Elena v. Yun

Anyone have any tips for this matchup? I don’t know how to begin this matchup. Reminds me of MvC1 meter fighter :frowning:

Back + plus roundhouse can be used to beat dive kick, if not done point blank. Try it you’ll like it. Use your strong, fierce air chain, if he likes to get jumpy. Haven’t beat Pyro in like 4 months:eek: so, good luck with this one. try and stay on offense, sitting strong beats alot of his (and anyones else’s) ground pokes, use SAI and above all keep him off of your back if at all possible, (random DP+K if necessary) oh get outta that corner too!!! when you block his Genei-Jin keep his overhead off of you with sitting jap. remember you only have to worry about the real Yun connecting for the first hit. (I know, I know). oh, and quit trying to grab him after dive kick, 'less he judges his distance wrong and hits your head, safer to just block the upcoming s.jap, s. short etc. combo. More advice for Elena users. If you can’t beat 'em join 'em.



if hey gets too jump happy and you can predict him giong into the air. Do an early jumping roundhouse, when you land crossover(by dashing)from underneath while he is still in the air and c.lk>super.

Try to keep a sliding distance away from him at all times. This is where elena works best :smiley:

Dear Iconoclast,
keeping your opponent at slide distance is the best Elena advice i have ever heard. Would be Elena players should build their game from this distance. Other characters can play a “close” game, but Elena has to keep her opponent at “slide distance” to be most effective. True, true, true… keeping this distance is probably the most important part of her game and it doesn’t come “naturally” and this makes her not as “friendly” as other characters. You should post that advice on the “main” Elena thread. Simple but crucial info if you wanna “learn” Elena.

another thing against Yun…
if he is going dive kick crazy and trying to pressure you into a mistake… jump backwards and hit that roundhouse to keep him out. do this as soon as he recovers from his first “shallow” dive kick, if he doesn’t jump up again… hold off on roundhouse, anticipate a “chase” move and be ready to parry. Basically the same business like Iconoclast said…jump’n Roundhouse is good.

Yun is a tough mofo for sure. Better to “give up the ghost” and use Green Girlscout ™ Ken in this match-up. Plus Ken is much more “cooler” than Elena. :cool: ALL NIGHT ALL KEN!

I already know Elena vs. Yun is a washout. :slight_smile: I just want to know what tactics she HAS that help.

Some good advice in this thread so far:

  • back+RH to beat divekick
  • block after divekick if you have to
  • c.jab during Gen’ei Jin to avoid the overhead

The guy I’m playing turtles until he gets meter then just bumrushes. Yun’s low strong seems to beat Elena’s X. Grrrr, very annoying.

And personally, I play Elena from forward overhead range, throwing out pokes to keep them out and start going high-low when they’re happy sitting down. I use slide when they’re far and start to approach.

Blah, use Healing. Since he’s basically not doing anything for 2/3 of the match, you can take that opportunity to build meter by rushing his ass down. Blocked hits give more than whiffs, and turtles tend not to bother parrying. When people Genei Jin on me, I rush down even harder (This is Urien talking, though.) Elena has absurd kara-throw range, so just throw him a lot. And this of course leads to the second best combo in the game, throw xx Healing.

If you’re healing every 20 seconds, and he’s not doing anything outside of GJ, you’ve got most of the match to poke him to death.


That doesn’t answer my more pressing concern…

What moves can Elena throw out that will beat Yun c.strong clean?

Parry xx kara-throw xx Healing, that’s wot.

N - Shrug

yeah, you gotta be brave and parry sometimes! i’ll check tonight if Elena any thing vs. Yun’s sitting strong and let you know.

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