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SAKO ELENA! 5-0 lets gooo ha


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SAKO ELENA! 5-0 lets gooo ha[/quote]

Thanks for posting that i had posted it in the facebook group but didn’t post it here yet. We all know that despite sako doing work its all because his opponent doesn’t know the MU and missed punish opportunities.


Im the one that is commenting on the vids in th fb group haha


Ah i see lol.


And nah elena is a solid character. The way he would go low the whole game the start getting free overheads was brilliant


Yeah and it’s not as though he was beating randoms either. Some of the best players for their respective characters. Was really good to watch. I gotta learn that armor cancel.


Hahahaha… what the fuck?



Bumping this post to the next page, and added another set from Topanga:


I think Cody did lk ruffian so she went over and hit from behindwith b hk. I’ve gone over Vegas u2 and guys ex shoulder with it.


That pretty nice sako really showing Elena’s potential.


Elena does have alot of potential, but sako is showing just how much a person has to have his links down. He consistently uses cr.lk for pressure and only starts with cr.lp for punishes. He hits almost all of his f.mp links, and often links off the CH b.hk. In alot of matches, he used lynx almost exclusively over SS so people were always blocking low. They were impressive matches.

I think the biggest thing I can incorporate from sako is more use of s.lp on close jump ins. it’s almost no damage but it allows you to start your pressure on resetting the situation, and he got alot of damage off of dashunder mixups. I focus way too much on using cr.hp and s.mp, and sometimes the risk if it’s a last minute reaction just isn’t worth the damage over s.lp


I think he’s ending with lt to condition the opponent to block low.

Hitting links takes practic . If you’re not going to put in the work you’re not going to get the results.


Yeah I think it’s both to train blocking low, and also to keep pressure easier since you aren’t knocking them away a la SS, which is interesting since most elenas play hit and run. Sako is constantly in your face.

I understand the links take practice, but yeah regardless of what tier she ends up in, I can’t see her attracting a big bandwagon later on. One frame links after moves with a lengthy animation , such as f.mp and s.hk, are far tougher to land consistently than one framers of a string that don’t really break from the rhythm (ie. Cammy c.lk c.lk s.lp c.mk xx hsa string). I accept the challenge though. She would be too good if you could constantly link off those various overheads and crouch tech killers 100% of the time.

I’m definitely gonna incorporate more LT in my game though. I was already doing it alot more and getting success off her damaging fadc combos, but I’m gonna start subbing LT for SS and seeing how it goes


I play my elena like sako but with terrible execution. I still think the character is high low tier (lol) you just have to play someone that is good with the character more than a few times to get use to the match… aka Sako lol.


First ever gameplay from Kelvin Jeon:

@ 2:30 mark



Who did Kelvin play before the switch makoto?



.Holy shit that last round by sako. He’s really entertaining to watch seems like i always learn something. There seems to be a couple new Elenas this week so hopefully i get to see mre great matches.


Dat Turbo Elena

it’s ok to mash Ultra 1 between block strings with Bisons new startup changes LOL

Crouch Tech blown up by EX PC in the last set


Sako x Tokido (highlights)