Elena video thread



I’ve been thinking this for a while but this confirms it for me. No one checks the first post. thanks though I did miss one of those videos.


^ if you are gonna quote a huge block of vids…can you remove the vids from the quoted section and just write “snip” instead?
for all our sake.


Oh my bad


Okay, I fucked up.


I’m posting this match up cuz I cant freakin believe that Ultra 1 saved me and when I say saved me I mean that I somehow avoided being chip damaged to death by launching it.


Gamerbee used Elena against Latif at Shadowloo Showdown V in Winners Final


Lol he avoided like 3 ultras


There is a vid of 20 mins. Sako using elena.


I haven’t seen it got a link?


ウル4 sako (エレナ) vs チャレンジャー 2014.08.25: http://youtu.be/vbekjce_V0w

He combos into fa lvl2 crumble then healing. Depends on the situation. Sometimes he cancel it to be safe.

Others it’s relatively safe to go into full healing.

Very impressive execution as usual.


Thanks for that a lot of good stuff in that video.


Mirror match


Couple of matches from galtu111111:


How did Gamerbee do that combo? 1:11 mark It’s impossible to do that combo…are they playing Arcade Edition?

Nevermind I’m an idiot.


Are you new to this game? Join date says no. Posts are a strong yes.

Also, I don’t see why Gamerbee gets hate for counterpicking with Elena, when other people are advised to do it. Especially against Viper of all characters. I guess it’s because Viper’s universal bullshit has been around for 5 years and Elena is new.


I don’t understand why top players aren’t using cr.mp in her bnb for more damage. Gamerbee and Galtu both don’t do this for some reason.


3 frame link instead of 1.
Less pushback, so the followup special is less likely to whiff.
The shorter pushback also results in a slightly closer knockdown for midscreen oki.


Dunno what the hell you’re talking about with your first statement…I thought Bee ended his combo with the LK version instead of the MK version


I like galtu1111111

He improved his elena alot.

But I always wonder why do 2 to 3 crlps before canceling into ender. Hmmm not sure why he avoids the crmp link. Or it takes him extra hits of crlp to confirm. ?

I always do crlp crmp xx special when possible. When At max range just clp clp xx special.


Ggs double post