Elena vs Remy - how do you get close?

I’ve recently gone back to Elena after god-knows-how-long screwing about with Twelve and remembering how fun she is but there’s one match-up that’s given me a stupid amount of trouble - turtling Remy.

Whenever I play Remy, I freeze up and I’m at a complete loss for what to do. How the hell do you get close to this guy? LOV spamming seems to shut down her options for getting close. The only answer I’ve found is using HK slide under high LOVs (scrubby) or using the ‘carry’ from air parrying LOVs to carry me close to Remy (impractical). I’m fine once I get in Remy’s face but it’s getting in Remy’s face that’s the problem.


I just walk foward slowly and parry the LoVs.

what if the remy player kara throws u when u go for a parry or walk forward? if that remy was any good he’d be able to throw lovs when u dashed or made a tiny twitch. if your mid screen it becomes a shooting gallery. then when u step forward out of mid range you’ll be in kara roundhouse throw range for remy. probably counter this with back roundhouse for elena, but even then u miss u will eat a lov.

but lets say the remy player doesnt know all that… he’ll probably get his lov’s parried and not respond to u getting closer giving u an easy win. if this happens make sure u mention the kara throw range remy has to him if he’s not using it already.

Remy has a lot of trouble when he loses his momentum, so the best time to get close is right at the start of the match - just run in ballsy (but not STUPIDLY) and get a knockdown. From there, just play your high/low/kara throw game and try to bait reversals. Don’t let the pressure off too much, or not at all if you can, cos Remy’s potential is proportional to the amount of space between Remy and his opponent. That’s my two cents on this match. Just get in quick; dash in and kara throw, jump and play the parry bait game, walk up a bit and react to something he does…do whatever you gotta do. Just stop his momentum fast.

if the fag wants to turtle have him know its 3s


do that just with elena though

Elena has trouble getting in on pretty much any character with a projectile. I’d just keep walking up and blocking until you have a chance to use Sliding.

good match thanx