Elena video thread



Random question. Are the extra costumes only available on ps3 at the moment?


theyre available on both consoles


Yeah so I got screwed on my pre order then oh well


Elena (Sako) vs Ibuki (uramakiroll) [2014.7.26]

Pepopulo’s combo video (pre-patched)


Thanks I already added the combo video to the first page. I’ll add those matches too.

I wonder if people even bother watching this stuff.


I do :frowning: (but manly because I love Sako) BTW Dragonfave what do you mean by pre-patched? did we get a game patch today?


I just assuming that Capcom will fix that “side-switch”-dash glitch once the retail version is out. That’s why I put that little disclaimer there. lol.


Oh God yes please, I hope so,if they don’t I think more than 2 people will be pissed off


I don’t think this Elena is Sako. It says “TussockyFool464 = Sako? - I’m not sure” in the description.


Some matches of mine:

I’m all in on healing, and my basic strategy is to make the round last as long as possible. If anyone wants any specific matchups uploaded let me know.


Me versus #15 E.Ryu…

Could someone please tell me what the fuck happened in that 3rd round? Some weird auto correct bug or something - perhaps related to Elena’ hitbox. Anyway my opponent played really well and totally deserved to win there, but I must say I’m really liking Elena as a character - gotta get those hit confirms thou :slight_smile:


People seem to prefer Ultra 1, so I was really glad to see someone who plays her with the same philosphy I do. I like to drag out rounds too, but Elena can rush down as well - in fact I don’t think she can really abandon corner position, its easy to get a good neutral game going with her, but somewhat hard to maintain a solid mix up routine and counter hit game.


This is the first time I seen Tokido uses Elena (3:08 to end)


uh…not to be a stickler man but…could you lower the sound effects in your game man?
cuz…jesus man, its just too high cuz each hit sounds way over the top.
like goku vs cell didn’t have this level of thunderous booms with each hit.
sounds like two planets colliding.

this is assuming you recorded the matches from the replay section of your Ultra game.


Elena’s new costume in all 22 colors (numbered)


Here is some small applications of Elena Back HK I was testing this while recording so sorry for mistakes etc.


Already beat you to it :). The CH bonus is an unlisted change but if it hits on the last active frame it’s +4.

Anyways here’s some more Elena matches (I’m not playing her seriously anymore until I see how she gets patch but she’s a fun side character sometimes)

Dat corner pressure^


Meh. Just me trying out some offensive options.




Uh, guys, how the hell did we miss all these Japanese replays?

By the way; you’re welcome.