain (strong, fierce… good damage), or wait a split second after kicking them up and bust a short scratch wheel (great damage for one ex move). After which you have only one third of the bar to charge, which can be accomplished by turtling.

It’s good that you’re not afraid to waste meter, since the ex scratch wheel makes a great wakeup. That kind of shit catches people off-guard when you have one of those one-shot special function supers.

By the way, vatotitan… will you be coming to the pre-evolution tournament at Family Fun in granada hills? I’d like to see your elena in action.

hmm perhaps
but if i do go it will be to watch and for casual play rather than tounament competition for either my wussiness or lack of funds (five or ten dollar entry fee really add up overtime when knocked out first round, god i’m pitifull hee hee)

side note: alert to every one my dreamcast is broken, anyone wanna give me a good deal.

side side note: at evo do we have to pay to watch or anything like that

I’ve just started learning Elena (like in the past week). Her lack of effective specials can be a pain but maybe I’m just not doing it right.

It kind of sucks that I don’t have any human competition to truly test my skills with.

I use her more as a mix up and poke character.
i only use scratch wheel when comboing from pokes like c.LK or s.LK
never use spin sythe out in the open, it is there primarily to be used in its EX version
rhino horn. don’t through it out casue it’s kinda slow but uit’s EX version is used in the EX combo. there also the bait rhino horn where it fininshes right before your opp and you go into super right when they are about to retaliate. this trick doesn’t work on better people but since you said your still picking hre up and if the people in your area don’t jknow much about elean try it out.
lynx tail , sometimes can be fun to combo into cause it looks cool and can confuss people cause downparryuing that much just isn’t very fun and the length of the move varies depending upon the button pressed.
overhead smash, use for mix up most us lp version cause other are kinda slow.

also. attention please someone cool respond to this. when i first started playing some of the f.a.q’s said that the lynx tail could cancel into super, so i would try this to know avail, does this actually work???

A faq I’ve read said that you can cancel the ex lynx tail into super, but I wasn’t able to do that, either. I tried cancelling at various points, namely every one of the damned hits. Linking doesn’t really work in the corner either due to the knockback, and the damage would be low anyways.

I havent’ tested the normal ones extensively, but perhaps they’re mistakenly referring to the spinning scythe as the lynx tail, because the ex version of that can be cancelled into a super, but along with heinous damage reduction. So if you plan on ever doing it, only do it at the end of the round for more bass on the KO.

I just started playing Elena seriously a few days ago, and I’m hooked right away. Most of her moves have close to no revory time to them, and she has good reach and nice pokes. I’ve also found weak and medium anti air comes out really good with her, not to mention stops most all rush ins while allowing you time to situate yourself to a good position. If only I knew a few good combos with her… the only thing I really ever combo into is Spinning Beat with low mk. Anyone got any good usable combos? If so, please do post them.

well you can’t go into spinning beat or brave dance from c.mk the ways most people go into to supers is from either c.mp or c.wk , anyway heres a list of things that connect to or cancel to super, s.wp , s.wk s.mp(it’s a two hit move you must signal the super before the second hit ). c.wk , c.wp , c.mp and any jump in attack but i don’t reckomend using wp as a jump in cause even though it is possible to connect to super from it, it pushes away, doesn’t give you stun time and it looks awkward. Seriously she just shoots her leg out and it looks her leg is bending the wrong way , i don’t want my sexy kenyan princess looking so wierd

more to come
come on people contribute, when we re-it-ter-rate stuff that was in old post we remeber it better and it gives us time to think about new stuff and how we can improve

Yeah, my bad. I meant mp, it’s just my mind is so use to saying it from being a shoto whore all these years:bluu:

Well, anyways, thinks for the advice. One more thing… which one do you all prefer: spinning beat or brave dance? I’m more of a spinning beat fan, cause you’ve got good stock with it (3) and the bar fills up in no time, not to mention it’s so easy to hit off on people.

Check out the stuff that closetRemy says on the last page it’s good stuff and will help make your choice.
but i use all three depending on the situation. that is the reason that the SA system was made the way it was. but we can see from characters like yun, ken and chun that that isn’t how the game works out sometime. aaaaannnnnyyyyywwwwwaaaaayyyyy if my arm is tired and i’m not having the reaction time that day to make brave dance effective i use healing.
Elena the Immortal

well if you have good reaction, whore the cr.strong > the ex spinscythe rhino sratch combo

that’s how i usually play elena. i dun use her much tho, but she’s fun

I was curious, I don’t have no knowledge really on Elena, but would you recommend going in for throws whenever I have the chance? Or does Elena have any other attacks to outpoke opponents?

What to you is the best steps to take, to learn her well? Should I learn to understand what her moves are good for and the timings? Thanks In Return!

true, dash and throw is pown on most characters with elena it is fantastic porque her dash is really good, like after a shoto misses a sweep or just because you feel like, after a while you develope a six sense on when and how the opp will react. yea alot of her game mixup of pokes, overheads, dash and throw

her st.roundhouse is really annoying.
it’s like chun’s b+fierce…w/ less prowess thou

which of elena’s moves ,if any, are un-throwable??? meaing she cannot be thown out of. i know brave dance cannot. my DC has just died so i can’t test stuff out myself

Don’t forget the back roundhouse, though there are a few frames during startup where it can be thrown (I tested this with gigas). There are also a few frames where she’s strictly considered “in the air” as well. Weird, huh?

Anyways, don’t count on spinning beat dodging throws. It’s not likely, but they might connect with a throw if you try to super on wake up.

All her uppercuts are unthrowable, I’m pretty sure… the weak version has low priority, though, and it’s possible to jam all of them except the ex version.

for anti-throw…

  1. back+roundhouse can beat throw (and a HELLA lotta other stuff)if on even ground, or they are late to throw on your wake-up
  2. tech throw if they time their throws well on your wake-up or try to “tick”
  3. Elena’s kara throw out-ranges all throws with the exception of Chun. they attempt throw/ tech throw, you punish with throw. not sure if it out-ranges Hugo’s 360/720, Makoto’s Karakusa, or Alex Power/ Hyper Bomb. prolly best not to chance getting caught by Hugo or Makoto (depending on “bar”), so mebbe better to continue footsie more often than throw on wake-up.

throws beat mostly every move if timed correctly on wake-up. to beat a throw you have to have a move that reaches hit frames before throw is active. throws are active on the third frame, with two frames of start-up, i believe. so, if executed at the same time there are very few moves that beat throws. you have the find a move that reaches hit frames before 3 frames! (of course this assumes that your move and your opponents throw are executed at the same time) prolly not the best idea to use a super to beat a throw, too random, unless you are saying your prayers and eating your vitamins.

Elena rules.

totally, God bless b-roundhouse that move has saved me so many times, beats out SO many things, is so very rarely punished. the only times i personley have ever been punished is when i do b-RD against a opp waking up and it is my fault that is miss time it and i get uppercutted which happens rarely. other times when it gets parried i am usually to far to retaliate against. i throw out out so many b-rd that it is almost noobish, so very awsome that b-rd is indeed partly otg sometimes, but even better is that s.RD is otg MOST of the time. watch combofiend match vids and you see how often he punishes c.mk’s and sweeps with roundhouse. broke my heart that he used oro at evo, strategically it was smart but still…

Hahah. If Elena didn’t have back roundhouse, she’d be unplayable. =)

agreed. she is borderline unplayable as is, but without B+Roundhouse and Low Strong Hit Confirm, she is total ass.

Combofiend used Elena and Ken at Evolution. i recorded his Elena stuff, then got disgusted when he used Ken. :slight_smile:

oh he did i must have missed it, my bad, but i did see him use oro