Elena v.2013 - Full Patch notes



Got tired of always hunting down the patch notes, so I decided to compile Elena’s changes in one post. I hope this will serve as a decent reference for anybody in the training lab. Sadly Capcom aren’t clear about her jump frames.

• Jump - Total frames for jump decreased from 41F->38F
• Close MP - Startup decreased from 6F->5F

  • Can now be cancelled
    • cr. MP - Hit box enlarged
  • Frames increased by 5F for boost combos (on hit -3F/On block-7F)
    • cr. MK - Hit box enlarged
    • Target Combo 4(MK?2HP) - Hit box enlarged
    • Sliding - Startup decreased from 14F->10F
  • Hurt box area above neck now invincible to projectiles
    • Handstand Kick - Decreased frames by 3F (on hit +3F/On block-1F)
    • M/H Lynx Tail - Decreased frames for block stun by 2F (M -4F->-6F?H -2F->-4F)
    • EX Lynx Tail - Final hit now knocks opponents behind Elena
  • Damage decreased from 150->100
    • EX Scratch Wheel - Length of invincibility changed from 1~5F->1~6F
    • EX Rhino Horn - Now invincible against projectiles from the first frame of the move until the second frame of the start of the final attack
    • Leg Lift Throw/Leg Hook - Damage increased 120->130
    • Brave Dance - Startup decreased from 14F->5F

Special move meter gain
• Mallet Smash: whiff 15->10/on hit 20×2(40)->15×2(30)
• Scratch Wheel (L): whiff 15->10/on hit 40->30
• Scratch Wheel (M): whiff 15->10/on hit 40×2(80)->15×2(30)
• Scratch Wheel (H): whiff 15->10/on hit 40×3(120)->10×3(30)
• Lynx Tail (L): whiff 15->10/on hit 40->30
• Lynx Tail (M): whiff 15->10/on hit 20×2(40)->20×2(40)
• Lynx Tail (H): whiff 15->10
• Spinning Scythe: on hit 10×2(20)->15×2(30)
• Spinning Scythe (follow up): whiff 5->10/on hit 10×2(20)->15×2(30)
• Rhino Horn: whiff 15->0/on hit 20×2(40)->30×2(60)

Final notes

• Jump: overall animation reduced from 45 frames to 41 frames.
• Standing MP: now comes out in 5 frames, and the second hit can be canceled.
• Handstand Kick: reduced by 3 frames (on hit +3 frames, on block ±0).
• Mallet Smash: tweaked to be in a standing position while the hitbox is active.