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lk Lynx provides some really nice mixup opportunities after knockdown…as much as I dont like hk Lynx, it does as well, though imo not as strong as lk lynx.


It’s not the reel back animation in xT most if not all characters have the same reel back. It’s the fact that her move gets a progressively better hitbox on the later hits to compensate for the reel back, but they don’t in SF4. How do you even try to justify that…?lol


Characters in ultra have different reel back animations in this game. I’m not trying to justify anything just saying what I saw. I think it’s something important to not don’t you?

Anyways I think in a game where there’s different character sizes weights fall speeds it’s important to make note of the different interactions. We can bitch all day but that’s not going to get us anywhere. We can drop Elena but that doesn’t tell how her moves interact with the other characters. Or we can put in the work.


Maybe you have a fundamental misunderstanding. xT has the SAME reel back animations as SF4. All of them are preset reel backs. It’s just the attack strength and where it hits that determines the reel animation. “I don’t mind that as long as I can get the absurd FA from the hk lt if I FADC it” is a justification. It shouldn’t work that way.

“We can bitch all day but that’s not going to get us anywhere.”


**Crouching MK hitbox slightly expanded forward**


** Close Standing LP hitbox expanded downward
Close Standing MP start-up speed during Feng Shui Engine now the same as normal version
Close Standing MK start-up speed during Feng Shui Engine now the same as normal version
Far Standing MP now Special-cancellable
Far Standing LK start-up reduced from 5F to 4F
Far Standing HK hitbox size during Feng Shui Engine now the same as normal version
Crouching MK start-up reduced from 6F to 5F; recovery reduced from 17F to 16F
Kasatushi now takes recoverable damage when absorbing attacks
L, M and H Shikusen no longer can be done from back jump
Second Impact and Third Strike hitbox expanded, less likely to unconnect
EX Shikusen now has input follow-ups like the normal version, activates with any single K button; trajectory changes with button combination: L+M is L Shikusen, M+H is M Shikusen, L+H is H Shikusen trajectory
EX Fuhajin (M+H) now hits grounded opponents
EX Fuhajin (L+H) damage increased from 5050 to 6060
EX Senpusha invincibility time increased from 1-6F to 1-7F; changed from -14F to -15F on block
Feng Shui Engine (UC1) invincibility time reduced from 1-4F to 1-2F
Kaisen Dankairaku (UC2) hitbox slightly expanded horizontally**


**Forward Dash total frames reduced from 21F to 20F
Close Standing MK hitbox slightly expanded downward
Crouching LP damage increased from 20 to 30
Crouching LK damage increased from 30 to 40
Crouching MP damage increased from 60 to 70
L Soul Spiral forward movement distance slightly increased
L, M and H Soul Spiral damage increased from 100 to 110
M Soul Spark start-up reduced from 22F to 20F
H Soul Spark start-up reduced from 29F to 27F
Illusion Spark (UC1) start-up reduced from 12F to 10F
Soul Satellite (UC1) command input changed from 214214+PPP to 214214+KKK; recovery increased from 2F to 4F


I think bitching has some effect.


Yeah if I can still get the frame advantage from FADC hk lt then I feel like I’m in a good position. When I don’t get it I feel like the move failed. I didn’t know that about sfxt I didn’t play it so I thought I read something else. But I couldn’t care less about sfxt.

Juri has been getting buffed in almost every update. I’m not even sure if there was any juri bitching same for c viper. Rose has been getting nerfed and they finally upped her damage after how many years?

But it seems like your goal is to bitch and hope for buffs. If that’s the case I suggest you do so at capcom unity or combo fiends twitter.


Nigga are you fucking serious? No Juri bitching or C. Viper bitching? How could you even make such a ludicrous claim? You know when Rose got nerfed? When she got a frame 1 unthrowable cl.mk that was then buffed to +4. It’s not just a matter of SFxT Elena is better. It’s the fact that SFxT Elena was more complete and this Elena is not. The End. 3rd strike Elena was more complete that this Elena.


Here is a reset that leads into a meaty slide. Could be useful for getting out of the corner and switching the corner pressure on your opponent.

Edit* Better video


Thanks for the post. Focus crumples are going to be a big part of Elena’s game, I think, so I’m glad to see things like this.

Any idea how safe this slide actually is?

P.S. - Just tested this and hoo boy…very risky, LOL. At least slide is a late punish so if your opponent doesn’t know how to wait to press a punish on it, you might get away with it once or twice.

P.P.S. - I forgot to see if this goes under up kicks. Lame.

P.P.P.S. - Yeah, no, up kicks blow right through this. I would imagine most reversals do as well. Maybe FADCing the slide is useful?

P.P.P.P.S. - Waaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute, looks like only HK and EX up kicks go through this; the other up kicks all go over slide. All versions of Scratch Wheel and other low hitting reversals hit slide obviously. Looks like this can get some play on reversals that go in the air or just don’t hit close to the ground in general. Have to test on things like Headbutt and such. Hmm.

P.P.P.P.P.S. - Pfft, right, this is an angled slide. Can’t FADC those. -_-

Meh, just edit: Okay, so a few things. First, this is obviously character specific. Some characters like Boxer you just won’t be able to Mallet Smash over. Characters like Honda that are big but not super big can be Mallet Smashed over, but if you do the Mallet Smash late or not at point blank range, you will not go over.

Speaking of Mallet Smash, this looks like it only uses Mallet Smash :lp:…I could not get the other versions to work. That is to say, the other versions do not seem to recover in time to nail the c.:lp:. Next, it’s important to confirm whether or not the opponent is crouching; if they’re crouching when they get crumpled, they’ll be pushed further away by time you do the c.:lp:, which makes the slide a bit safer, but gives the opponent more time to react to it.

Now, speaking of safety, this doesn’t seem to be as unsafe as I’d initially thought. Reversals obviously punish this, but getting punishes on this with regular buttons might be character specific as well. I’m not able to c.:lp: this as Honda, but I can do just about everything else. Fun fact: If Honda is charged up and tries to EX Ohicho the slide when he’s recovering from the reset, he will end up behind Elena, the slide will whiff and Honda’s command grab input turns into Super. Of course, this is a full punish, haha. And yes, reversal EX Headbutts from Honda beat this, regular ones lose. Boxer’s don’t matter for this setup because Mallet Smash will not go over him in time to reset him.

If I can think of any more ways this can be useful/blown up, I’ll post back.


Yeah its not safe since they can reversal on their reset but it is at least meaty and would beat back dash and give you some free pressure if its blocked. I tested it against 3 frame reversals after its blocked and it worked. Not sure on the actual frame data.

What do you mean its a late punish? After its blocked you should be safe. They should only be able to reversal when they are landing from the air reset


I may be doing this setup incorrectly, but when I say “late punish” I mean the blockstun on slide lasts a while, but is still punishable. With Elena, I’m able to get c.:mp: into full combos. With Honda, I’m not able to get normal button punishes (but I can punish with EX Headbutt and psuedo-punish with Super) and with other characters, the punishes seem to jump around. In other words, unless I’m doing this wrong, this isn’t safe on the slide block.

Edit - Okay, I clearly must be doing this wrong. I went back to adjust the timing on this figuring “Oh, maybe I did the slide late or something,” and went back against Yun specifically and when I adjusted the timing for slide to happen earlier, turns out I can go right under him. I said, “Okay, it’s probably a Yun thing,” but it also happens to Ryu and a few others as well. So you’re probably right about the safety of this (and why my suppositions on this safety were inconsistent). I guess it just has a tight hit-or-miss window going on.


Hmm maybe my timing is a little off or different then. I just recorded it and tested it with a few characters and it was completely safe on block. I’ll test around again see what I did differently


I would guess its about -8 on block then if you’re doing it perfectly


Testing on Yun. The slide is safe from HK upkicks and jab on block. I’ll post a better video in a second. Just uploading


Here we go. Sorry for the crappy quality. I had to make a phone stand out of a box haha. Here is Yun HK upkicks after a blocked slide with reversal timing.


I guess I’ll start posting match videos here. Most of the time I don’t play Elena, but either me or Legendary will be using her in my posts.

Hopefully it helps with some matchups (will update as time goes along).

Also, yes I troll a lot while playing SF sowwy. =(


I’m going to have to do better if you’re going to upload these matches.


It’s all good. Might as well do something with all the matches we play. Btw, only reason this is the first upload is because I needed it for the ultra glitch thread.

Edit a link to the playlist.


More videos have been uploaded, but this one is a highlight because of that glitch.

And some Elena gameplay from me.

More on my channel though (it’d be annoying to upload every video).


^ Lets get some sessions going. I need some people to play with haha.

Anyway, here’s a somewhat old video. I’ll upload some more recent vids when I get a chance.



Some Elena mirrors

@cbas15‌ Sure just add me.