Elena video thread



Some great footage, thanks a lot. Fender’s fireball FADC back U1 to catch the EX Rhino Horn was hilarious. Fender obviously had no idea what he could and couldn’t punish there, he could have blown up 90% of that with HP/EX SRKs. Solid stuff though.


You can:

1] slide out
2] c.roundhouse to low profile and trip guard
3] dash/backdash out
4] focus dash/backdash out
5] c.jab to low profile (really depends on the angle)
6] s.jab to pick them out of the air (REALLY depends on the angle and rarely works on wakeup)
7] EX Scratch Wheel
8] block

Those are typically your anti-crossup options (most of them can be applied to heavy pressure also).


Awesome thanks!!


I’d add Up/Back+HP as an option as well. I don’t know why it connects so often for me, but it does. Obviously it’s a pretty safe option too.


Are there any videos showing some meaty setups for her? I have some recorded but don’t want to upload if there’s one already oht there


Not from what I’ve seen.


So at first I was skeptical of this, but watching Akimo put it in action today shows that you both are on to something. I had no idea this was so effective when used properly.


Word. I’ll work on it tomorrow. Found some useful and a few impractical ones as well


That’s cool any tech is welcome.


Few setups on light lynx on quick rise:


Maybe I’m seeing it wrong but those last two videos didn’t look like they hit meaty.


Here’s what I came up with, feedback is very much appreciated as I’ve been out of SF4 since 2010 and need to pick up on things again.


The Journey #46: Why is no one punishing me prope…: http://youtu.be/COOwBZf6Vu4

USF4 - Elena - Out of Rhythm: Lynx Tail: http://youtu.be/oNDJoDCYEks

There’s some miss information in air video about Elena. But it’s still interesting to her his opinion even though I disagree with most of it. I’m not sure how he comes to the conclusion that Elena is a gimmick.

The other video is the7k showing lt failing at different ranges vs standing characters. He shows some SFXT and 3s comparisons. It would have been interesting to see him do crouching vs standing comparison. Or do the move in a combo. But it’s cool.


Yeah, I forgot to show hitconfirms with the regular version, but it screws up there too. Like I said previously, even cr.MP xx H LT point blank range will drop hits.

As for hitting on crouching opponents… it’s a low hitting attack. I don’t really see the point in testing on crouching opponents.


Valmaster vs Will2Pac &Perplex FT10, starts @ 00:43:00


Wow I that was rather lopsided. I wish I could understand the language. Nevertheless that was some nice Elena play. I’m not sure of the number but Elena is a very bad mu for Viper. Burn kicks were getting stuffed left and right. Then he used hk and b hk to go over seismos. Then U2 not connecting after vipers ex seismo was nuts. He also was using cr. Hk to go under poisons projectiles. I really liked seeing that.


I don’t think the problem lies with the hk lt. I could be wrong. However after re watching your video I noticed that the reel back animations on decapre and Zangief are rather ridiculous. If you look at Yun he gets hit by the first two hits and then sometimes you get 3 or you whiff. I don’t mind that as long as I can get the absurd FA from the hk lt if I FADC it. Now with that said test on juri and you’re going to get different results @the7k


Valmaster already has a great Elena, love how he plays. And those lynx tail FA lvl2 combos Oo damn.


This video…it is beautiful

It also showcases how Elena can be played in a heavy mixup and pressure style


He never confirmed into spin scythe, mostly using lynx tail as a bnb ender. Interesting. His choice of U1 compliments his rushdown style well. Good player